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03 April 2016


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The psychological (nationalism will be huge) and material investment in the 1st Guards Tank Army along with its historical role 43-45 and throughout the Cold War will make it hard not to use, especially in a Neo-Con driven, myopic, "Borgist" world. Superb and thoughtful post Mr. Armstrong.

Could the upcoming election be more important? By the time 1GTA becomes fully operational, the next president and his/her first term/foreign policy will be up.

Gheese, what formation are these headed to: http://nextbigfuture.com/2016/04/russia-ramping-up-full-mass-production.html ?? It will be a qualitatively better unit as well as possessing shorter lines of communication and relative home turf. A political accommodation with the Chinese will be a strategic win for Russia as well, but I digress.

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