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11 April 2016


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Tulsi Gabbard, Rep Hawaii's 2nd Dist, very unusual background.

Learned about her at SST.

Also, Elizabeth Warren.
Also, whoever at McClatchy found money for their participation and coverage of the Panama Papers, which IMVHO have only yet begun to turn things inside out and upside down.

Bill H

My take on Clinton is that she is in it for more for power than for money, not forgetting the extent to which money represents power. That makes her all the more frightening.


Reuters is saying Izzat el Douri is back in the news asking Iraqi Sunnis to back a Saudi Backed push against ISIS in Mosul - but only if the Iranians and their proxies stay out.



An interesting critique of R2P by Paul Pillar. He notes that R2P is a major departure from the concept of inviolate sovereignty of states that dates back to the Peace of Westphalia in the 17th century. That is something that is not discussed much, if at all.



Apropos the birds, some of you might enjoy this.


Balint Somkuti

I suggest you read on katehon.com the About Us section.

Maybe the last name on the list Alexandr Dugin will be familiar.

ex-PFC Chuck

Now here's a curious perspective on what's been happening in Syria of late, under the title, "Assad has taken Russia 'hostage,' and what comes next could be 'the worst this war has seen'"



Maybe reading Tea Leaves is not the best thing to do? Although strictly, I am a fan of the I Ging myself. ;)

"whoever at McClatchy found money"

Explain. As I understand the documents were offered anonymously to a (one? I think, with two working on the matter of the paper after) journalist at the "Southern German Newspaper/Süddeutsche Zeitung".

Realizing that it was way beyond their head both considering work load and news value (emphasis on Germans involved over here, obviously) they looked for cooperation. The rest is a matter of how to do it. Surely the best thing was looking for an international NGO in investigative journalism. And not keep matters to themselves. Remember its a huge leak. No? Besides, international cooperation surely is not a bad thing in the field.

"whoever at McClatchy found money for their participation and coverage of the Panama Papers"

Some McClatchy journalists must have been members. That's all I can see. Not a bad thing to do either, if you need help somewhere else. No?

But I sure wait for and will appreciate your instructions, as a nitwit, I am always willing to learn.


If we leave out money interests for a while. I sure can spin matters too to my 'straight heart's delight'.

Meaning we all spin any tape of tales confronted with the 'unknown', but why are you picking out Tulsi Gabbard or Elizabeth Warren?

And how is your comment related to William's "vision thing"

William R. Cumming

What was not said in the 28 redacted pages or elsewhere was the deep connection between the Bush family [41 and 43] and the KSA. The manifest of the KSA group flown out of the US in the day after 9/11/2001 to prevent interrogation would also be of interest.

What will always remain of concern is the prohibition on the 9/11 Commission of inquiry as to WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE for direct and indirect support in the US for supporting then attack.

Disclosure: I was interviewed for 5 hours by 9/11 Commission staff on various issues including PREPAREDNESS. I had retired from FEMA and the federal government in October 1999.

William R. Cumming

Agree with Mr. Pilar although quite complicated because the U.S. has also overthrown many "democratically" elected leaders.



I've heard of this Dugin chap.

Apparently "the Saker" [also] disagrees (strongly) with his rather extreme opinions.

"SmoothieX12", what about you?

Balint Somkuti, thank you for pointing out this.



From him apparently, according to one of the honorable guests who frequent this here blog.

Yes, I recall seeing this quite recently as well.


Yes I saw that one. My thought was Syria was a bigger mistake - although the Russian may have rescued him from its worst consequences. Ukraine has even more potential.


In reply to BraveNewWorld 11 April 2016 at 10:10 PM

Yes I have seen it and it's amazing - anyone reading this who hasn't seen it click BraveNewWorld's link.

You probably most recently read that quote from Montgomery in Patrick Armstrong's posting "Russia Prepares for a Big War: The Significance of a Tank Army" which you can find below. It repays re-reading IMO.


In reply to rjj 11 April 2016 at 06:35 PM

Thanks for that :-)


In reply to oofda 12 April 2016 at 03:57 AM

If I'm traducing you my apologies, but you should not assume that just because Americans aren't debating something that the topic isn't being keenly discussed elswewhere.

Amongst other instances I refer you to the current British referendum on whether or not they'll continue to be members of the EU, and the surge of support for right-wing nationalists throughout Europe in general.


Great article, thanks so much for the link! R2P is such an insidious and Big Brotherish excuse for self-righteous imperialism ... George Orwell would be impressed.

Like so many concepts/principles, the idea of sovereignty has changed a bit over time, and varies by ideology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovereignty

William R. Cumming

Both your identified issues could well control America's future also. Is the 21st Century a replay of some other time and place?


Our Muscovy ducks have been freeloaders so far; our 7 Rhode Island reds pump out 5-7 eggs / day;


Wow, thats cool. Currently I have 39 in. x 330 ft. Field Fence with Galvanized Steel Class 1 Coating 12.5 gauge ...the one that has small squares at the bottom which get progressively larger as u go up surrounding my property (5 acres) ....do u think this fencing is strong enough and tall enough for Dexters?? Do the Dexters try and get out of the fence? Do I need to make it strong as hell? Or do they behave and stay in the fence assuming there is plenty grass to eat??

Also, we have this stuff called guinea grass Megathyrsus maximus which grows fast and tall and was transplanted here to Hawaii for cattle ... mainland acre/cow ratios appear to be 1.5 to 2 acre /cow....I reckon due to our tropical climate and faster growing grass, I can have less acreage per cow...especially if I irrigate it occasionally.

Also, do i have to milk them every day or can I skip days if I want to buy a cow for milk...I have doubts that I have the discipline to milk every day....thanks for your time

Trey N

The Panama Papers leak was in no way, form or fashion the act of an "altruistic whistleblower." The only question is which national intelligence agency is behind the leak. I'd bet the house, car, wife and kids on the CIA -- as would this genuine whistleblower:



On an gastronomic note any Parisian restaurant recommendations?

Trey N

Russian arms sales have skyrocketed this year. Buyers are apparently really impressed with the display of the capabilities of various Russian weapons in Syria over the last six months.

The US military has recently announced a strong buildup of ground, naval and air forces in the Middle East.

To me, the timing of this buildup is not accidental. Russia has hit the US MIC where it really hurts: international arms sales. Now the Pentagram brass and their revolving-door cronies are out to defend their trough -- er, turf -- with a display of their own systems' prowess.

I assume that the F-35 "flying phone booth" and the navy's littoral combat vessel that broke down and had to be towed back to port on its maiden voyage will no be among the items on display in the sandbox....


It was Monty (Field Marshal Sir Montgomery) who said that. There is, however, a chance that he was merely quoting Bismark. After all, the phrase that Russia is never as strong as she seems and never as weak as she seems, is attributed to Bismark, Metternich and Churchill simultaneously.

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