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10 April 2016


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It is not clear to me that al-Qaeda held parts of Aleppo *city* are the target now. The troops positioning would also allow for an Aleppo governate campaign west of Aleppo city. I find this more likely.

As I wrote in earlier thread - the breaking of the ceasefire by U.S. supported "rebels" at Tal al-Eis led to a change of plans. The eastern campaign was put on hold to set the minds of those "rebels" straight so that they agree to the next ceasefire.

There is massive air and artillery preparation now ongoing to break out of the southern Aleppo countryside towards west and to chase those "rebels" their towards the border. One target would be to liberate the besieged Fu’ah and Kafarya in north-western Idleb governate.

Then again maskirovka is certainly something we have seen several times during this campaign.

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