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22 April 2016


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no stalls - they make people feel excluded. anyway they discriminate against voyeurs.

Peter Reichard

I can't remember where I read this but a senator said something along the lines of .... "The youth of today trouble me. They are lazy and unambitious, they seem obsessed with entertainment and sex, they lack respect for our institutions and have neither the drive nor patriotism we had when we were younger. I fear for the future of our country." His name was Cicero, speaking in the first century B.C. So perhaps it is just an eternal illusion of old age misjudging youth which now that my red hair is turning white I plead guilty to myself. Don't worry colonel, the kids are all right.

Peter Reichar

Wars are begun by 50 and 60 year old men who expect 20 year old kids to do their dying for them. An all volunteer army allows the normally powerless younger generation to exercise veto power over large and/or long wars by simply not enlisting whereas conscription provides a bottomless supply of cannon fodder for the heartless power mad sons of bitches who have ruled most countries throughout history. If we can not get enough people to enlist perhaps it reflects less on their softness and narcissism but more on their collective wisdom in not wishing to put their lives on the line for the vainglorious dreams of empire of the incompetent imperialists who have been running US foreign policy for the last quarter century.


Peter Reichar

I have advocated for years here a radical reduction in the size of US ground forces as a disincentive to foreign adventures. So, don't include me among the "heartless power mad sons of bitches." nevertheless I think you are kidding yourself about the character of today's youth. they are not the men their fathers were. they have been deliberately raised to be self centred. pl


Chechnya, nitwit contribution to the larger debate, here.

9/11 - Chechnya - Russia & the US/EU/NATO


One sure can wonder, if the members of the Hamburg Cell indeed initially wanted to fight in Chechnya, how the huge US/EU/NATO confrontation could happen at all in our larger WOT universe.

But strictly, I suppose there was some type of overall moment of inertia, with the EU (and economical interests?) simply following its earlier path of eastward expansion.

Peter Reichard

I too have shared your same advocacy for years and do not include you among "the heartless power mad" by any stretch of the imagination. Humans have been growing ever softer since the stone age but bigger stronger and smarter. The grunts who won at Stalingrad, Tarawa and The Bulge were probably not as tough as the Mongols or the Vikings but I would bet on them. I just think that we of old age with selective memory have forever judged youth too harshly.


"a man's sexual kicks ..."

again, explain, Tyler.

Are you suggesting a man always can only be attracted to woman, no matter what personal history, mother and father? In my own, no doubt as always, limited knowledge or personal experiences some mother's admittedly caught my attention.

What are you suggesting as the right ways as opposed to "schizophrenic liberal land"?


"women and children"

Not sure if I posted my last response to you, but this is interesting?

I can understand children should be protected, but what should women be protected from? From men, that aren't really interested in having sex with them?



Following up on the logic of your suggestion against stalls, I suggest that there should be a consultant conducted study with regard to urinals in public bathrooms. Surely it could be learned if a sufficiently high number of women can pee standing up at one to justify the public expense involved in these appliances and the possible discrimination that may be occurring. pl



You're sure trying hard to make a general observation on the political climate in the US into something personal.

"To continue to punish a felon after they have served their time by denying them the opportunity to participate fully in the life of their community..." The principles of American freedom include the right to keep and bear arms and to be free from government monitoring.

"...the underlying viciousness of much of current American politics." We certainly agree on that.


There has been some slight comment on foreign policy of the US in this discussion alluding to the fact there is no coherent policy. The Military folk here seem to presuppose the military is supposed to win wars. What if that is not true? I think out foreign policy is to break things and leave them in a mess with some residual forces left around to keep the war suppliers with business. Are Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria better off because of our interventions there? Nope and that was the point. Of course our leaders cannot say that is our policy because it has negative moral implications along with being totally illegal from an international law standpoint. I am not a military person so, I ask, what is the military analysis of what is going on if we proceed from the supposition that our actual foreign policy is to wreck things and leave them in chaos in contravention of international law/



"I think our foreign policy is to break things and leave them in a mess with some residual forces left around to keep the war suppliers with business." A lot of the non-military folks here are obsessed with their notion that business is life and life is business to the exclusion of all else and that man really does live by bread alone. The idea that business interests run US foreign policy is so laughable that I will not reply in detail except to say that US foreign policy is really run by aged graduates of university graduate schools where they were taught a lot of fantastic BS about a utopian future. Stop breaking things? You ask ME that? You must really be new here. pl


What about the stories that the EU is starting to integrate the forces of all it's member states, based on the German army. There have been recent reports that the modern German army is run on a trade union system of a strictly enforced 41 hour week. They had to go home early from a NATO exercise, in Norway I think, because they had used up all their permitted overtime! They are also absorbing the Dutch army, whatever good that may do them. Is this trend spreading to the USA? Despite all their complaints about NATO expansion, this sort of news must have the Russians laughing like hyaenas.


