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11 April 2016


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I wonder what colors are the colonel Lang' Virginia visiting (migrating?) Cardinal birds, I think he used this same stock photo a few months back. Where I live, we see schools of "scaped" colorful parrots on hill sides.



The males are red. the females are brown with orange beaks and crests. Cardinals do not migrate. They are very territorial and my cardinals are all related or they would not share the territory. the pair mate for life. you must live in an awful place if there are no cardinals. pl

ex-PFC Chuck

The Saker has a long and informative post up nominally about the controversies regarding Stalin both in and outside of Russia. But it covers considerably more ground than that, tracing the influences since Czarist times that have operated to create what Russia is today. The author also goes into his own personal background more that he has elsewhere. He is the descendant of White Russian exiles but has to some degree transcended the views with which he was inculcated growing up.


ex-PFC Chuck

Oops! I just realized I may have pasted in the wrong link. Here's the correct one for the Stalin story:



Dugin is full o'sh.t academic failure. If memory doesn't fail me--he dropped out of famed Moscow Aviation Institute--couldn't handle precise sciences. And as it is always proper for pretentious Moscow "intellectuals" went on reading too much of Mackinder, Heidegger and all other pseudo-scientific BS, while getting degree from some backwater Stavropol Agricultural (or something like that) Institute. Dugin thinks that he knows geopolitics, I think he is pretentious creep. His Eurasianism "theories" are the same kind of BS as sheer Russian uber-liberal Westernization doctrine mongering. But then again--it is just me, me and my personnel, unlike Dugin, experienced first hand all the "beauty" of "Eurasianism". I barely survived it, others didn't.


Colonel thanks for defining your native bird’ color and habitat, not too many colorful birds here in LA, if you may, here in LA’ Santa Monica mountains where I live, beside the nonnative loose school of formerly pet parrots and finch that I mentioned, we have the native California blue bird, very pretty deep blue, a wonderful big gray night owl (which matches the gray color of California costal oak trunk where by pure accident I have seen here day time), right above my roof top hooting all night, and a huge majestic hawk hunting all day, above the edge of the canyon I live in, hunting pigeons and other small birds. if not migrating, wondering how the little cardinals can survive the hard winters you get back east?


Both Gabbard and Warren are articulate about their areas of emphasis and appear to have mastered the devilish details that enable them to predict the likely outcomes of policies.

I have no clue who is behind the Panama Papers; motive is less important than the quality of the data. Nevertheless, the Panama Papers is one more instance of leaked documents forming the basis of a wide-ranging public understanding of things that have long been hidden.

There is an ancient parable: 'where there is no vision, the people perish'. I agree.

FWIW, I agree also with Col Lang that there is vision at SST -- the posts are often prescient.
Several experts here apparently possess 'that vision thing'.


Here's more bad news about Mrs. Clinton. Has she actually won anything, or is it all fraud? Why is her campaign allowed to get away with multiple flagrant violations of the electoral laws? What is it that attracts shady lawyers who resign rather than be disbarred to politics? Not the opportunities for theft and bribery surely?


'Based on the above, it is more than likely that Bernie Sanders is ahead in the real vote count. Because paperless voting machines often have no paper trail, there is no way of being certain of the actual vote count. However, the crimes of voter intimidation, campaigning inside and in front of polling places, and other illegalities, if pursued, could invalidate Clinton's election results in numerous states.'


Here's why some people may need to take more alcohol with their water intake!


The parasites may not even be named Bill or Hillary!


Lovely pictures. I wonder what seed eating birds eat during most of the year when there are naturally no seeds, unless kind people give them some. Do they eat insects?


Perhaps it would be well for America to revisit it's 17th century English roots, and refresh them.

I'm reading an excellent book by John Adamson, called The Noble Revolt: the overthrow of Charles I. In 1641 the House of Lords put the King's chief advisor, the Earl of Strafford, on trial for his life before them. The King's 'special forces' failed to break him out of the Tower of London. His execution was a huge public spectacle.

