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16 May 2016


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That was too funny when he claimed ignorance because, to paraphrase, "I'm not normally in the New York insider crowd."

The Beaver

@ LondonBob

You mean his "madam" according to one of the teenagers asked to offer massages!
BTW: Ghislaine was also a former lover of Epstein and was a guest at Chelsea Clinton's wedding.



IMO that statement can be ascribed to irony. Joe has long since lapsed into the category of faux Bubba. pl



You mean more stories like the one I commented on above? Yeah, go MSM go.



My perhaps defective memory of the 90s is that Gingrich had more to do with the prosperity of the age than Bubba. pl


Yes indeed! While the Borg Queen takes it to the "thug" Putin, Bubba will blow Wall St for Round 2.



We don't know that Epstein is actually a billionaire, nor do we know that about Trump.

William R. Cumming

Dennis Thatcher should be a role model for WJC. Be seen and never heard.

robt willmann

Little by little, the general public is realizing that the "rule of law" applies to them but not to most persons and companies that are politically connected, or very wealthy, or both. That small group acts with impunity.

The Jeffrey Epstein criminal case in Florida is a disgusting example of it. The local Palm Beach Police Department made a criminal case against him. The affidavit to support an arrest warrant in the case is here (you have to click on a button on the right side of the page to advance through all 22 pages)--


I think I read before, but I cannot find the citation, that at first the Palm Beach district attorney was going to let Epstein plead only to a misdemeanor, or have someone in the group that facilitated the sexual abuse of and contact with the underage girls plead to a charge and Epstein would be convicted of nothing. Whatever the situation became, the Palm Beach Police Department went ballistic. They may have been the ones to inform the U.S. Attorney's Office or FBI about the case.

But then the Palm Beach PD got ripped off even worse, because as finally was revealed in the federal lawsuit filed in 2008 under the Crime Victims' Rights law, not only did the U.S. Attorney's Office in that district (probably along with the Justice Department) not charge Epstein with a federal crime, they entered into a secret non-prosecution agreement to not prosecute him for federal crimes at all, and, on top of that, to not prosecute any of the people that helped him sexually molest and have sexual contact with the underage girls, and anyone who conspired with him to do so, and any of the lawyers who represented him!

Epstein then pleads to one State criminal charge, and only has to sleep at the local jail for eight hours at night, and then could leave each day to go to his mansion for the other 16 hours of the day, for his "sentence".

A Florida lawyer, Bradley Edwards, and former federal judge and now University of Utah law professor Paul Cassell, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. to try to reveal and re-open up the non-prosecution agreement, using Title 18, U.S. Code 3771--


Then, in late 2014, the thing surfaced nationally when Edwards and Cassell filed a paper in their lawsuit asking that two more girls be added as parties who were Epstein's victims, one of whom, Virginia Roberts Guiffre, claimed that she had sexual sessions with law professor Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew. Dershowitz then got on television and said he was going to get Edwards and Cassell disbarred, blah blah blah. So Edwards and Cassell sued Dershowitz in state court in Florida for defamation. Dershowitz of course filed a counterclaim against them for defamation.

Even Ann Coulter, usually absorbed in her "conservative vs. liberal" business model, but also a lawyer, mentioned the outrageous situation in one of her occasional television appearances--


Meanwhile, the federal judge in the victims' rights lawsuit, most likely wanting to prevent a lot of extra hearings over adding the two girls as plaintiffs, denied the request to add them to the lawsuit, saying that their claims duplicated the girls already in case, but the two could be witnesses.

