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08 April 2016


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SAC Brat

close italics?

SAC Brat

close italics


what did you do and why did it change - entry 44 was italicized once and then next time it was not.

Kyle Pearson

It appears that somebody re-set the display defaults for the site.

"What are threaded versus flat comments? Threaded comments allow readers to reply directly to each others' comments, fostering a more dynamic conversation on your weblog. Flat comments are the traditional, chronological comment display. See below: threaded vs. flat. - See more at: http://help.typepad.com/tpc_account_settings.html#sthash.XJ8pzBlP.dpuf"

Y'all can find more information under the "Typepad Connect: Settings & Account Management" page, here:


Also, it looks like Aleksandar up there in post #43 failed to close the italics in his post, and it has somehow carried over to every post after that.


What I have found in the German Wikipedia (for 2011):

Morphin, the precusor of Heroin, costs only 2000 USD per kg(!) in Afghanistan.

Let me be pessimistic: The acetylation/purification and marketing by expensive pharmacies add additional 1000 USD, then we have a price of 1 gram Heroin (100% puriry; the stuff that Keith Richrads wanted in his good old days :-))of 3 USD.

This is more than one order of magnitude lower than junkies pay for the illigal stuff with much lower heroin content.


In the backwater-neck-o'-the-woods where I'm at, I hear only of mainland Chinks intruding into the waters of Vietnam, Philipines, etcetera...

I'm pretty sure that it was not on intent (besides who can tell when they're out at sea?, lines-of-demarcation aren't exactly marked out in the oceans, correct me if I'm wrong), IMHO these fishing crews & gov'ts need to "get their act together" somehow - but I reckon this will be most difficult because of arrogant nationalism & outright xenophobia.

I can't vouch for any gov'ts in south-east Asia but do they seriously want Uncle Shmuel to intervene militarily in event of mishap out in these waters?

P.S.: Yes, surprisingly the damn Nips hunting for whale are causing the least ecological damage regardless of what the tree-huggers say, in contrast to these other asiatic parties fishing.

different clue

Colonel Lang,

Borg is a hard word to rhyme or rhythm with. The best I can think of is " The Empire Strikes Back: Wrath of the House of Borg." But that is long and clunky.

different clue


Score another one for Genetic Engineering. Maybe if morphine-yeast cooking becomes widespread enough, opium poppies will become just a harmless
garden flower, grown for their beauty.

Kyle Pearson

All the various countries here blame "the other ones", because to admit wrongdoing by one's own people would invite international condemnation.

Asians are as adept at the game of "public vs. private politics" as anyone in Iran, Arabia, or Turkey; that is all a direct byproduct of highly concentrated populations, and a traditionally laissez-faire / libertarian model of local civil government.

What chaps my ass so much is that the US simply picks sides based upon which side is most expediently manipulated to do its bidding. Overfishing is a tremendous problem; recent scientific reports have suggested that at current levels, we may literally fish out all oceans by 2048. Yeah, i know the models are debatable, but still there is a lot of evidence that indicates we really are in a crisis - and no-body in Asia is concerned about it, the US is still refusing to admit climate change is any kind of a problem (despite the Pentagon listing it as the greatest threat to US national security, bar none), and so the looming catastrophe is worsening exponentially with every passing year.


In Asia, profit margin (as well as ability to bring food to the table) trumps all other considerations.

It's only understandable that the cretins [t]here care not whether their collective actions will eventually doom the planet.

We won't be able to survive should bees cease to exist, what of fish...?

Enlighten me, for I am lacking on matters oceanographic.



you wouldn't shift for such a comment to italics, would you?


from the department of the well-belabored obvious: when manually entering tags do the close whatever code first.

William R. Cumming

And women?

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