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27 February 2016


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The minions of organized Jewry.

Babak Makkinejad

Borg, applying the terminology of Marxists, is:

The highest expression of the Consciousness of the Ruling Classes of the Western Diocletian Civilization, all the while striving to exert its Ideological Hegemony on all issues that are even remotely political (i.e. concerned with Human Action.)

Therefore, Borg accepts no legitimate competition, no alternative world-views, and is in a constant state of struggle against any opposition to its own Consciousness; which, it believes, is all the Humankind could usefully expect to ever achieve.

This belief structure, in various amounts, consists of Scientism, Secularism, and firm belief in the absolute indefeasibility of violence as the ultimate arbiter of human affairs.


This is brilliant bit of Swift in my opinion, in our 21st century. I wonder who will rise to the bait.


The hierarchical organization of psychopathic opportunists


Listen to this audio rant from Stephen Miller, Trump's Foreign Policy Advisor. He seems to think our sovereignty is in jeopardy. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/02/27/wow-interview-understanding-the-legislative-intents-of-wall-street-funded-senators-marco-rubio-and-ted-cruz/


Colonel I think Borg is collection mix of more than just one interest of hubristic groups. Importantly and unfortunately these interest groups or personalities ( due to laziness and undo trust, by the constituency meaning us ) have got the control over the most important constitutional institutions of this United States. IMO they are not, and will not give up the control as easy as we hop. In this mix of hubristic interests (Borgistas), there are financial wall street interests, there is the military industrialist, there are federal bureaucracy interests, there is the Israeli AIPAC interests, obviously there is the institutionalize religious interest, I would even throw in some academic educational interests, these many groups have many common interest points which makes the Borg ( common intersection interest point of the elite) possible. There interests like paying our taxes to Israel, having more wars, helping banks not to fall, tax free religion, etc. can and will be wrapped in the flag and is sold by some, or to some pure blind nationalists.

Doug Colwell

A set of people who, in their quest for personal power, have adopted a delusional view of the world in which US power, in particular military and economic, must dominate everwhere, at any cost.

It's awkward but I'm sure others will do better.

Larry Kart

Cynic -- Speaking as a (if you will) semi-organized Jew and a longtime follower of SST, what a lovely way to start things off.


Prissy, convinced they are "well-educated" but would seem dumb to a 19th C. man of letters, status-seeking, virtue-signalling, lazy whores


Larry Kart

Claude thanks you. pl


Borg describes a group of American power players who believe it is America's right to impose our values on other nations. Imposition of American values begins with diplomacy (i.e. threats), then to economic sanctions taking advantage of the US dollar as the reserve currency (and control a major monetary funds), the right to support dissident political movements in other countries including supporting armed rebellions. If these moves fail then direct attack by bombing raids and finally, if necessary, ground invasion by American and NATO forces.

the Borg is found in both political parties that originated with T. Roosevelt (Republican tradition) with overt imperial ambitions and with W. Wilson (Dems) with the desire to spread American democracy throughout the world. These have evolved into the Republican neocons and the Democratic right to protect (R2P) schools though at a practical level there is little difference between the two. In short, the Borgs advocate aggressive US intervention into other nations even if US national interests are not at stake.


I would suggest getting proper definitions from a genuine source, i.e. Anne-Marie Slaughter's book
I cursorily browsed it at a bookstore a while ago and it left me with horrified, nauseous feelings...

Old Microbiologist

The Saker has a very long, but in my opinion accurate description using the term Anglo-Zionist which I believe is the best definition of the deep state. http://thesaker.is/terminology/

I know some here don't like the Saker but from a Russian perspective it seems to be the best site for analysis of US global policies, particularly how it affects nations resisting American hegemony. I try and keep an open mind.



