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27 April 2016


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alba etie

have already seen several Clinton /Castro 2016 bumper stickers here in Austin , Texas .

Paul Mooney

R2P means "responsibility to protect." Is that it? Thanks! I've been wondering! :-)

alba etie

Babak Makkinejad
National Instruments grew up in Austin Texas - as did Whole Foods Market both Mr Truchard & Mr Mackey would fit your Assabiya 'one for all all for one " profile. Both of these companies have kept many of us in Central Texas either employed or as profitable vendors for many years. . We are blessed to have them both .

Mark Logan


I'm not a neo-con.

Chris Chuba

Babak, I'm going to bet that the Russians and Chinese are developing hyper-sonic missiles to keep ahead of our ABM technology and to neutralize our superior naval forces. The Russians have pretty much stated that they consider our ABM development a threat to their security if it can defeat MAD.


The Beaver

I didn't know that. Thank you! That Jeff Sessions didn't sign the "more aid for Israel letter" makes me feel a lot more comfortable with Donald Trump after his pandering to AIPAC.

Btw, Trump's foreign policy speech I find very brave and fine - especially given the tight circumstances of pending elections - and it looks to me very much that Jeff Sessions was "the brain" behind it.



Fooled me. You sound like George Will or David Harsanyi.

Kyle Pearson

...just as Trump was a (northern) Democrat, first....

Kyle Pearson

People said the same thing about G. W. Bush Jr.

'Nuff said.

Kyle Pearson

Or Rosicrucian Bohemia - now, there was a shining flash-in-the-pan.....

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