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14 March 2016


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Norbert M Salamon

Interesting development



Happy Pi Day everyone :)

Irrational Partying: Happy Pi Day! http://www.livescience.com/54037-science-of-pi-day.html

Neanderthal diet: Only 20 percent vegetarian http://www.upi.com/Science_News/2016/03/14/Neanderthal-diet-Only-20-percent-vegetarian/4471457967149/?spt=slh&or=1

Scientists Invent Ice Repellent For Commercial Use: Here's How They Created The Icephobic Coating http://www.techtimes.com/articles/140745/20160314/scientists-invent-ice-repellent-for-commercial-use-heres-how-they-created-the-icephobic-coating.htm

ex-PFC Chuck

Abu Omar al-Shishani is Islamic State’s “minister of war,” and on March 4, the US tried to kill him. . . Fast forward to Monday and we find out that even if al-Shishani isn’t technically dead, he is now “clinically dead,” which according to Rami Abdel Rahman (who runs the one-man Observatory for Human Rights) means “Shishani is not able to breathe on his own and is using machines.”


Well, here's a stunner:



All, what do folks make of this breaking news? This is just up: http://tinyurl.com/z5sazff
"Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, told him of decision to pull out, says spokesman, Dmitry Peskov.



What's the read on this?


"Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu to start the withdrawal of forces from Syria starting Tuesday.
“I consider the objectives that have been set for the Defense Ministry to be generally accomplished. That is why I order to start withdrawal of the main part of our military group from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic starting from tomorrow,” Putin said on Monday during a meeting with Shoigu and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Moscow launched its anti-terror campaign in Syria on September 30 last year. Russia’s participation in the operation, according to a previous statement by Putin, has its basis in international law and has been conducted “in accordance with an official request from the president of the Syrian Arab Republic [Bashar Assad].”

The Russian Air Force has been carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and other terrorist targets in the region, eliminating military equipment, communication centers, vehicles, arms and fuel depots.

At Moscow's initiative, a phone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Syria's President Bashar Assad was held on Monday evening, the Kremlin reported.

The two leaders agreed that the actions of Russia's Air Force in Syria have allowed them to "profoundly reverse the situation" in connection to fighting terrorists in the region, having "disorganized militants' infrastructure and inflicted fundamental damage upon them.""

Gesture of good-will for the peace process comes to mind. As well as the fact that them Russkies showed how quick they can be back should the situation require it (Caspian fleet and long-range bombers included).


'Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the military to withdraw the "main part" of their forces in Syria, saying they had largely achieved their goals.'
This I did not see coming, but what does it mean?

Nuff Sed

Russia pulling out of Syria??




Did Assad finally piss him off?


looking at the news I stumbled into this curious item. Russia announcing troop withdrawal from Syria. Would their air support operations could continue? Isn't it a bit early for this announcement; before the job is completely donet?


Nothing unwritten or unsaid before, but the clarity of this piece is striking. I wish this is compulsory reading for every MSM writer, before they write anything to parrot the Borg viewpoint. R+6 is not an accidental or recent formation.



Sir, what to make of President Putin's announcement to start withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria?

Abu Sinan

It looks like Putin is making a move few foretold. Reports say he is pulling out a large chunk of his forces in Syria. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-35807689


On Putin's announcement of the withdrawal of Russian froces from Syris:

There hasn't been much media reaction to it as of yet, but one statement on the news characterized it, to paraphrase, as "a devastating blow to Assad".

Perhaps the US media can't imagine a nation having limited military goals, achieving those goals, and then going back home. Novel idea I guess.

George Hallam

Putin has ordered Russian forces to withdrawal from Syria, starting tomorrow.


The Beaver

So Iran Told to Pay $10.5 Billion to Sept. 11 Kin, Insurers according to this :

Just wondering where and to whom the lawsuit notice was served? Did someone make a special trip to Iran or did they expect the Swiss government to be the courier?


Putin, according to the NYT and the FT, has ordered the Russian troops to begin pulling out, though apparently not the Air Force - http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/15/world/middleeast/putin-syria-russia-withdrawal.html?&hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

Jonathan House

On the basis of profound ignorance with the exception of reading this blog, a few months back I predicted to family and friends that the situation in Syria would be quite clear by mid March.

I just emailed those family and friend as follows
Subject head: Today, March 15, moments ago, there was "Breaking News" in the N. Y. Times and the BBC: It is clear -- at least to Putin!
body of email:
NYT: Putin Orders Start of Syria Withdrawal, Saying Goals Are Achieved

Syria conflict: Russia's Putin orders 'main part' of forces out


Putin has just ordered the start of Russian withdrawal from Syria. Remember when Obama confidently predicted that Russia would be trapped in a quagmire ?



Apparently Putin is really pulling the Russians out of Syria- or at least beginning to do so.


Lord Curzon


Putin has announced the withdrawal of most of Russia's combat power from Syria - will be interesting to see what he intends should remain. I get the distinct impression the job is half done. Is this a declaration that Assad can't lose but that he can't win either?


Assad had turned down the federation strategy. Russia has been pretty explicit about an end of March timeframe on their heightened military commitments and the Russian economy including military spending is in decline. Look for negotiated resolution of the Ukraine conflict and reduction of sanctions on the Russian economy to quickly follow.


Russia will maintain its naval base at Tartus as well as the Hmeimim airfield, where it will continue to monitor the ceasefire with the non-Islamist factions. Also saw a report of a carrier steaming to the eastern Mediterranean with a couple of dozen aircraft. Russia will continue to "hover" over Syria.

My friends in Lebanon say the SAA has been upgraded with better equipment and ordnance. The Russians have taken the training wheels off and pushed the bike; hopefully the SAA and its allies will keep it upright. In the meantime they press the diplomatic angles.


Assume, as is likely that Trump and Clinton are going to be our POTUS candidates. Assume they each have a Saul on the way to Damascus to conversion and they decide to try to pick advisers outside of the Borg. Is that even possible? Who would they be?


different clue


Well now Obama gets to strut, posture and brag as to how he "got them" to do it. Putin will consider having to hear Obama's braggy chatter a small price to pay for achieving real material lasting gains.

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