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19 April 2016


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That's a big loss. He was insightful, incisive, and fun to read.

Babak Makkinejad


Der Tod ist groß.
Wir sind die Seinen
lachenden Munds.
Wenn wir uns
mitten im Leben meinen,
wagt er zu weinen
mitten in uns.

Rainer Maria Rilke



Very sad news indeed.


I hope you are wrong and it is not a permanent loss.


I missed him, admittedly.

You of course have better information. There is a trouble with names though.

I once was vaguely, meaning really superficially (I usually get stopped in the process! ;) looking into a specific name. Although in this case I never, from my perspective seriously started.

There are a multitude of doubles, even if you consider Germany only.

Yes that he suddenly was gone, was odd. And didn't feel like him at all. The way I experienced him.

robt willmann

I was also wondering what might have happened. He was meticulous, in a classic Germanic sort of way. I thought that he might have been living in Germany when he was writing. For friends or family to not be aware of his website posting such that they did not follow up if he passed away is a little unusual. Maybe he went to work for a government, if he is still of this world.

Another person who has not written in quite a while is Clifford Kiracofe, but he has probably been busy teaching here and there, including overseas.


"There are a multitude of doubles"

correction: there may be.

The Twisted Genius

I, too, miss Confused Ponderer. I found his posts and comments always worth reading. I had the pleasure and honor of collaborating on one of his posts. It was a most pleasant experience. Wherever he is, I'll include him in my prayers.


please Babak, don't remind me of my duties his way! Or what I associate with it at this time in space.

My own death, I don't think I care really. Although, maybe I should start to reflect more seriously about it, concerning important matters that make it easier for the ones left behind.

David Habakkuk

I was taken aback by his sudden disappearance, partly because I have enjoyed and learned an enormous amount from his posts over the years.

It seemed to me he was probably what he purported to be, a German living in his native country, and in any case he quite clearly represented a certain kind of very sober German way of looking at things.

It is so hard to know, on the internet. Sometimes people have very good reasons not to admit who they are are – particularly if they are in government service. And sometimes precisely such reasons mean that their situation is such that they are no longer in a position to comment.

But then, sometimes people get fed up with their host and fellow-commenters, sometimes they fall ill and die.

And then, cp was one of us 'old lags', like Babak Makkinejad, who have been commenting here from the early days. I miss 'Charles I', who we know died. Like 'robt willman', I also miss Clifford Kiracofe.

But, if cp is no longer in the land of the living, all I can say is 'frater atque ave vale.'

different clue

That would be very bad if that is what has happened. I was beginning to wonder about the sudden prolonged absence of Confused Ponderer from comment threads. Hopefully is is something else.


I will miss him.

Bill Herschel

He wasn't confused.

Larry M.

I, too, shall miss Confused Ponderer whose comments were always informative and thought-provoking.


Hear, hear. I very much hope it is a temporary indisposition.


Not in the least.

Babak Makkinejad

I agree, it is dreadful news.

ex-PFC Chuck

CP will be missed by me as well.


Just got the chance to visit the site for new posts, and sad to see this post about CP. CP' insight will be hard to replace.


I will miss his posts and comments as well. I hope someone sang him out like this: http://tinyurl.com/gv5339q
For "an old school man of the road," that is like a 21-gun salute.


Not only his standard of quality, but his standard of manners. If he's lost, he remains with SST.


Among us elders. If I am not seriously connecting the wrong aging synapses in this context, or they were ill-aligned from the start concerning data, he seemed to be German and from close by. Judging from memory and/or linguistic evidence that at one point seems to have caught my attention.

If you are gone, cp, rest in peace.


Very sad news if true. I found his narrations extremely insightful. Not just his articles at SST but also his long and well thought out posts in comment section.

FB Ali

Only the other day I was wondering why I hadn't seen anything here by him for quite a while. I hope there is some other less dire explanation for his long silence.

Like so many others, I greatly enjoyed his lucidly expressed opinions and commentary. I will miss him.


if true, a very sad news. If he is unwell I wish for a speedy recovery. If he has passed away I will remember him when I "pray" according to my religion.

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