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22 April 2016


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No apology required but I wish he kept his mouth shut. Brits don't take kindly to unsolicited advice from foreigners.

His comments make a brexit more likely. Strange that he can't see that.


1. When Obama visited Riyadh in March 2014 he was greeted at the airport of Riyadh by (tata!) the mayor of Riyadh who is always a high member of the royal house. Then no one cared about it.

2. The U.S. needs Britain in the EU because that its main way to influence the EU. The other members it (ab)uses for influence do hardly count (Poland, Baltics).

One good reason for the other EU countries to let Britain go. The other is the terrible influence the city of London and its banks have in the EU through the British government.



I think you meant Prince Talal. I care about it now because the level of the reception is something Arabs care about very much and the Saudis are having a good time dragging Obama around. I have told you many times that from my isolationist point of view I don't want any responsibility for the US towards NATO or the EU. pl


I hope he didn't call the English "Europeans."


Being intelligent doesn't preclude one from being a fool. My take from the Atlantic interview was that he has already left the White House. With still having 10 months of being the President of the USA, his comments in the interview about other foreign leaders that he needs to work with in the remaining time, such as "Putin isn't completely stupid" pretty much told me he is the bad combination of arrogance and ignorance. This past week's performance seems to confirm it.



In the light of Boris Johnson's remarks that Obama has a residual hatred for the English because of his Kenyan background your readers might (or might NOT!) appreciate a joke my Iraqi friends told me about the "birther birth certificate" controversy at the time it was raging:

"People claim that Obama was born in Kenya and there's a birth certificate to prove it. It must be true because if he was a real American he'd have nuked all of Kenya to ashes to get rid of the birth certificate".



If he did I'm going to buy shares in every company I can find that sells popcorn :-)


Obama's intervention has not been well received. Here's a site of political gossip where many pungent criticisms have been leveled at him.

Leading comment:
graemeirvine • 10 hours ago

Today, one day after Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth turned 90, becoming the UK’s longest reigning monarch, and one day before St George’s Day, England’s patron Saint’s day, Yankee Doodle came to London, in the shape of Barry Kenya, on his way to a trade fair in Germany, to order UK’s voters to put America first, and vote for Dodgy Dave’s EUSSR deal. Shamelessly invoking America’s military heroes from two world wars, a military in which he never sought to serve, Barry urged on free born Brits, a course of immersion in
a wealth and jobs destroying, failing International Union, of a kind that no right thinking, non-communist American would ever think of joining. It shows just how out of touch the modern political class has become from the voter hoi polloi class. With friends like Dodgy Dave and Barry, we poor Brits don’t need any enemies.


He also stuck his oar in over the Scottish independence referendum.


Like Captain Renault in Casablanca I am shocked. Seriously? After all of the unappreciated meddling by Benji in the election of 2012 and his unappreciated address to congress. What was he thinking? There was no way he could jump into the middle of that election and not kick over the hornet's nest. While he is at it he could suggest that they get rid of the monarchy.


The Great Johovah and the Borg have spoken. While the Mayor of London may have been as surprised as the Commander of Fort Ticoderoga was when Ethan Allan and the boys showed up back in the day he damn well knows that the only ones behind Barack are international bankers and the Borg.

“In his op-ed Obama also invoked the spirit of the Second World War by claiming the sacrifice of Gis…”
One of those GI’s was my uncle, who has a plaque on the wall in a memorial in Coventry (his remains being scattered across Europe when that B17 he was in was shot down). He sure didn’t fight for the values of Barack, the Borg or the rest of the left of 2016. I don’t think any of these other men fought for Barack and the Borg’s values either:


Here's another blog where some of the comments on Obama and our dim dhimmi 'Dave' are even more salty.


The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson's full letter can be read here:



"Brits don't take kindly to unsolicited advice from foreigners."

Well, from my no doubt heavily limited perspective it seems they took US advise concerning the war against Iraq. Didn't they?

