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25 April 2016


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I wonder which martinet ass is making these GBs dress that way rather than like the people they are with.pl


“The part of the Golan Heights still under Syrian control has been the target of repeated Israeli air strikes…” http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/01/assad-forces-build-troops-syrian-golan-160103031544139.html
The Lobby wants the Golan Heights for Israel by any means. The Israel-firsters are infuriated that Syria is still remaining a sovereign state while ISIS is badly weakened by Russians: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-usa-idUSKCN0XJ0DF


“Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign praised the deployment [of the US troops in Syria], “These Special Forces will continue to provide critical support to local forces on the ground who ultimately must be the ones to win this fight,” it said in a statement.” http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-usa-syria-idUSKCN0XL0ZE
Was not she a cheerleader for the US involvement in Libya? - The results of the involvement speak for themselves.

The Twisted Genius


I was wondering the same thing. I also wondered why ten or more GBs would be all together like that. As you know, we're usually spread out among the indig. I think the bulk of those appearing in the film (on the screen shot I captured above) are an Air Force Tactical Air Control Party. I can see them being there for a major YPG/SDF offensive like Shaddadi. Those helmets look like what I've seen in other photos of the junior birdmen.


Sorry if this has been posted else where but I hadn't seen it. The rules of engagement have been changed.


Babak Makkinejad

They may not but US is not committed to their defense. Although the nature of US aide in case of hostilities is not pre-determined.

In a fortnight the Baltics can be occupied by the Russian Federation and then what?

Economic sanctions?

Attack on Kaliningrad and Sevastopol, led by Poland and Turkey - the perennial losers against Russia?

Nuclear war? In the age of hyper-sonic nuclear weapons?

Truly the Peace of Yalta must be renegotiated.

Perhaps, China, Russia, and US could meet in Tehran and decide on reorganizing the world - with BUN - Better United Nations to boot.

Bill Herschel

The "documentary" is in English on the English language version of France 24. It is propaganda. And the fact it is on France 24 is the icing on the cake. Propaganda must never appear to be propaganda. But the French don't understand English except for a tiny minority. So the audience is not the French.

Please, please do not take this to mean that I do not respect the professionals involved or that I do not believe they are in danger. They are. Probably more than they should be as you indicate.

Bill Herschel

I have to try very hard not to be misunderstood. I do not mean by propaganda that the American troops involved are play-acting. I don't think you could get them to do that. Even though you point out that there are too many of them in one spot. I just mean that they are being used in the media campaign to prove that "it's not just the Russians" who are effective in Syria. As you have pointed out this is all about getting rid of Putin. He is driving the hegemonists nuts. Crimea really set the over the top. And it's been downhill since then.

Babak Makkinejad

The Christian minorities in the Middle East could only be protected against dislocation through generalized Peace.

The wars caused by the so-called Jewish state has caused Christian displacements from Palestine and from Lebanon.

The Iraq Wars - from 1979 to the Present - has further damaged the Christian communities.

And now in Syria as well.

We are only one step away from a religious war in Southern Caucasus between Armenia and Azerbaijan which will bring Shia, Sunni Jihadists and others into the fray.

NATO states does not have the power to protect them at all.

The Twisted Genius

Bill Herschel,

France24 English is similar to other English language worldwide networks like RT, Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera. In fact, this documentary has a similar feel as many RT documentaries I've seen. Sure each network has its point of view which comes through in these documentaries, but to dismiss this documentary as propaganda is unnecessarily harsh.


I would argue that IS is the most independent local actor in this entire conflict and indeed in the wider grand scheme of the power struggle, precisely what renders it that much more dangerous than the other myriad head choppers who are one and all more or less in the pockets of one shiekh or the other. Fail to make the distinction at your peril


There is yet another revealing scene from the France 24 documentary. It shows the very large refinery complex (said to be one of the biggest in the country) completely intact. In one facility, there are stacks of chemical barrels the Kurds say are weaponized. The United States Air Force has chosen to leave the complex unscathed for 2 years. Further evidence of the still unexplained strategic decision not to disrupt the oil commerce that is ISIl's main source of income. that decision never has been explained and the MSM never have asked for an explanation.



I wouldn't call that "revealing." IMO it is yet another example of the playing out of the grad school seminar school of "strategery." The USAF loves to bomb things and will bomb all and sundry targets if allowed to do so. pl


This statement in the article jumped out to me : the SDF Coalition made up of Kurdish, Arab, Armenian, Assyrian, Chechen, Turkmen and Circassian

Checens and Turkmen?? Arn't they fighting on the other side? How did this happen?


I'm pretty sure the complex shown in the video is for natural gas which likely feeds the electrical grid vs an oil refinery.

