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24 April 2016


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"Israel is not ready to attack Iran until Syria and Hizballah in Lebanon are degraded enough to be effective actors in an Iran war," I agree that Israel's interest in Syria is caused by a desire to degrade Iran's power, but there is a basic problem with the idea of weakening Hizbullah through attrition in Syria. The problem is that the rocket and missile troops with which Hizbullah holds Israel at risk are completely separate from the Hizbullah combined arms force fighting in Syria, and the number of Iranian troops involved thus far is trivial. pl

Babak Makkinejad

I think NATO states and their allies have been unable to "Win the Peace" either in the four countries that you have mentioned - Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and lastly Yemen.

Israel may want many of those things that you have enumerated; they are welcome to try - up to and including attacking Iran.

Babak Makkinejad

Iran has a deep bench.



The five principal shareholders are listed on the Nasdaq website. Vanguard and Black Rock rank among the leading financial assets management firms. The largest shareholder, Dimensional Fund Advisors, is based in Austin, Texas. Wikipedia lists Arnold Schwarzenegger as an investor. Greenwood is a Massachusetts hedge fund. Kahn Brothers is a New York investment firm. The purchase of stock by Murdoch and Jacob Rothschild was reported in the media. None of the reports cited the firms they invested through.


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