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27 April 2016


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Because it is a threat to cultural Marxism and globalism, the twin religions of the West



Why would Trump give the Democrats two more Senators and bring in a useless territory like PR? Likely he will push for their independence.


Some things, due to inordinate influence over all spheres of both political and societal life touching on the greater public psyche, simply cannot be touched. I may be taking the following analogy too far but bear with me in making the historical parallels: I would liken the Israel issue to the role of the Iranian Shia clergy during all of the revolutions that took place in the 100 years prior to 1979. A sacred cow, inseparable from any idea of the USA as a nation state, and woe be to anyone that seeks to even suggest a change on this reality.


"But if you don't deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on."

No doubt a basic wisdom's but you may want to correct this part of the sentence. Maybe? Basically it reminds me of some of the more worthwhile paths in Public Relations along a win-win line of thought, or starting at home ...

"...people won't eventually catch on?" If you sell them fake goods? Unfortunately there are many, including me occasionally.

Beyond basic human wisdom, it may also be wishful thinking partly, it feels. It definitively gets a lot more complicated in less tangible realms.

Strictly I wonder to what extend--notice I am not intending to degrade his business experience--the Art of the Deal, was a clever deal by a publisher looking for a name that would inspire costumers.

Have I outed myself as strongly attracted by conspiracy theories yet? If not, I do now.

Kyle Pearson

And are you so linguistically facile that you think any of our hosts would answer that question?


"America First" has the neos churning on full boil; they are likening Trump to Charles Lindbergh. If he thought his pro Israel pablum would shield him from their very collective wrath, he could not be more mistaken.

Bill Herschel

Well, I guess my views aren't that idiosyncratic after all:

"Former House Speaker John A. Boehner described Senator Ted Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh” during a forum at Stanford University on Wednesday and said that he would not vote for the Texas Republican if he is the party’s presidential nominee.

Mr. Boehner, who resigned from Congress last year, said that he would vote for Donald J. Trump if he is nominated, according to a report in The Stanford Daily. The two men have played golf together over the years, and Mr. Boehner described them as “texting buddies.”"


A fact checking question for the Committee.

Trump alleges in his speech that ISIS is profiting from the sale of oil. Often discussed on this blog is the bombing of ISIS tankers on their way to Turkey and the sale of ISIS oil through Turkey to Malta, and on to Israel. Other links posted on this site indicate that ISIS is even selling oil to the Syrian regime because the regime has to get oil.

Today the New York Times alleges in an editorial, "Mr. Trump repeatedly states outright falsehoods, often based on wrong assumptions. He’s been refuted before on his claim that the Islamic State is making “millions of dollars a week” by selling Libyan oil. There is zero evidence of that."


Someone is lying. Where is the truth?


Things we might expect from Hillary in the coming months:

1. Pleads to a lesser-charge (misdemeanor) in email scandal, claiming that she would fight it, but doesn't have the time and wants to get it out of the way before the election.

2. Appeals to Sanders voters with lip-service, ambiguously worded platform (always a qualification or "but" from neolib "Third-way" Centrists that pander to the left), and a cabinet position for Sanders (Health & Human Services?) the loyal sheepdog.

Mean-spirited surrogate attacks against ex-Sanders supporters that will not vote for Hillary. ("All your base are belong to us! ... For great justice." - http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/all-your-base-are-belong-to-us )

3. Vehement attacks on Trump but little to say about the establishment candidate (who ever that is - Rubio/Rand?).

Conservative NEVER TRUMP Republican's that vow that their real aim is to ensure that Hillary is NOT elected, are lying of course.

4. Hillary doubles down on the Obama god-head, fear-mongering, motherhood (women!) and apple pie-in-the-sky (promises that will be broken).

Enjoy the show.


"They never rise up to anything substantial (compared to their previous positions) again."

Ibn Khaldun emphasizes that he only writes of what he knows so what he says only applies to Maghreb and maybe some neighbors.

China. Except Han the dynasties all fall in less than 300 years. Another emerges after an interval of disintegration and high-intensity squabbling. The reinvigoration comes from below; from without; and when from within, by men of action. Founders of Han and Ming were peasant warlords; Yuan and Qing were northern barbarians.

[sort of ... more or less.... wave hands back and forth]



A serious politician would have folded after the first salvo.

It takes a dude with balls so big he sells water with his name on it to really dig in and say "No, f--k you!"

robt willmann

Donald Trump, the salesman, continued in that mode as he made vague statements into which the listener can put his own hopes, desires, opinions, and attitudes. However, he did clearly reject, and even repudiate, policies by neocons and globalists that have been about which the public has been carefully indoctrinated. He said--

"We have made the Middle East more unstable and chaotic than ever before."

"We tore up what institutions they had and then were surprised at what we unleashed."

"We left Christians subject to intense persecution and even genocide."

And the big one--

"We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism. The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony. I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down, and will never enter America into any agreement that reduces our ability to control our own affairs."

Although a lot of money is made on the foreign interventions and wars, the main goal is to establish through "trade agreements" a superstructure of de facto governance through their secret dispute resolution tribunals and courts that are superior to any State's legislature and court system. JPMorgan Chase Bank has made a lot of money in Iraq after the invasion, but it is nothing compared to locking countries into a financial and corporate system worldwide run by a relatively few organizations.

