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15 March 2016


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Different clue

I don't think Bernie had anything to do with organizing the Trump protests but he did say (to paraphrase) he was glad his people went to the Trump rallies. Bernie is following the Democratic rule of catering to identity political groups. I find this dangerous because it is a never ending source of dissatisfaction leading our society into a de-evolutionary primitive social and primitive culture. Check out Euclid Creeks link on a previous thread to a Harvard student calling for Whites to commit suicide. This dangerous thinking brings me to my thoughts on free college for all.

Students demanding increased control over their curriculum started in the sixties and has led to a meaningless grading system, feel good minority studies, demonization of Western studies and the replacement of democracy by mobacracy. There has been a recent increase in in student protests successfully ousting college administrators and teachers for not following a minority of students absurd and arbitrary guidelines of acceptable conduct. Increasing the number of students into useful and productive studies to students who otherwise couldn't afford college is the positive side of Bernies plan. But also have to look at the negatives: many will take the easy route and shout their way to a diploma, taking courses from radical professors, and finding their opportunities only in government, NGOs or think tanks, where, as is happening today, they will create more instability on their road to utopia. The more students gain control of academics, the closer we become like the Latin American universities: graduating incompetent, radicalized and easily corruptable citizens.

Babak Makkinejad

US high-school students are channeled for vanished assembly line jobs. Without Algebra II, many many doors are closed to the students.

Instead of demanding mastery of Algebra II - or at least a "C" - they are wasted in useless classes in high-school and are left unprepared for their future endeavors.



What do you make of this one, where Trump is scheduled to speak before the AIPAC crowd?

CNN had the following article regarding it.



What I wonder about are the words exchanged between Trump and Zionist Sheldon Adelson in their private December meeting that were not disclosed in the press.


Also this article has surface in the past few hours:




IMO he pretends to love the Zionists and some of them pretend to believe him. pl


From the superior foreign policy expert an explanation of how what Irael really needs is a Civil war in Syria and how how a nuclear deal with Iran would never work. Horrifying reading.


David Habakkuk


I am puzzled by this document. Certainly, it would not be particularly surprising to find some people in the State Department living in la-la-land.

However, the declassification does not include who the document was written by, and to whom. Moreover, there are two conflicting dates given – 31 December 2000, and 30 November 2015.

The document refers to an interview with Ehud Barak by Amanpour as having been shown 'last week'. As the date of transmission of this interview was 19 April 2012, this would place it shortly after that date.

If you look carefully at the document, it appears to be presenting toppling Assad as a way of preventing the Israelis attacking Iran.

On 23 March 2012, Colonel Lang posted a piece of mine, discussing among other things an article by Jeffrey Goldberg, which made the apparently implausible suggestion that Netanyahu was confident that he could successfully attack Iran's nuclear facilities on his own.

At that time, there already appeared to be reason to believe that leading figures in the U.S. military – in particular General Dempsey – were concerned that the Israelis might think that by striking Iran they could draw the overwhelming power of the United States in on their side, and determined to prevent this happening.

(See http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2012/03/goldberg-variations.html .)

From not long after this, we have evidence that influential elements in the U.S. were concerned that toppling the Assad regime might also be liable to unleash catastrophic consequences.

The date on the document circulated by the DIA – apparently originating with another intelligence agency – warning about the possibility of a 'Salafist principality' in Eastern Syria and the dangers that this would create is 12 August 2012.

As we know from Seymour Hersh's work, a bit over a year later General Dempsey and the DIA – apparently with crucial evidence provided by the British defence science laboratory at Porton Down – frustrated the attempt to draw the United States into destroying the Assad regime by means of the 'false flag' at Ghouta.

Against this background, the insouciant view of the implications of toppling Assad in the newly declassified observations is of particular interest. It seems to me an interesting question whether their author was as naïve as he sounds, or simply pretending to be in order to make a the case for toppling Assad.

It also seems to me an interesting question whether he was simply expressing a personal view, or the 'house view' of the State Department.


it would be good to know if he has any critical financial vulnerabilities.

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