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03 April 2016


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Great article Patrick. Congratulations!


I am not a military man, but from my viewpoint it seems that one of the reasons for the existence of NATO is force (the USSR and now) Russia to focus on Europe rather than, or as well as, the US. The US would like to escape unharmed from any stupid adventures it creates. It seems that some of the recent actions in Syria by the Russians, and the weapons developed (Kalibr, silent d/e subs etc, small ships carrying cruise missles etc), indicate the Russia may not play that game.

BTW, many thanks to the author for the very helpful introduction into the reasons miltiary structures are formed the way they are and what one can learn from the countries focussing on certain structures over others.


Lejeune, but that was WW1



Superintendent 1929-1937. He graduated from USNA in 1888, "On 10 November 1929, Lejeune retired in order to accept the position of Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), serving there over eight years until October 1937. In February 1942, he was advanced to the rank of lieutenant general on the Marine Corps retired list." He was probably VMI's best superintendent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_A._Lejeune

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