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08 April 2016


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The style of the barge name is directly from Iain Bank's Culture Novels, which are outstanding SF. Obviously the folks at SpaceX enjoyed them too.
It's well past time that low earth orbit becomes the playground of private companies like SpaceX. NASA needs to focus on exploration.


Musk the Pirate is having a good week.


Really nice clips



This Falcon 9 delivered bigelow expandable activity module which is pretty exciting stuff to watch for in future


$500 a pound (or less) into orbit, and at a margin of 70%... Musk OWNS space transport


Being an "old bullet" myself, I also remember Black and White Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon space ships. Lots of the imaginary things of my youth are now reality! Take Dick Tracy's wrist watch coms link!


The pirates also had a good management system: The Captain was only in charge when in combat. The rest of the time, the Quartermaster was.

Especially churches could benefit from that method. I learned that from remodeling a few.


I already see the Chinese, Russians, Europeans etc., etc. use Musk to launch their military sats.

In reality Europe owns space transport because of location and will keep owning space transport* because of location. What will happen is that they earn less money for it because they also will reuse their first stage just like Musk and Bezos.

*) until Brazil gets its rockets working

Bill Herschel

The Russian Proton-M with 96 successful launches carries nearly twice the payload of the Falcon, and the Russian say they will continue to be able to compete on the basis of cost. A blatant provocation. Carter should look into this.


Babak Makkinejad

The "Flying Horse", the "Submersible Iron Fish", the "Voice Activated Sentry" were all mentioned in a One Thousand and One Nights.

I wonder if Aladin's lamp was not the remote control unit of a very powerful and dexterous robot.


Landing a rocket on a barge is as complex as landing the lander on the moon. The algorithms are known since the 60s and obviously need to be adjusted for each vehicle. The reason this approach is not used, is because a huge amount of fuel is expended and that fuel adds to the "dead weight" that needs to be sent up. To date, it is cheaper to make the first stage as opposed to re-use it and on top of it waste the fuel getting it back. (An engineer from Orbital said)


Having had a very small part in the first three failures I can own only say WOW hats off to Mr. Musk and his team of believers. What I found most impressive (being an old codger) was the enthusiam, dedication and esprit de corps of his young team in attempting to achieve something us old Mariners never thought could be done. It warms my heart that these young people will grow into our leaders of tomorrow as now I know there is HOPE. Well done sir.

alba etie

Yes and his orders for affordable sedans are rolling in too .


Golden age of space exploration. It is amazing how far the discussion has moved in terms of exploration goals.

Two different projects:


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