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13 March 2016


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alba etie

Col Lang
I am wondering if Candidate Trump 's dismissive attitude regarding the Iranian Nuclear Deal is political theater for the GOP primaries - and further wondering if President Trump would really try to undo the Iranaian nuclear deal ? Meanwhile the SNL skits skewering all of our national candidates only underscores what a National Treasure SNL has always been !

Kyle Pearson

"Uploader has not allowed viewing of this in your country"


Good find. Thanks for both the Hillary and Trump clips.


SNL has always complied with the Central Committee's ban on political comedy. Elementary schoolyard mimicry is not political comedy.

Not a problem. The real thing in real time is parody proof and truly transgressive. This instance violates the Eleventh Commandment [Thou shalt not bring out the worst in thy fellow creatures.], one of the easiest and one of the worst to break.




Use Google to find SNL/Trump.


By way of the political humor provider shortfall and alternate sources thereof ...


haven't laughed that much since the last time I checked DuffelBlog. It's going to be harder to dislike Cruz after that. Could easily degenerate into an America's Got Humor nominating process.

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