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27 March 2016


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Maureen Lang

And a very Happy Easter to you too, dear brother.

Here's hoping all SST/TA readers, commenters, & posters are having a pleasant holiday weekend spent in the company of family & friends.

Alba Etie

I read Carl Sandburgh's "To A Contemporay Bunkshooter " to celebrate Redemption . Happy Easter indeed.


"Touch me not." Happy Easter, all.



I thought today of how the Banana Man crawled out into the firebreak in the Michelin to try to drag my wounded successor out of the beaten zone. I hope there was a reward for him to go to and that the man who said "Noli me Tangere" was waiting for them both. pl



I can't imagine why not, it sounds like they earned their salvation. I can only hope he is there when I go out the door the last time, or that St. Mike comes to fetch me to him.


Happy Easter!

Charles I

Happy Easter to one and all. Glorious weekend at cottage.

Maureen Lang

Thank you for posting this Sandburgh work, AE.

Maureen Lang

Old friends have a cottage on Blue Chalk Lake up in Ontario, Charles I. Hope you had as much of a good weekend as we always have there. Happy Easter.

Lord Curzon

Happy Easter Colonel, and to all my fellow correspondents.


Happy Easter. Glorious weekend at cottage - after wading through the 200 feet of knee high flooded road. Hip waders were hanging on the other side in the biffy.


First time post, newbie to the hive, happy Easter all and thank you kind sir.


Kama al-Messiah min baynil el-Mwaat


Happy Easter, everyone.


Happy Easter to all. I thank you all for keeping me informed.....


Happy Easter!

Peace is not the absence of conflict,
It is the presence of justice.


Christ is Risen, or, as they say in Russia--Христос Воскресе. Happy Easter all.


Easter prayers, especially in memory of the estimated half million Syrian Christians murdered, mutilated or driven out by the savages, at the instigation of you know who.


Happy Easter to all here.


Happy Easter, President Erdoğan

"Could there be a coup in Turkey?"



Some Judases claim a lot more than 30 pieces of silver.


Lovely. Regime change didn't create a big enough stain on humanity and kill enough people so now the Saudi bought American think tanks are scheming regime change in Turkey. ENOUGH ALLREADY!!!!


Paskalyanız kutlu olsun, arkadaşlar!

While the Quran refutes the demi-godhead of Christ - through Christ himself, no less -, Hazreti Isa, as well as his mother Maryam, is still held in high esteem as one of many prophets therein.

And what better Easter present than to see Tadmor, the "pearl", liberated, and the bafflement on the part of MSM?


God Paske! And reports, from the UK and Russia, say the Syrian Army has liberated Palmyra (Tadmor).



ex-PFC Chuck

And a late Happy Easter to all here!

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