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22 April 2016


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I do not share your "supposition." The awful truth is that if you are American your government's FP is run by a lot of post-adolescents with arrested development and fancy degrees. In the case of SA it is a long standing habit, hard to overcome for the group think to assume that SA is an ally when they are not. The Saudis have from to time bought military material from other countries, UK, and France mostly, but they think of US equipment as the best and so they prefer to buy it. It is a matter of prestige for them among the GCC countries. Are the arms manufacturers pleased? Certainly they are and the US government is pleased to see American industry patronized but I think that less logical and rational habits of mind are the main factor in the "alliance." pl


During his question and answer session, he was allowed to comment on a few pictures related to his tenure as SOS. The famous UN picture was shown and that was were he contorted his arguments to prove to us that he made an innocent mistake, because "everyone believed the information that was given to him by the intelligence services". I have to admit that this is a black mark on his soul that will not be easily washed away. I had the impression that he believed this/his lie, after having repeated it so many times. I guess he is human but then again his attempt to rationalize his choices lead to death of hundreds of thousands.


moribund republics tend to bring out the grump and the worry wart in old republicans.

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