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03 May 2016


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Former 11B

Lord does that article drip with propaganda. Yes he seems mad. I think he got told to go fornicate with himself, the USA has nothing R+6 needs and trust and respect are now sadly lacking.
All said in diplo-speak of course but the point was well taken it seems. Pretty classic kindergarten response.

different clue


Well, SOMEbody sure was genocided. Just from the numbers of bodies floating down that river which only drains a part of Rwanda, there was a lot of killing going on.

What ethnic group staffed Interahamwe? What ethnic group was the target of Interahamwe's distaste and displeasure? The answers to those two questions can help figure out who was genocided in Rwanda.


The more accurate story about Rwanda portrays Kagame to behind much of the violence starting back in 1990. I have a journalist friend who has been trying to expose this story since it happened in the mid 1990's. Here is bit of an article posted last year in Counterpunch by Andy Piascik that might give a clearer understanding of what happened in Rwanda. It involves the typical quest for resources,profit and the control of a rich region by a dictator (Kagame) and some familiar names from the Clinton Administration's support for the Kagame Regime (Samantha Power, Madeline Albright, Susan Rice).


"For two decades, Western elites have spun a tale of how Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame heroically ended the 1994 genocide in that country. That narrative has persisted despite the fact that a great deal of evidence shows that Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) did much of the killing and has committed extraordinary levels of violence in neighboring Congo since invading that country not long after seizing power.

The recent BBC telecast of “Rwanda: The Untold Story” indicates that the truth about Kagame may finally be penetrating the mainstream. “Rwanda: The Untold Story” presents much information that contradicts the official narrative, specifically that the dramatic escalation in violence began not in April 1994 but in October 1990 when the RPF invaded from its outposts in Uganda; that RPF forces killed tens of thousands of people in the 42-month period from the invasion to April 1994; and that the RPF is responsible for the deaths of several hundred thousand more Rwandans during the three month period of bloodshed in 1994.

In contrast, the spinners of the “Kagame the Hero” tale have put the entire responsibility on the Hutu-controlled government and armed Hutu mobs. The RPF’s 1990 invasion, meanwhile, has been completely written out of history in the official narrative, as has RPF responsibility for the shooting down of a plane carrying Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana. It was immediately after the murder of Habyarimana that what has been known since as the Rwandan Genocide began."

The article goes on to say this about Kagame and Clinton's action regarding Rwanda:

"Another part of the official narrative that was exposed long ago by Edward Herman, Robin Philpot, and others is that the U.S. didn’t do enough to stop the killing. In fact, Kagame was an imperial operative as early as the 1980s who trained at Fort Leavenworth and the U.S. was closely allied with the RPF even before the 1990 invasion. Throughout the spring of 1994, the Clinton administration was proactive in blocking the UN from taking measures that might have prevented much of the killing."

And finally this:

"The Clintons, Madeline Albright, George W. Bush, Samantha Power and Susan Rice all hail Kagame as “the man who ended the Rwandan Genocide.”"

I think this last part is a major part of the official story as Kagame is hailed in the US and recently was invited to Harvard to speak about his great economic successes in Rwanda.


I am curious as to whether Bernays ever reflected on what had happened in the past, and might happen in the future, when the credibility of a system of beliefs propagated by those in authority collapses.

he may have been doing just that ....

15-16th century: reformation + unrest + 30 year war
1918-25: collapse of empires + revolutions + bolshevism

Applying the Counter-Reformation "propaganda" remedy to counterrevolution would have made sense at the time - and seemed like an improvement on inquisitions, pogroms, and purges



Does this nice caption photo from 2010 answer your question:


botched the authority-belief system collapse chain reactions:

Reformation >> Counter-Reformation >> 30 Year War


anyway the disorders in the decades after the imperial systems collapsed moved "methods of social control" to the top of everyone's problems to be solved list.

Most problems originate in earlier solutions to other problems. At least Bernays' solution did not involve jackboots.


Thanks, Lefty_Blaker. Especially for those links. Much appreciated.

Your journalist friend has it right.

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