For someone who jabbers a lot about negotiating, Trump really stepped in it and set himself up for trouble when he said, "Our friends and enemies must know that if I draw a line in the sand, I will enforce it." Restricting yourself that way is asking for it, as the information on which you are establishing a "line in the sand" might be mistaken, or it is stale, or it is misleading as in the devious National Intelligence Estimate about Iraq, or it is the result of a false flag operation, or your position has been "overtaken by events", as they say in the State Department.

Nevertheless, the overall theme kicked the necons and globalists hard, as politicians had become cowed down and would not definitively attack the destructive Middle East policy. Moreover, it was a clear assertion of a significant change.

Unfortunately, he spoke of building up nuclear weapons. Perhaps Richard Burt did not participate in preparing the speech after all. However, he did not endorse the Paul Wolfowitz Doctrine of hegemony and regime change to keep other countries weak. Rather, he seemed to emphasize deterrence.

Note: Yesterday, former U.S. House Speaker John Boehner spoke at Stanford University and perhaps had a few sips of whiskey before the function, as he called Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh ... I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b**ch in my life". In addition, Boehner has "played golf with Donald Trump for years, and they were "texting buddies"--


Wow! Cruz was flopping around like a gigged flounder, and then Boehner gives him a gift on a silver platter, so, there is Cruz today on national television, back in his element with newly found strength in his voice, blasting the Washington establishment, blah blah blah.

Never a dull moment.



Webb? Cross party? pl


appreciated, Pat. Ok: ICBM, I see.

Concerning the Check Republic, no doubt unnecessary dot connection. A vague memory from much more confused times. ;)


You are well intended but the more similarity the more petty the differences and the more vicious the conflict. Think academic and family feuds, civil and sectarian wars. Once made up a tale about an H. sap. sap. clone living in an isolated colony. Within a few generations the progeny sorted into groups wearing symbols ↕ ↺ ↻ ↓ ↑, and after many disputes with much argument to justify the rightness of their beliefs, they went to war killing each other off over the one true way to wipe ...

Charles Michael

For what it's worst, being a foreigner (French), I find Donald Trump a great communicator
and that's include the part of manipulation inherent to any political discourse, after all the exercice is just "words of the mouth".

First step was to stay the same while piping down a little to start building acceptance by the pundits of the GOP.
Second step is having passed nomination to precise some selected points according to public reactions and polls; maybe even viewing the dispirited Sanders supporters.

All in all Master Pragmatical Trump has made a Victoria Nuland distribution of cookies wrappedd in many colors.

Neocons pure borgist won't buy them, AIPAC? MIT? maybe some

US citizen, I hope in mass.


Re. Trump's plan for immigration from Mexico and Central America: it strikes me that the sequencing of the measures he proposes is crucial. If the mass deportation is done before construction of The Wall begins, who will work on building it?


"I will do all I can to create a stir in favor of removing all mention of Washington ..."

Hold that thought.



If Tom Friedman were to ever take a taxi ride through Baltimore, Detroit or St. Louis he might learn something. Provided he could get a cab to take him to the neighborhoods he has never seen.


Looks like China has an anti-dote to the neocon NGO's. I wonder just how bad China's economy is going to be in the next 2-3 years:


Good comment.

"... [Trump] clearly reject[s], and even repudiate[s], policies by neocons and globalists that have been about which the public has been carefully indoctrinated"

I think most Americans only hear: "ME in chaos" and think: "same as always". The attitude: it was broken when we got there. This 'chaos' meme has also been carefully cultivated and always ends with: we must support Israel and our "interests in the region".

Trump: "... false song of globalism. The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony."

Do most Americans understand what the fuss is really all about? Sadly, to most "carefully indoctrinated" Americans FP = 'security'.

IMO the neocons will hound Trump until Trump reveals them to be essentially a cult that runs a security racket. This speech was a start in that direction.

Mark Logan


The truth? We The People don't want it, We want to be pandered to, and Trump's a master of the art. As a lawyer who deposed him described it: "Slippery as two eels fornicating in a bucket of snot". He's going to run the table on the GOP, who abandoned integrity long ago and are about to pay the price.

I think his mentioning of non-intervention is a good sign, but I worry about his narcissism.


The odds that Donald Trump will be the next president are very long, so it does not matter too much what he has to say. It would probably be better to focus on helping Hillary Clinton make the best policy choices.

Looking at the F-35 and still building tanks the Army no longer wants, there is plenty of room for improvement.



You needn't worry. I will organize people to demand that this "evil man" be eschewed along with all the other "evil men." pl



Czech Republic? How boring! I prefer Czecho or Mohemia or maybe Boravia. BTW, the café in the Prague opera house makes the best cream of mushroom soup in the world. "Ok: ICBM, I see." What do you see? That I am a military idiot? Well, if you do not think the present line of Iranian missile development leads to an ICBM you are not paying attention. In the absence of détente with the US they will want to hold a few of our cities at risk to establish a deterrent. pl

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