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29 February 2016


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Chris Chuba

The later model T34-85 had a 5 man crew with a 3 man turret with a commander, gunner, and loader. This was a comparable arrangement to the Pz IV. The radio was now in the turret instead of the hull, so perhaps it improved the shielding issue? Also, it had new gun sights. Also, they were able to produce 22K T34-85's before the war's end as opposed to the Germans producing about 6,000 Panthers.

I would argue that the T34-85 was more than a good enough tank, it was a good tank and closed the quality gap significantly while not sacrificing the numbers produced.

In general, I'd score it this way.
1941 - T34 overall best tank

1942/43 - the Germans got the edge back with the Pz IV and tiger and SPG's.

1944 - T34-85, IS2, ISU-152 from the Red Army while not quite as good as the Panther closed the quality gap a lot and maintained the Russian numerical superiority making it a bad year and lasting until the end of the war. Thank goodness Rubio wasn't President in 1945 when Patton wanted to invade the Soviet Union, it would not have been the cake walk that he anticipated.


" Now it looks like Ukraine is either of little significance to the US now that it is like Libya yet another US created failed state,"

Ukraine is a failed state and it was clear to anyone even with rudimentary knowledge of history the moment this neo-nazi cabal got into power in Kiev. After that, observing the prosecution of their, so called, "anti-terrorist operation" left no doubts about who is who. Ukraine is a pet project of good ol' Joe Biden and neocon mafia and they are only interested in Ukraine as a cannon fodder against Russians. Once Ukraine will lose, which it is in the process, any ability to sustain herself, Poroshenko will start the war against Russia. This fact will complete realignment of Russian elites and will also complete West's prolonged cultural suicide in Russia.


Old Microbiologist,

"Watch for the truth about MH-17. When that gets released by the US, and there is zero doubt they have all the necessary evidence, then you know Ukraine is being thrown back at Russia to pay for all the devestation and rebuilding."

So it was the Kruel Klown Kolomoyskyi freelancing, thereby forcing Cookie Momma Nuland and the USG to cover-up her wayward urchin's fuck-up? If so what was the motive, false flag for NATO intervention or the much speculated theory that the perpetrators thought they were ambushing Putin's plane?

I have read awhile back that some State Dept flunkies where presented the evidence Russia had and responded in their typical unprofessional manner by saying eff you. Those fools probably didn't realize at the time that information was shared with other Countries and by sticking to their narrative further destroyed what remaining credibility they had.

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