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10 March 2016


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William R. Cumming

Foreign nations became eligible for TS clearances during the Manhattan Project. Now widely available.

And on the SF-86 if memory serves it does not specifically ask about other citizenships. In other words Dual Nationality.

William R. Cumming

From the Rio Grand to the Panama Canal any links to analysis of how the USA directly or indirectly controls those geographic entities?

Am I correct that Panama has almost completely turned over Panama Canal operations to China?

William R. Cumming

The top 10% of Mexican nations by wealth have almost totally invested that weath in the U.S.A.!

William R. Cumming

Has SCOTUS ruled since 1945 on any immigration issue?

William R. Cumming

Respectfully disagree!


The kind of farming NAFTA killed is a legacy business akin to a video store. If you run one you (may) continue but nobody is foolish enough to start a dvd rental store in todays world and the same is true of those farms. They just make to little money to return


good response, Babak.
Saved me from responding in my own private (quite possibly after reflection) "catholic" ways or art inspired ways.

William R. Cumming

Are there any Centers for Study of Immigration Policy in American colleges and Universities?


I have been a worker in the construction trades most of my 'adult' life. Greshams Law worked well in the Trades. Wages have been stagnant in the Trades for years. The "illegals" presence enabled much of the suppression of wages in many industries. This is old hat. The Edward R Murrow television show about the migrant workers in agriculture was a big deal way back in 1960. As long as the means to suppress wages is available, most employers will do so. This is, after all, rational behavior for a business. There will always be a cheaper source of 'outside' labour, absent efficient implementation of regulations. The latest 'amnesty' is always touted as the last one. Unfortunately, I can see just two mechanisms for remedying this situation; zealous enforcement of the existing laws, or Vigilantism. I much prefer the former.
In Bizzaro Land I could see someone training and arming those Mexican nationals caught here up North, and then sending them back South to solve their own problems. Anyone know of some 'Moderate Mexicans?'

different clue


If you had an answer to my comment, you would not need to re-resort to the same old cheap jedi mind tricks you use whenever you have no answer. As somebody else once said here, when you have no answer you try to make a commenter the issue. If the illegals could not get jobs here, they would not come. But you knew that even as you were typing your comment. You yourself have pre-admitted as much when a year ago you wrote about a melon farmer not far from where you live who employs illegal aliens who came because people like him are permitted to employ them.

I would note ( as perhaps other readers may note as well) that The Twisted Genius illustrated the same point when he noted that the collapse-for-a-while of the construction industry in Prince Georges County led to a near-immediate disappearance of illegal alien construction workers from Prince Georges County. I note further that you do not target his comment with your cheap jedi mind tricks. Perhaps you think I am the one dumm enough to bite your baited hook on your own baited terms?

Your diversionary citing of two particular criminal aliens is a cheap diversion from the problem Colonel Lang was raising of the massed illegal millions here or coming here for work. I addressed the problem raised by Colonel Lang and addressed by myself and others. 2 violent illegal alien criminals out of 11 million economic exiles is what percent of that 11 million? Nice try. Better luck next time.

As to calling me Marxist Fellow Traveler, that is just your same cheap jedi mind trick used yet again. You hope that I will feel some kind of need to demonstrate all the ways I am not a Marxist Fellow Traveler, thereby addressing your cheap little diversionary gambit rather than continuing to address the subject raised by Colonel Lang. Everyone here sees what you did there. It is yet another display of the "quality" of your "analysis" when someone points something out to which you have no answer.

Sometimes you sound like a computer program which responds in a manner exactly predictable if it decides one of its predictable buttons has been pushed.

And remember, for every 101 foot wall, there is a 102 foot ladder.


Recently I saw a story that about one in five of the population of the United States consists of illegal immigrants and their children. It seems that North and Central America are merging or melting together. This will probably continue to happen regardless of any laws, deals, negotiations or constitutions. As the population changes, so does their appreciation and application or rejection of concepts previously valued by the group in decline.


IRS would do the work i assume.


A wall works against small raiding parties, the intended purpose of those walls. Not against illegal immigration


... I missed the point in time allowing us to use html tags again. In any case you seemingly triggered an italic thread by mistaking a "." for a backslash. Close enough on a British or American keyboard. ;)


INS used to do this, and I believe its successor body (ICE or something) is supposed to be doing it primarily. But yes, there are serious jurisdictional issues with the enforcement.

In the end, all parts have to be addressed. Someone has to create a reasonably uniform system for determining people are what and who they say they are (e.g. a workable national ID system), clear demarcation of authority for strictly enforcing immigration laws on both illegal immigrants and employers (maybe separate agencies, maybe the same agency--but with clear authority and reasonable allocation of resources), and an enhanced border security. Do current illegal need to be legalized or deported? Who knows? But for the future, all these things need to be worked out.

"Reforming" Mexico, in the long run, is desirable, if only to reduce the incentive to immigrate illegally (the other approach is to wreck the American economy, but I don't want to see that obviously), but that is not something we can do realistically, short of annexing Mexico...


"This will probably continue to happen regardless of any laws,"

And who says so? Laws which are enforced work just fine.


Interesting variation on one of your two basic themes. Strictly I always wondered about that.

"the Western Diocletian essence"

Considering the US and Mexico that would be a shift from the geological, which Diocletian suggests, to something like ethnicity.

Since one of your other basics, at least to the extend I paid attention to your ideas seems to be the axis between religion and/or culture as pretty essential, I do have to admit that as a somewhat relapsed Catholic I somewhat seem to believe in "magic".


thanks, hadn't noticed that. But seemingly we agree. ;)



There are indeed answers there, and it involves deporting everyone without clutching your f-cking pearls about how mean they are.

"Economic exiles" - as I said: Marxist Class Struggle BS.

I don't have to work very hard here to deal with your appeals to emotion and no true Scotsman fallacies, especially when all you're doing is repeating the same liberal talking points. Please deport yourself from life TIA.


Brother Joe,

This is true.



INS doesn't exist anymore - Customs was able to lay the blame for letting in the 9/11 hijackers on INS and ergo they got dissolved.

INS got folded into CBP, which got folded into DHS, which is a mess of a dysfunctional agency.



LMAO A wall does indeed work against illegal immigration. There's a reason why apprehensions in San Diego crashed when they built a big beautiful wall there.



Yes, when SCOTUS invented birthright citizenship for illegal aliens.


" I must conclude then ... Am I wrong?"

How are Mexican immigration laws related to whatever type of people entering however on their way to get somewhere else?

Babak Makkinejad

I have had this argument with "different clue":

You are asking the rest of us working souls; doctors, nurses, policemen, teachers, judges, pharmacists, machinery operators, drivers and many others to live clean sober lives while a portion of a country indulges in a fundamentally anti-social behavior.

In essence, you are asking the sober people to work diligently to support the dope-head slobs. That is - I am asked to involuntarily support these parasites.

Well, my preference would be to establish Freedonia and have all dopers go there - voluntarily or involuntarily.

Alternatively, they could voluntarily give up their civil rights and indulge their passion for drugs to their hearts content - but the price would be that they would be either wards of their families or wards of the state.

Why should my liberties be abridged by the state so that some others wish to smoke dope, inject heroin, or snort cocaine?

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