Quite honestly I was always puzzled how difficult it is to
find a term for "them". The empire, the psychopaths, the
insatiable, the greedy - nothing seemed to satisfactorily sum
up the common qualities of "them". I now humbly suggest the
term "Alliance of the Superflous", because I believe that is
the problem that unites Mdm. Albright and Hillary and Bill
Clinton and George W. Busch and 1000 others. They try to
bestow their "services" on an unwilling public, which would
voluntarily never buy them. Hence Mdm. Albrights notion of
"indispensable", stating the precide opposite of what you are
for purpose of camouflage. Unfortunately, "Alliance of the
Superflous" has not got much Oomph and is unlikely to catch
on, but IMHO it hits the nail on the head (in all modesty, of
course), so I felt obliged to mention it.

Cheers Kutte

Charles Michael

Borg has a very likable sound: goes with borborygmes (noisiy stomach rumbles), bring an evocation of the undestructible Cyborg (of Dombass fame) and bring remanescence of the Borgia's poisoning.

Borg is a semi-structured sect of believers in being part of some exceptionalism; to be part of it you have to conform to.
They use a very cynical range of immoral, malefic means but still they want to portray themselves as the just, the pure do-gooders of a superior cause.
Cynical and delusional then.


The Borg is a net of believers in nihilist power gathering technologies. You have to spread misery since you cannot control self-reliant and happy people. You have to create scarcity to control the flow of resources. You have to destroy hope to force your disrespect of humanity down to the grassroots. You support boundless violence and drugs as effective substitute for the pleasure of interacting tendderly with human beings. It is an ancient pestilence killing souls, incubated by existential fear.


To me, the Borg represent a group of people united in an ideology and a way of life, such as clergy, illuminati, inelligencia, or bourgeoisie etc.

As far as the ideology part, Doug Colwell above described it above better than I could. Maybe I will come up with something that can crystallize all above in one sentence.


The Saker's definition of hegemonic power, in search of the establishment of a global empire, goes a long any in describing the "Borgism": Anglo-Zionism would partially define the ideology behind Borgistas ( http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.com/2014/09/anglozionist-short-primer-for-newcomers.html?m=1 ).

There is however one big deficiency in the terminology of Anglo-Zionism. While the first part of the word refers to ethnicity, the second section is more accurately points towards an ideology. Although the Saker goes into detail in his article to specify that he is talking about a section of the elite and not everyone of "Anglo" background, the term is unfortunate in the same way that Cynic's "Organized Jewery" is.

Empiro-Anglo-Zionism (a mouthful that needs to be somehow condensed) would be a "one-word" definition of Borgism.

Babak's geographically tinted definition would partially fit into "Empiro-Anglo-Zionism" as this would constitute Western Diocletian Civilization minus the Continental Europe that was decimated during the WWII, this loosing int's Empirial tendencies.


I hope you mean Zionism and not Organized Jewery.


Parts of Europe that were devestated during WWII would not fit into your definition as their overwhelming majority (Ben within their Elite) have given upon the dreams of an Empire.

Jag Pop



That is so good. I particularly like 'virtue signalling'. So often fuelled by the belief or awareness that one has done something wrong,

Peter Reichard

An amorphous sub rosa political organization and group consciousness involving government especially the intelligence agencies, state dept.and military combined with media and academia along with its associated think tanks.It seeks to hijack US foreign policy and under the cover of American exceptionalism and world domination promote the interests of predatory international finance capitalism and revisionist zionism.

no one

A mob of soulless craven zombies of mediocre intelligence that endlessly, approvingly and unquestioningly repeat set of virtues and related elements of a political agenda , as if they are, respectively, objective high truths and necessary actions to bring create a glorious reality.

No member of the Borg actually knows or ponders the source of the set of virtues as the goodness and high truth of it is deemed to be self-evident to all savvy people. There can be some minor disagreement over the agenda concerning how to make the virtues manifest in the physical realm.


This is food for thought indeed and lately I’ve been thinking along similar lines. The words destroying and destruction are more appropriate than, for example, chaos as in the over-used Empire of Chaos, which I would change to Empire of Destruction. Chaos can be positive in the sense of “he’s chaotic but gets things done.” I liked your choice of “souls” which carries religious or spiritual overtones but can also be applied to physical persons as in “souls on board.”
What you allude to is not just a destruction of our physical lives but a loss of moral and spiritual dimensions as well. Thank you.

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