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10 February 2016


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The Beaver

@ Babak

The Zionist self-proclaimed philosopher BHL who believes that he is another Colonel Philippe Leclerc and his buddy Sarkozy who was seeking re-election.

The Beaver


This is more informative:


ooooh SHIT!

thank you, Beaver.


I'm not sure what to make of your reply.

I have cited "major problems" with the article. Is your comment meant to support that or reject it?

Are you raising "City on a Hill" as messianic? Serving as an example to others is a far cry from neocon duplicity, elitism, and self-serving interventions.

William Fitzgerald

J R,

The term race is flexible and describes groupings from all humans, i.e. the race of man, the main racial divisions (negro, Caucasian, Mongolian), sub groups such as Indo European and Amharic, and individual families. "The American race" is a common term, though it doesn't seem to be used as much now.


Richard Sale

I find that all the more repulsive.


Richard Sale

I wanted to express my admiration and gratitude for such a splendid written essay.

It took a lot of work. Thank you again.


Richard Sale

there are major problems with your reply, misused ideas, misused words and lack of coherence.

I suggest you do your own.


Richard Sale

That was my point.



Richard Sale

The French did take the lead. Thank you.


Richard Sale

the use of Messianic is symbolical.

You make excellent points.

With thanks,


Richard Sale

Does that refer to HIllary or to me?


Richard Sale

Thank you.


Richard Sale

Will do.


Richard Sale

The Founding fathers were realists. They understood the operations of human nature is all of its contradictions and complexities. They were in no way messianic.



The Mediterranean is going to get crowded

Possible. But it depends on two major factors:

1. The dynamics of Russia's shipbuilding program for Black Sea Fleet and, most importantly....
2. The dynamics of Russian re-industrialization, which is a euphemism for reduction (already in progress) of dependence on gas-oil export.

Seamus Padraig

Yeah. That was Michael Kinsley's old definition of a Washington gaffe: when a politician accidentally tells the truth.



I believe the fewer laws the better. Taking laws like hate crimes off the books would be a start. Reduce the military/security budget by by closing most overseas bases, leave NATO, stop being policemen of the world, fire most, if not all, private security contractors.

The changes I envision wouldn't be too dramatic but would focus on security instead of hegemony, rebuilding the infrastructure and limiting the authority of the government.

My idea of a utopia is anarchy, but because of human nature is impossible to consider ever existing.


Optimax, the Puritans were kicked out of England because they were messianic nutcases. This was explained in a PBS documentary at least three decades ago. The Founders were well aware of their nutcasiness influence in pockets of the 13 colonies and made sure to set up the country to guard against them.


Mr. Sale,

clinton gal & co.

As well as those who "follow suit" after the bushes, etc.


IMO neocon thought differs substantially from the American tradition and the differences should be highlighted, not blurred. And Hillary when she is a symptom of the problem (not THE problem).

I gave specific examples where my concerns were reflected in what you wrote.


I thought Chancellor Otto from Bismarck guaranteed a special Providence for drunks, fools, children & the good ol' US of A?

I serious doubt "Colin, what's the point if we can't use it" albright is lucifer or satan's emissary (or maybe she is...?! I bet the poor Iraqis think so) can damn younger women to hades for not voting for clinton gal.

If I were to use a Dungeons & Dragons scale, Prince Otto is like Lvl. 20 Paladin.

She who wants to "relegate" young female voters to hell however...

"Lvl. 1 orc"

(Female orcs having 'cute' names like 'marie' or 'madeleine,' oh my, we do learn something new everyday.)


my answer was meddling - trying to improve what you don't understand.


I suspect that you were not aware of neocon efforts to legitimize their ideology anymore than you were aware of Hillary's laughter.

I wonder if you stumbled upon something that made the connection between the 'messianic school' and neocon thought. If so, was it something written recently? Neocon influence can be as subtle as it is pernicious.


Hi! http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=screw+the+pooch

He was an autocrat that had no concept of transition upon his departure from the scene. Libya was all about him & to the extent he allowed institutional governance at all, it was centered upon himself. He actively suppressed any alternative to his ego-centric state. He didn't structure the state, or position his kids to take over, a la other autocratic multi-generational families (NKorea, etc.).

I appreciate that France played a big (& understandable) role in the "kinetics" of his demise. So, a) why was / is Sec Clinton given so much credit (blame), & 2) was there an as-yet un-divulged agreement between France & the US regarding roles & payment for the end-game of his rule?

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