Agreed. What most people in the West don´t know is that ordinary policing was much better in the USSR than in todays Russia. Habeas corpus and the sanctity of ones home was more respected. At he beginning of the oughts more and more poorly trained Chechen war veterans entered the police service and according to people in the know they greatly contributed to the brutalisation of law enforcement. According to people like Radlow from the Washington Post or Craig Roberts the same thing happened with Iraq veterans in the US. It is interesting that I never heard of the same problems with World War II veterans. There are lot´s of problems as well with young Israelis who had been on occupation duty in the West bank. Ask any unfortunate Asian tourism manager about their behaviour. Which makes me believe that occupation duty amidst a partisan war os thoroughly corrupting.


it is the wall mounted facilities that present the hydraulic challenge. rows of freestanding urinals, in addition to being more ergonomic, would accommodate greater numbers of users and higher traffic throughput.



Perhaps something in the nature of a central trench in the floor with a rougher surface along the two sides to be used for stability in squatting.



Autogynephilia. Men dressing up as women. Your purposeful obtuseness is getting wearing.



Is that what you really think?

Plenty of cases already of men pretending to be women taking pictures of women doing their thing in there.


I tend to believe the 18-22 year old youth will rise up and do their duty if/ when the time comes. Hopefully not. Just as in VN war it will be the parents who decide if their youth can go (the influence) thus as the Pearl Harbor type of event the buy in will be big. Remember the 9/11 enlistments were huge. Anything less well there is debate about the blood of their young. To me the youth of today, while pampered, are more intelligent & ambitious but less orientated. A few points.
1. My 17 year old grandson (well helicoptered) asked for advice on registering with the Selective Service. Seems his buddies were all talking about the situation and he had to talk with someone as he could not talk with his parents. I ushered him through the process and learned some things. Seems you cannot get Financial Aid for college without registering plus a few other things.
2. In the selective service registering process It states an individual born male who becomes a female must register but an individual born female who becomes male does not need to register. At best this is an oxymoron. Good thing this addresses less than .3 percent of the population, so I'm told.
3. While recently using the facilities at a local gun range there was a sign above the urinal that stated "you may be able to hit a deer at 250 yards but please move closer as we insist you do not miss here. The Management.".


Curt Schilling was fired by ESPN for this facebook post.



I like it! Maybe done up ethnic-ish motifs and color palettes with piped in "third world" music to complement each scheme. The concept needs a brand. ContraCrapper** too crude. PERFECT eponym would be Burkittage -- the Burkitt.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denis_Parsons_Burkitt (click on link, control F, type in "squat")

Burkitt has science cred and an established high PQ (persuasiveness quotient) track record. His was the "research" behind the fiber fad.

Can't find the publication in which he advocated "going native" but it is out there.

** Anyway turns out Thomas Crapper did not invent the flush - it was some other white guy.


"purposeful obtuseness"

far from it, Tyler. But yes, I have some gay friends. And I seem to have appreciated from early on that sexual attraction was out of the way in these cases. I also was some decades back slightly more hesitant about a specific homosexual subculture, who felt highly misogynist with a BDSM tendency overall. But I am not an expert on the topic.

I am also slightly skeptic about attempts to resolve more general 'gender troubles' via surgery. A classmate recently mentioned a boy at my school who, as he told me, was already "different" then. Didn't I notice? His case ended tragic. After he had the female body he always thought he wanted to have, he killed himself. Seems the classmate, a psychologist then, met him after his sex-change.

Maybe he was part of whatever type of subgroup with a more serious psychological problem?

On first sight the term autogynephilia may well carry the same burden as studies in psycho/sociopathy. In so far that over centuries the focus of studies of psychopaths was restricted to the group of criminals kept under high security for a reason. Without a look at the well functioning overall. At least a very, very cursorily check of the term suggests it to me.


"The theory lays out two groups, and only two groups, of trans people:
"Excessively effeminate, and exclusively attracted to men, called 'Homosexual Transsexuals'
Everyone else, who thus automatically have erotic fantasies about being a woman, and are called 'Autogynephiles'

The central core of the theory holds that one small subset of trans women are genuinely programmed to be like women, and thus are of course, automatically and exclusively attracted only to men...just like cis women are only ever attracted to men.[2] "



Well whatever admiration or respect I had for Powell was destroyed by his disgraceful lying to the UN to justify invading Iraq.

As a non-military person from a family with a long military history (my grandfather received the Military Cross, and two great-uncles lie buried in Flanders, a cousin in Vietnam) - I have a concept of military honor which is perhaps old fashioned? I look at Powell and see a man devoid of honor. How can such a man lead men by other than force or bribes?



I share your view of him and Wilkerson both and have said so in public. pl


I rarely post but, yes, I would be new here. You did not answer the question which was "what is the military analysis of what is going on if we proceed from the supposition that our actual foreign policy is to wreck things and leave them in chaos..?"
I did not say that business interests run foreign policy but what was one of the main stories of Obama's visit to the Saudis? That the US is "selling" them 60 billion worth of weapons. Are "business interests" making those 60 billion of weapons? I suspect "business interests" do have a significant effect on foreign policy but do not totally dictate it.
Still, that is not the question I posed, to which you did not respond. I am not a military person and I was hoping to get some insight as to what military people think on this subject.

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