The defamation / libel / slander case between the lawyers rocked along last year with discovery and depositions, and then in the fall, Edwards and Cassell filed a paper asking for "partial summary judgment", which is a way to try to win on one or more claims or issues, or some elements of them, without a trial. It is done all on paper, with attached affidavits, documents, excerpts of depositions, etc.--


Then, last month, the defamation lawsuit was settled--


As part of the settlement, Edwards and Cassell filed a motion to withdraw their request for a partial summary judgment against Dershowitz--


As the motion says, "As expressly understood by the parties upon the execution of the Confidential Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release, Ms. Giuffre reaffirms her allegations, and the withdrawal of the referenced filings is not intended to be, and should not be construed as being, an acknowledgement by Edwards and Cassell that the allegations made by Ms. Giuffre were mistaken."

There was a confidentiality provision in the settlement agreement that the terms would not be revealed by the parties. But rumors are floating around that Dershowitz, or his insurance carrier, may have paid Edwards and Cassell to settle and end their lawsuit against him. Edwards and Cassell say through their lawyer that they will be glad to waive the settlement's confidentiality provision, but Dershowitz says he is "sticking with the agreement"--


In the mix also is none other than New York City lawyer David Boies, who was involved in representing Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election mess in Florida. Boies represents Virginia Roberts Guiffre in a defamation lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell who accused Virginia of lying when she said that Ghislaine was involved in recruiting her to be a sex plaything.

Ghislaine was said to have been part of Epstein's circle. Furthermore, she is also the daughter of businessman Robert Maxwell, an informant for the Israeli government and probably others, who was likely murdered in 1991 and found in the water near his yacht which was named after her.

The Epstein matter should be front and center in this presidential campaign, including regarding Hillary. After all, Ghislaine Maxwell was at Chelsea Clinton's wedding--


Notice that the effort to keep the non-prosecution agreement secret and in place by the executive branch and Justice Department went on during the Bush jr. and Obama administrations, and is still going on.


This is the funniest cable by far that I've managed to find from the WikiLeaks Cablegate archive. It's of Prince Andrew drunkenly droning on about how great the Brits are. Read and enjoy:


And here he is with Epstein and his girls/slaves http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1362380/Prince-Andrew-naked-pool-parties-paedophile-friends-house.html


The best summary of the case I've yet heard. Thank you so much.

different clue


If the Democratic Party Conventioneers decide to bolt the severed head of Joe Biden onto Hillary Clinton's headless body and run THAT for President, do they really think I will vote for that?

" Behold! our new candidate . . . Hillabody FrankenBiden!"



The Establishment are firm believers in separate but equal justice.



His post is grasping at straws so hard he's making hay bales.


Can this story be used to promote a third candidate? Just sayin.


Thank you for the overview.



Yeah, Bernie should run 3rd Party, with O'Malley (?) getting 5K votes (!?) in the Kentucky primary, clinching it for Hillary.


Morning Joe was at it again this morning, dissing Reid, Wasserman, and the DNC over their reaction to the NV convention, and praising Sanders speech in California last night.

Contrarianism is on a roll.


an off topic contribution to this Slough of Despond [things you read that make you think ooooooooohhh meeeerde !!] thread

The myopically Well Intentioned are Doing Good in Canada.




Morning Joe was right that Trump will go where other establishment candidates wont.

At the very least it will be an entertaining campaign that could rival a Jerry Springer show.



The NYT hit piece on Trump has backfired. Three of the women prominently featured have said the article misrepresented what they said and Trump isn't shying away from mentioning Bill's much more egregious sexual exploits.

Camille Paglia on the hit piece.



wonder if the NYT piece was provocation -- designed to move things onto the low road.



Trump owns the low road but at least he doesn't have someone else driving on it like Hillary does. I can see Obama not giving Trump the keys to the WH if he wins, declaring a National Emergency because Trump "isn't qualified," the newest meme. He didn't go to Yale or Harvard.


Election campaign as Winkie Wars would keep the money flowing and awkward past/future policy questions to a minimum. We the electorate, instead of saying "cut the crap" would say "pass the popcorn" and consume the spectacle.



I think you are right. Here's another sign of the "Winkie Wars" coupled with the standard anti-Southern bias:

It's going to be a long summer.

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