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14 May 2016


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St George's Mushrooms, which are very good to eat, are named because they usually first appear in the fields around St George's Day - April 23rd (England's national day, and the date of Shakespeare's birth and death).

Through the 70's. 80's and 90's they rarely appeared before May, but, whether it was due to global warming or whatever, for some seven or eight years recently. they appeared for six or seven years bang on St George's Day.

This was, for us, a very mild winter. There have been some light spring frosts but nothing to hold things back. Did the mushrooms appear early? No! They just finally appeared about a week ago.

I know of nothing in Nature more ornery - to use an American phrase - than mushrooms. They are completely unpredictable. All the weather has been perfect for a bumper crop - nothing appears, nowt. Conditions have been terrible, catastrophic even - there they are in abundance.

No one controls Nature.

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