I cannot see any type of developments in the publication of the 'Chilcot report'. Couldn't they by now not have released at least the part of the report concerning the run-up phrase of matters?


Should we reduce such important matters to the level of elite or party politics? Is this appropriate?


Personally, I somewhat doubt it would have heavily changed the context at the time if the party was democrat or conservative. I may no doubt be wrong in this context.

Babak Makkinejad

I think for personal as well as cultural reasons Obama believes in American Exceptionalism.

After all, would one expect a Franco-African or an Anglo-African to ever be elected to such an analogously high position of power in France or in UK?

Likewise in Italy or in Spain.

Furthermore, EU states themselves have suborned their own interests to those of US in many instances - just look at the English Poodle.

Why should he treat EU member states or EU as a whole any better than what they are - Dukedoms and Counties that are dependent on US for playing a role - assigned to them by US - in the global politics.

He is also cool as a cucumber and is not letting the fits of jilted US lovers - such as Saudis - ruffle his feathers since he knows it in his bones that US, and with it, the Western Civilization, will assimilate the rest of the world in the ripeness of time.

Why should he care one whit about the barks of little dogs and meows of stray cats?


Is it true, as here alleged, that Obama intends to round out his Presidency by going to Japan to apologize for those two atomic bombs?


"Being intelligent doesn't preclude one from being a fool."

In fact, it is very often the reason for many problems, if, of course, by intelligence you mean IQ metric. Look at the neocon cabal--I am pretty damn sure that majority of them has a very impressive IQ. But not being a fool is very often a combination of a whole complex of factors among which being cultured or, plain simple, being a decent human being who has self-irony is more important than whatever in this day and age passes as intelligence. I met very many extremely high IQ people and by far not all of them were pleasant or good professionals. So much for IQ-intelligence. But then again, we live in the society which sees no distinction between information and knowledge.


You point your finger Col, once again, on a key point. b is on, or at least in his comment, on thee default setting the past 70 or so years. This automatic assumption of American leadership. This is not meant to be critical of b. That's what everyone thought. And they can't (won't?) stop thinking that way. As we get knee deep into the swamp. I hope the default setting is jettisoned once and forever.

John Minnerath

The man is nuts. What a loose cannon and his band of sycophants are likewise crazies.

Margaret Steinfels

"London Mayor Boris Johnson accused him of making an 'incoherent' and 'inconsistent' argument.

"A furious Johnson said this morning: 'The Americans would never contemplate anything like the EU, for themselves or for their neighbors in their own hemisphere. Why should they think it right for us?'"

The U.S. has managed to keep its EU together threw think and thin, including the Civil War. Even today there are various members who would like to cast off on their own.

Has Mayor Johnson ever looked at a map of the U.S., or read a history. The caliber of mayors is going down worldwide!


I only wish he would visit Jerusalem and bumble into some meaningful disregard for diplomatic protocol.


Here is a piece from The Telegraph. The tone is somewhat less agitated than the Mail. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/04/22/barack-obama-arrives-in-britain-to-tell-voters-to-remain-in-the/


b, the arguments in favor of the status quo are getting thin. Consider this example of offering a set of false alternatives. See https://twitter.com/FareedZakaria/status/723498256479752192

If a “worse” alternative arose, i.e., a Taliban-type government in the KSA, the USA and EU would not protect them. We would isolate Saudi Arabia. Like Iran, the new KSA government would have its assets frozen, it's ability to buy weapons cut down. And Saudi's victims would rush to courthouses worldwide to file claims for compensation for Saudi mischief.

Western support for Riyadh amplifies the regime's toxicity.


James: You mean Germany post-Brexit and post-Merkel would return to Ostpolitik?


Britain in E.U is essential to keep up sufficient levels of Russophobia for the Borg agenda and keep the EU dysfunctional.

How should the Scots vote and what will be the SNP strategy? Does Brexit accelerate an independent Scotland which is part of EU? Surely popcorn time.

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