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08 March 2016


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Col, So if a plaintiff brings a case that has no merit & the defense
fails to respond the plaintiff prevails. Hopefully there is some type
of appeal process or this could get ugly fast. I'm familiar with this type of ruling in lower courts but had no idea the same rules applied in international court.

I'm curious as to why Iran didn't respond. Hopefully this story will have
legs & my curiosity will be satisfied.


Thanks David, but from now on, I will try more seriously not to deflect that much from whatever is debated.

"members of the 'Borg' are pushing a lot of people with perfectly natural concerns and interpretations towards right-wing populist leaders."

Never mind "the Borg", but isn't that all the populist leaders need to know?

Both the individual and the collective are abstractions in a multitude of ways we embody both. Since you mentioned Babak, were would you located Antigone on the axis with the two poles: Individualist and/or Collectivist.



I am not a lawyer but that appears to be so. There have been various judgments against Iran in civil cases in over the years. These have been in federal courts in law suits brought by Jewish interests for Iranian government complicity in terrorism. I was an expert witness in one of them testifying for the plaintiffs on the history of the events in the case. Damages have been awarded in many instances against Iran in the hope of collecting them from Iranian funds impounded for a long time by the US Government. That never happened because the US government hanging on to the money in anticipation of a return of the funds. That has now occurred. pl


Babak, why did Iran not respond to this case? You have details?


Seems the case was initiated in February 2002. Why didn't Iran respond?

I realize that you may refer to a long-term US prejudice against Iran, which resulted in the assumption that there wasn't a chance anyway. But in a case like this, was that the best of all decisions in February 2002?


"Why didn't Iran respond? "

Because they lit candles on the Eleventh of September, unlike their neighbors across the Gulf celebrating the moment by slaughtering of lambs.


AMN is reporting that the assault on Palmyra Castle has begun.


Looking at the picture of where it is situated and given that they can't just stand off and remove it with artillery this doesn't look like an easy job at all. I would have just put a siege in place and starved them out if I didn't want to hurt the castle but it looks like that isn't what they are going to do. Looks like they are starting with thermometric weapons for obvious reasons. Does any one have any thoughts on how they should tackle the rest of taking the castle?

The Twisted Genius


The article mentions the use of thermobaric TOW rounds. It's not TOW, but the Russian Kornet which has thermobaric rounds. This gives the SAA a precise way of placing a devastating explosive attack against an enemy position. These weapons could force the enemy out of their positions, suppressing their ability to target the assaulting infantry forces. Once inside the castle, it's close quarters combat and hand to hand. There will be a lot of tinnitus cases among the assaulting SAA infantry.

The Twisted Genius

The article also mentions that the Tiger Forces are engaged in the assault. Looks like they're serious about Palmyra.


New map of the battle front up.



You can find the same opposition from the readers against the Borgist in french and italian MSM, comments are usually very harsh.


The main disinformation is sunni vs shia affirmation.
It's just plain propaganda

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