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16 February 2016


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Since Cruz is evidently a neocon with Wolsey as his foreign policy advisor this appointment would be consistent. pl

The Beaver

Colonel, Croesus et al:


Dan Gabriel & Ted Cruz. He worked for Pat Buchanan before and the following ( a link from the above article is more edifying:




"I'm sure there's a cultural element to it."

War is a cultural affair. This cultural element is a defining factor across the whole spectrum of human activities. As per Saakashvili, he also ended up (at least for a while) as a Senior Statesman of Tuffts University's School Of Law And Diplomacy. It seems that US "academe" tends to attract nutjobs and label them prophets in Russia's case. Last three years were especially remarkable in this sense.

Babak Makkinejad

Not that is a usual way of payoff in US.

William Fitzgerald


A Troop 1/11 ACR was in a hellacious fight in Mar '70 near the Cambodian border. It was largely forgotten about. It came to my notice a couple of years ago, when A Troop was awarded the PUC. News about the 11th Armored Cav. Regt. always gets my attention.



We need to be keeping an eye on developments in Iraq especially with regard to plans for Mosul. If Syria and Russia push on Raqqa it will be important not to let IS squeeze like a tube of toothpaste back over into Iraq.

Kurds are asking about $81 million a month or roughly a billion USD for the enterprise. Iraq army moving toward a June 1 date but there is concern that they aren't ready. Also where is the 101st going to send its men? Is it going to provide the helicopter support said to be needed for the Mosul operation and if so how much time is required to set up? Last would the Iraqi Army necessarily have to take Fallujah, Haditha, Hit before Mosul or would a two prong attack be possible, one from the coalition plus Kurds from north and east and one from the south and east by Iraq armed forces? The political landscape post conflict might be determined by this sequence of events.



Recently they have been trying to push the 'Obama's legacy!' tripe to PROVE his good intentions.

HA! +100



The Texas AG is hardly an Obama supporter. I'm sure he could figure out how to direct the county (or the hospital or the funeral home) to draw a blood or hair sample. As for presidential candidates I would expect the Senator from Texas has Mr. Paxton's number. That said an 80 year old man having a heart attack does not sound all that unusual to me.


"Within hours of the September 11 attacks, Woolsey appeared on television suggesting Iraqi complicity.[27] In September 2002, as Congress was deliberating authorizing President Bush to use force against Iraq, Woolsey told the Wall Street Journal that he believed that Iraq was also connected to the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.[28]"



Obama has a world wide 'image problem'.

Here's an article under which Daniel Rich has posted a very amusing gif of a very angry Putin telling off Obama, who like a sulky child leaves the room and kicks the door.

Here's another of a Russian toy depicting Putin giving Obama a spanking.

Day by day the world sees the Emperor wearing fewer clothes.


Gabriel even sounds like a cover name, as in blow your propaganda meme horn.



And it is unfortunate that the elected officials of government has become the protector of the predators.


"...Hollywood began forming anti-German organizations, staging anti-German rallies and producing "kill the Hun" scripts and newsletters at least as early as 1935."

They were assisting their ideological comrades.



"The more ex-officials can "monetize" their experience."

I think that shows the lack of integrity "honor" to use the old phrase. Of course plenty in our norhernized Republic disparaged the Southern sense of honor for years. We see where this version is leading us.


It is not the quality of the education on Russia, it is the gatekeepers making sure objective and competent people don't get through or move very far in the hallowed halls if they do. It is the Borgian way.

Larry Murphy


Do you really believe what Trump says? You know on many topics what he's saying now in Iowa and South Carolina is diametrically opposite to what he said not long ago.

Who do you believe is the real Trump?

Pro-choice: http://www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/video/trump-in-1999-i-am-very-pro-choice-480297539914

Pro-life: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3453174/Trump-woos-Christian-vote-saying-Supreme-Court-got-Roe-v-Wade-wrong-pledges-defund-Planned-Parenthood-blasts-Cruz-hold-Bible-lie.html

How would you feel if he turned out to be like all the other politicians saying whatever it took to win the election and then turned around and did something else? Rallying the anti-immigration sentiment now and after the election did nothing. No deporting the illegals or build a wall on the Mexican border.


Despite the airs and graces he assumes, the world's organization tree shows that Obama is merely a middle manager.



This appears to violate the hosts rule against ad hominem attacks. That said, I have a thick skin , and its your shop.

Would we expect that the knavish, lying, schemer, Kerry should publicly say; "you know, on second thought, we should never have tried to impose our western ideas on the greater middle east and maybe every once in awhile we should recognize that culture, even if we don't like it isn't going to change over night, and yes the Russians do have an legitimate interest that we have to accommodate"

Should he say that? Should he also say that we have been pulling our punches in regard to ISIS oil sales through Turkey? Should he say that we know that the Russians are doing the hard work and that the regime clearly has enough support to survive?

It seems that if he doesn't say that, he is a schemer, when in fact he is a diplomat playing the cards that he has.



Do you think that we soldiers have not had to have a thick skin? IMO he is a knavish diplomat as he was a lying self centered man after VN when he lied about our behavior in service to self. It was oh, so easy to be with the scruffy long haired lefties then as it is for him to serve Obama now. pl


All of Ted Cruz's foreign policy advisers are neocon bigwigs. Here is a list:
Chad Sweet
Victoria Coates
James Woolsey
Elliot Abrams
John Bolton

A short bio of each:



bigger problem: what if that abysmal [literally gazing into it] list is not perceived to be a problem?



Even though more people realize the stupidity of neocon (almost wrote neocohen)FP, the average person is unaware of their self-destructive influence. The SST community is an exception, thanks to the Col. and other informed people here.



I feel Trump legitimately believes in what he says. He's the only candidate that's not going to start 7 wars in MENA for the Zionists on January 22nd, 2017.

His fortunes rise and fall on the populous. I'd rather deal with one billionaire reliant on me than wonder about the hundred billionaire puppet masters that control another candidate.

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