Can you imagine the US Senate similarly putting Rumsfeld or Cheney or Hillary Clinton on trial before them, prosecuted by members of the House of Representatives, with the Supreme Court sitting as legal advisers to the Senate, and with the President obliged to watch quietly from a corner? The execution would be viewed by the whole world, although it may be doubted whether Hillary would have the dignity and fortitude to give an appropriate speech and 'make a good death' in the old expected manner. That might revive some hope that Justice still has a place in public life.

Wasn't it one of the American revolutionaries, Paine or perhaps Jefferson, who said that the Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of traitors and patriots? Some Political Gardening is long overdue.


A couple things on recent fighting heating up around Aleppo city:

Nusra and various other unicorns they could muster, who are along despite being signatories to the ceasefire - e.g. Ahrar al-Sham, "Division 13" - appear very much determined to hold Tal al-Eis they recently recaptured, after months of SAA and allies' occupation, no matter what. In connection to the next round of Geneva talks to soon be restarted, how important is the place, and how does this capture compare to the govt.'s feat of cutting the Azaz-Aleppo city centre route in February? Can we expect that, sooner rather than later, their hold on the place will collapse?

Bill Herschel

One can call it the Borg, if one wishes. But I call it the CIA. Check out this article in the Times. It is blatant, pure, solid gold Bernaysian propaganda. Bernaysian propaganda. The Times is under the control, explicit control of an agency of the United States government. For my money, it's the CIA. And I give them credit. A lot of credit. Oh, and I guess no one on this blog knew that there is no Russian presence in Syria at all.


Babak Makkinejad


Inside Islamic Minds:





Bill Herschel

"But I call it the CIA" Did you work at the CIA? Do you know anyone who has worked at the CIA? How do you know things about the CIA? Did you read a book about the CIA? Why should I not think you are a crackpot conspiracy theorist? pl



"around Aleppo city" I would find it difficult to call the town of Tel al-Eis and the hill behind it "around Aleppo City," but from the maps it seems to be a topographically strong position that dominates the plain below and from which the M% can be brought under fire. The anti R+6 people seem to have heard a dog whistle blow and are attacking mostly futilely all over Syria. They can either do that or have R+6 "eat their lunch" as ongoing plans are executed. pl

The Beaver

Don't know whether to laugh or to cry !

Bono(the U2 member who loves to spread OPM instead of putting his own Millions where his mouth is) being invited to speak in front of a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday , on a wide-ranging discussion on the Middle East and the refugee crisis, by Lindsey Graham, chairman of the subcommittee.


Amy Schumer or Borat - is he for real ?



I listened to him interviewed yesterday. He is a silly man. He has "discovered" that "the military" believes that internal development is an important tool in COIN, Well, pilgrims, I was taught that in the '60s at Ft. Bragg and it has been US Army doctrine ever since. pl


cynic & kooshy

I don't know how the cardinals and other non migratory birds survive the winters. A lot of people feed them, including me. pl



To believe that the PP are a CIA black propaganda op you have to believe that the journalist group that produced the product is a CIA op. Do you? pl

Babak Makkinejad

In regards to describing Al Maqdisis as a theologian and in the interest of Rectification of Names:

Al Maqdisi is not a theologian; that subject has been closed in Sunni Islam for more than a millennia.

He is a purveyor of yet another concoction of Sunni Legalism as the cure for Islam's encounter with European Modernity.

Yet another still-born attempt that would only lead to more deaths.

In regards to Chinese: I do not see any adventurism - the Dragon was kicked awake by the foreign powers and she is stretching her legs and arms.

Babak Makkinejad

Seems that friends of US in Iceland and Pakistan - to name 2 - are falling victims to this disclosure....


Though I do not entirely share his analysis Scott Alexander (a pseudo) certainly have a point that theology/ideology is more a pretense to make in-group/out-group distinctions than about morality/culture/whatever and claims about THE righteous way:
Scott is a somewhat lefty psychiatrist with a famous blog and claims to be a "rationalist".



He sounds like the usual social science or psychiatrist nutcase who want to tell us (always) what is below the surface of the ideas that people say they fight for. ok



Yes, the CIA op idea for the PP is fun for the feeble minded who want conspiracy everywhere. this is just the beginning. There are hundreds of law firms who specialize in the work. pl

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