The targeting of oil trucks, bootleg refineries, well heads and major refineries has been different between US and Russia in Syria and Iraq. Syrian government doesn't want to rebuild fixed infrastructure that feeds the electrical grid or may take capital to repair. Iraqi government was very reluctant to destroy Baiji refinery and pipelines. However as IS finally lost the ground around Baiji they detonated key parts and the Shia militias stole the main diesel generators. Bootleg refineries were targeted by all. Russia had no problem destroying trucks bound for Turkey which Americans flying over Syria treated largely as civilian noncombatant targets until shamed by the Russians. We are a long way from the total war targeting for better or worse.


BH, the most recent attacks in Paris, no doubt changed dynamics in Europe. In the meeting of Obama with Cameron, Renzi, Hollande and Merkel, one of the items that surfaced was the demand by Hollande that Germany should get involved more in Syria too. And it isn't a new demand either. ...

A curious item surfaced or caught my attention, by the way, in the recent Belgium context. Arrests in Belgium seem to suggest that the attacks there were intended to again target France. Now you can consider this only propaganda too, of course. Police wanting to appear professional and up to matters? The suggestion was due to heightened activities by police the perpetrators changed plans. Which somewhat reminds me of Patrick Bahzad's earliest article and my silly protest against his suggestion of Belgium connections of the network.

Only a minority of French people speak French? I seriously doubt this. Although, yes I never tried to communicate in English in France. There may no doubt be a stronger fear concerning the preservation of the French language in France then elsewhere in Europe. But, it is changing for longer now. Random example: The husband of my niece spent one year in France during his studies not too long ago and the language in the classes was English, just as it was in Norway. ...

It is simply silly to assume you don't need English nowadays. In Germany they apparently teach English already in Grammar School now.


The barrels shown - as weapons per-cursors - seemed to all be MDEA. I am not a chemist but I looked it up and its is used to remove H2S from oil. Chemically it seems difficult to see how it could be used as an explosive precursor being neither an oxidiser or having any high energy bonds. Likewise for the orange bottles outside the warehouse.


There are native Turkmens in the region of northern Syria, as it happens. Chechens, on the other hand, their inclusion is odd indeed.

Is this a way of saying to what more mercenary-types of Chechen muhajreen there are among jihadi unicorns and ISIL that they have a place to desert to, if they leave their takfirism behind? Or is there indeed some more or less established proof for Chechens native to the area, who settled down there* in the past and are still present today?

*PS: It is to be noted that Circassians originate from the Caucasus, which itself isn't too far off Chechnya, so it may not be a stretch that this is so.


Slightly off topic but if one were planning in Iraq, here are the evening new moon schedules. May 6 1029PM, Aug 2 1144 PM, Oct 1 311 AM, Oct 30 838 PM

no one

Babak, With Erdogan making statements about standing firm with his Azeri brothers, Turkey just might give Russia an opportunity/excuse to dish out a little pay back. The Nogorno Karabhak situation is indeed another potential fuse to ignite something much much bigger.


The other think that struck me was that it must have been an editorial decision not to state who the group with the weapon were. If they were close enough to film them, and state that this was the weapon that made the kill, it seems unlikely they did not realise they were not locals but just opted for calling it 'a coalition supplied weapon'. Why? If they had been asked to not say it was SF by the team then why include the revelation it was not the RPG and why show team with the weapon. They could have just show weapon without the team or left us to analyse the footage and notice the trajectory was not ballistic.


JJ, I wondered about the female martyrs and fighters and images and protests around Abdullah Öcalan. ... I seem to wonder more about these images when attractive females are staged. ;)

As in the imagery accompanying the chemical attacks in Syria. So I am somewhat following personal pretty arbitrary dots. I am human of course, but at that point one female felt a bit staged too.

I don't have much knowledge concerning the region, but I seem to remember that Syria much longer now offered ground for the PKK to get out of reach for Turkey. And history in our current context seems to matter, before jumping to easy conclusions.

I also was reminded of a sentence of my best friend a painter who once told me: His suspicion was that I didn't see what I had no knowledge about. In other words, I missed the specific images, at least partly, TTG alluded to here, but yes that part caught my attention too.

What caught my attention from a purely female basis, was, that the niqab as enforced by ISIS did not even allow woman to see. In any case, I have never seen this before.


This might be of interest to many here on "War for the Greater Middle East" by Col. and Prof. Andrew Bacevich's latest book: http://tinyurl.com/zhzappc

What the author, Charles Glass, describes from the book sounds like a thumbnail sketch of the Borg and its influence in policy over a rather long period.

The Twisted Genius


That ATGM appears to be a FGM-148 Javelin. The U.S. has supplied those to the YPG/SDF. Normally the Javelin is shoulder fired so i don't know if the tripod it's sitting on is a field mod or not. Also note that the front bumper is still on the round. It is removed from the launch tube prior to firing. That means that a new round has already been attached to the command launch unit or it has not yet been fired. Maybe that RPG gunner did hit the suicide pickup truck. The soldiers around the Javelin appear to be locals



Once emptied of their original contents the barrels may have been filled with something different. Just like all the various fire extinguishers show in the same building.

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