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22 March 2016


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even before I read, Patrick, glad you are around on the issue. As not really a fan of twitter combined with limited time. ;)


Ok; Pat tricked me, with this republication. ;)

Obviously Patrick's concern is more on "origins" then "Western aspects". ;)

Patrick Bahzad

Not sure what you mean ? In any case, it's way too early to indulge in assumptions, or worse, conspiracy theories of all sorts.

Patrick Bahzad

I was writing a piece on the whole Abdelslam issue when I got word of the most recent attacks ... I'm on it.


Looked up your alternative communication channel.

origins, at least on admittedly rather superficial sight. Is too early to leave traces anyway. "Origins" one of the origins? The struggle in Syria. ...

Conspiracy. I am rather glad that I "endured", maybe experienced is the better term, some type of self-exploration in the field. ;)

I doubt any type of literary assessment would have helped me to understand.


Meanwhile, a certain statesmen has shown remarkably timed prescience in recent days, prior to news breaking in Bruxelles (Türkçe Brüksel - yes, it's pronounced that way):


"Erdoğan Söylemişti: Bu Bombaların Brüksel'de Patlamaması İçin Sebep Yok

22 Mart 2016 Salı 09:41

Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, 4 gün önce yaptığı konuşmada "Brüksel'de veya AB'nin herhangi bir şehrinde bu bombaların patlamaması için hiçbir sebep yok" demişti."


"Erdoğan had said: No Reason For These Bombs Not To Explode In Bruxelles

22 March 2016 Tuesday 09:41

4 days ago, president Erdoğan had said this while giving a speech, "There is no reason whatever for these bombs not to explode in Bruxelles or any other city in the EU"."

Talk about unfortunate timing. Or rather accurate auguring on the part of his excellency, the Padişah?


It must be annoying for some people how reality keeps siding with Trump.


It could be merely a coincidence. Erdogan, however repulsive he is, by far is not alone in his predictions for mayhem in Europe. I wrote about upcoming "events" on March 19. I am sure for any more or less informed person anticipation of terrorist acts in Europe is a natural state of mind for 10-15 years at least.



I did not re-publish anything in connection with PB's Belgium post. pl

William R. Cumming

Is this why NATO HQ wants to relocate?

Patrick Bahzad


Thought Leander meant me. I republished this one early on. Too early to draft anything of consistence regarding this morning's events.



I realized, Pat.

but yes, for not quite discernible reasons in my own human-animal-universe, I seem to have become vaguely a fan of Patrick.

why do you keep capitalizing the "A". Strictly why should I worry about an aka I choose in the conspiracy universe. ;)


I'm not sure Belgium, among European countries, has the most similar jihadi fighters in Syria (per capita), since Bosnia (the part of the Bosnia-Croat federation), Albania and the Albanians from Kosovo and Metohia, have each a couple of hundred fighters in Syria.

Also, although it's off topis, I have to mention that sometimes when Albanian criminals born in Kosovo and Metohia (some of them have old Serbian passports), get caught in criminal activities , some Western news sources like to portrait them as ''Serbian criminals''.



Better? pl

David J.

If countries with aging populations can create a path for refugees and migrants to participate in the economy, everyone benefits. (sarcasm)


No, it should be Leander


Sorry spell check spoilt it. LeaNder


Whatever you like Pat. Really. I wouldn't have been able to become a "vaguely" fan of Patrick if I hadn't been a fan or yours "vaguely" earlier. Never mind our disagreements on whatever now or in "times ahead". Does this work? In the future, anyway. ;)



What disagreements? pl


" some Western news sources like to portrait them as ''Serbian criminals''. "

Same with "Russian" organized crime, which is mostly (not all) non-Russian. As per "similarity" between jihadis--doesn't make that much of a difference. Some purely ethno-cultural factors may, of course, have some influence but, in the end, it is al-fikr kufr which rules the day in the end.


nothing that is important really, otherwise I wouldn't have returned after what felt like our most serious "dissent".

I am aware though, that my perception during the last decade was shaped by being around here.

Come to think of it, if I like it or not an aka that initially was shaped ad-hoc at the time, nay profit of adjustment:

Lea N(no) der

None? maybe some? more mental ones, that manage to convince? After all they always exist around us. And it would be stupid to not consider influences?

Leander is fine, though. I am way too lazy to invent a different aka.


'may' profit of=by. I would select on second look.
bad proofreading while trying to keep matters short.

take care anyway. ;)


Fort Russ is reporting that Russian intelligence warned Belgian authorities about this attack. According to the report, two brothers and an accomplice carried out the attacks after arriving in Belgium from Belarus in February. The three terrorists are reported to have trained for the attacks in Syria. It will be interesting to see if this report holds up.



This caught my attention shortly after the attacks in France last November: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/paris-attacks-how-the-influence-of-saudi-arabia-sowed-the-seeds-of-radicalism-in-belgium-a6745996.html
I felt at the time that this would not be the end of these, especially as I watched the influx of migrants/refugees from my perch in Greece as a long-time (American) denizen. I wish I had something insightful to add to the discussion at this point aside beyond my opinion that attitudes will harden in Europe against more accepting more immigration and refugees and against the entire concept of the currently-constituted European Union.


I doubt it very much. The source of this info is famous Russian tabloid TV Channel Life News.

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