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16 March 2016


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Following up on PL's comment below (from ex-PFC Chuck), Naked Capitalism is very much anti-Trump, similar to Huff Po. While the Daily Links can be useful as they are pre-screened, the emphasis of the site is hard core progressive/liberal, so take that into consideration. Some years ago, it was much more balanced but over time has shifted ever leftward to the point where I rarely go there any more.

It's hard to find "trustworthy" news sites. It is pretty much impossible for some bias not to exist, but I find it helpful to figure out the biases if possible and then adjust my perceptions accordingly. I have become a news skeptic over the years and gotten into the habit of researching almost all authors of articles as well as owners of news sites (a simple search on an author or news source only takes a couple of minutes). I find it helpful to know what the Borg wants us to believe, so I still read MSM news (occasionally some truth slips out).

In general I think it's good to read all news with a skeptical eye which has the additional benefit of keeping one's analytical skills sharp as you get older ;) Most people are passive consumers of news, and do not consider it's sources or implications. I try to recommend to people to be an active participant in what effects your worldview and beliefs, which means assessing the news you take in, but have not had much luck with that. As my husband reminds me, after a long day at work when his brain is tired he just wants to passively listen to what's up in the world.

The answers you've gotten so far are all places I like to check out as well. In addition to those:

Consortium News https://consortiumnews.com/
Foreign Policy in Focus http://fpif.org/
Al Monitor http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/home.html [ME news]

The news page I tend to start my day with is the news aggregator Google News https://news.google.com/
They have default standard news sections but you can easily create your own (using keywords) and customize the page to your own news interests. I have added more science sections and a geopolitics section, among others. Sure you will get mostly MSM news articles but from many different news sources all over the world which is an improvement over going to a single news source.

For humor, I enjoy these faux news sites:
The Onion http://www.theonion.com/
Duffel Blog http://www.duffelblog.com/


A great example of the kind of "satirical truth" found at Duffel Blog :)

Air Force begins lobbying for next trillion-dollar flying clusterfuck http://www.duffelblog.com/2016/03/air-force-trillion-dollar-clusterfuck/


Valissa, why don't you challenge Pat directly below.

I have not much experience with "Naked Capitalism", but I have to agree with Pat Lang below:


Ives Smith, to the extend I paid attention on her did her very best in trying to remain balanced. That's something not to be expected nowadays, never mind you may be off put by the title she chose.


Here's some American sites which I find informative:


In that baker's dozen of non-lefty sites you might find something of interest to you.

Jonathan House

I have forwarded the comment (with a link of course) to friends and family.


Technicals are what you use for desert fighting. The long distances make heavy armor useless because it runs out of gas to quickly.


Palmyra is a diversionary attack to cut the LOC between Turkey and Raqqa. The longer it takes the weaker ISIS is in defending the LOC


You are suggesting that the Kurds and the Syrian government are cooperating at such high a level as for the latter to give up their most capable fighting force to be used as a costly diversionary attack for an action by the former? Or are you suggesting that the Government is an any position to cut the Raqqa-Turkey LOC?



Palmyra is far to the south of Raqqa. How can government action there be a threat to the Raqqa-Turkey LOC? Does the government have another way to interdict that LOC? Yes, the choice evidently not taken would have been to continue from Ithriya to Tabqa from current positions to the north. At Tabqa the government's forces would have interdicted the LOC on the west side of the lake. The YPG Kurds already interdict the LOC on the east side of the lake. pl


Well LeaNder, I had to make a choice as to where to reply and since PL was relaying a comment from ex-PFC Chuck and not speaking directly for himself I decided to comment where the question originated. Not that it is any of your business where I choose to comment.

Regarding Naked Capitalism, I spent several years hanging out at there so am very well aware of how it changed over time. It is a very well run website, with good financial analyses and smart people, but is biased by a liberal perspective and I think that should take that into consideration in evaluating it as a news source. I never thought it's political analyses were very useful as they tend to be very typical of liberal/progressive attitudes with little originality or much deviation from progressive community norms. I know about those norms because I used to hang out in such places.

Obviously you are a liberal of some sort so you can't see the bias. I understand that. I used to be a liberal and could not see my own bias at the time either. Now I am attempting to be a non-partisan observer with no tribal political affiliation.



Really? You seem to have missed an awful lot of military history from WW2 onward. pl


Credible reports of at least one and possibly more Russian "advisers"(looks to be spetsnaz to my green eye)killed near Palmyra, testament to the ferocity of the fighting going on there.


Patrick Bahzad

Sure, and that is the reason why the SAA and allies have moved so many T-90s into the area.

The upside is, Rommel didn't get your memo about heavy armour and desert fighting ...

Patrick Bahzad

and where exactly do you suggest they cut off the LOC between Turkey and Raqqa ?

Patrick Bahzad

Credible reports ? You should be careful with using that word ... they killed one guy, probably member of Russian SOF JTAC-team. Looks like it could be some sort of EOD guy by the look of his gear.

Official Russian casualties since beginning of their campaign is 5 KIA, and I have no reason to doubt that figure. Official cost: 500 million USD. Overall a very respectable result considering the outcome so far.



Five is well within the acceptable cost of doing business for something like this. Five hundred million? Chickenfeed. I keep reading that this was within the bounds their appropriated training budget. pl

Patrick Bahzad


Aboslutely, kind of a live-fire exercise from a budgetary point of view. I'm pretty sure the casualty rate is on par with what you get during a training exercise that long (possibly lower).

By comparison, we (in the West) have spent 175 000 USD in ordnance for every Jihadi we killed. We can point to lack of precision-guided weaponry in the Russian airstrikes as much as we want, the fact of the matter is, they did more with much less money, in less time and with no significant casualties of their own.

As for the civilian death toll, that is probably the main down-side of their MO, but hard to get any reliable numbers. Besides, rebels did their best to embed within civilian areas, so no surprize.


"was relaying a comment from ex-PFC Chuck"

Ok, I may not have paid too much attention on that. Because, in a limited way, ex-PFC Chuck is a soul mate of mine? At least in trying to understand the world out there?


"Credible" is apt in this case considering the immediate release of images of the man posing next to a spetsnaz flag in a Syrian environment followed by images of his readily recognizable corpse. Contrast with other reports that fly around pretty much weekly from the Idlib battleground about mass casualty attack on "dozens of russian generals". I agree that the number is very low not only for the Russians but for the Iranians as well, given that the latter has much more officers embedded on the frontline.


I would also suggest The Unz Review: http://www.unz.com

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