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18 February 2016


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The rebels seem to love their TOWs a little too much for their own good. They seem oblivious to the fact that sometimes rate of fire and mobility count for more than midair steering. But maybe they figure the end is coming and it's time to "smoke 'em if you got 'em."


Here's on perspective on Kinsabba - Jisr as-Shugour with a large amount of input from the Tell Us How You *Really* Feel Department.



Azaz is pretty flat.


KHC: Subtle? What a godsend for the Turks to "know" a Syrian Kurd bombed Ankara yesterday. See https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/turkey-accuses-a-syrian-kurd-of-bombing-ankara-and-vows-to-retaliate/2016/02/18/6269d5ab-fe34-4250-8992-519eb6e46850_story.html?tid=sm_tw


Mr. Lang-

This is unrelated to the current article, unless one references the connection between Benghazi, Turkey and Syria.

Stratfor has just advertised that it will be hosting a live webcast with Fred Burton to discuss his book, "Under Fire: the Untold Story of the Attack on Benghazi". I haven't read the book but have read several in depth posts by Larry Johnson on his blog, noquarterusa.net.

Thought you (and Larry) might be interested, and willing to join in for your input, to keep it honest.

See: http://app.webinarjam.net/register/24467/540ab4c459?utm_medium=email&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_qXnlfdyqm4JDEg9GXR4JLVafhvem7GfLJBU-F8rw9NhBaMAmtzE4xPUL-izRMo9UXjr6IhbubCiboEnyH3rIBjnPxWw&_hsmi=26416121&utm_content=26416121&utm_source=hs_email&hsCtaTracking=c6deb7e3-8359-4db6-ad52-2c62f91939e7%7C9ea8b7ad-0a94-4428-81d1-0b89399a1ff2

Per the Stratfor notice:

WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 25 at noon ET (11 a.m. CT)
Join Stratfor for a live webcast with Vice President of Intelligence Fred Burton about his book, Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi.

We'll discuss what we know and don't know about the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, which continues to draw close scrutiny in Washington, D.C.

Register Now!

Abu Sinan

On this same subject, there is a guy on twitter who has a lot of very timely combat photos and information from Syria. He concentrates on weaponry being used by both sides. I thought it might interest some and be useful:



Why is the bus driver speaker handcuffed? About 27 seconds in.


Aleppo or Azaz?



I sense the possibility of a brother in arms. Is that so? pl


Reports "Russian Defense Minister says Moscow will increase
military cooperation with Iran" The U.S. is not pleased

This morning alJazzera America tv reported U.S. will be storing
more tanks in caves in Finland near the Russian border


Upperclass Westernized Perdjans think and act as Laguerre and Babak describe. The Iranian Revolutionaries called them "Westoxicated" but as Laguerre said average Iranian does not feel he/she is a "Fars" nor more antagonist to Arabs/Turks, than they would usually be against the next door village or city or province. The country folk looks more towards Islam as do Midwest looks towards Christianity (IMHO).


As much as I would have liked this to be true, I think we should ask Col. PL, as he was in Iraq in the 80's. He might not agree with you. But then again, as they are on the correct side of Diocletian Line, maybe Iraqis are actually Iranians but they just don't know it

robt willmann

Appearing on the Charlie Rose show yesterday (today?) was Antony Blinken, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State. He has been around since the Bill Clinton administration--


Rose has become, or always was, a neocon/Borg type person, and he goes into Syria in this interview. I am not sure what Mr. Blinken has been drinkin', but it has allowed him to say some strange things about Syria with a straight face--


I do not know long the above link will work, because the interview is the highlight video on the homepage. It may move to another place in Mr. Rose's website soon. Here are a few excerpts--




Babak Makkinejad

Iran is the core state of Muslim Civilization.

Walk into any museum anywhere in the world that has any collection of Muslim artifacts and you will see it.

In a similar situation, in Europe, NAZI Germany instructed their soldiers to behave well in France; they knew who or what France was to their own culture and to the Western Civilization.

Iran is surrounded by the ignorant, some of whom seem to have decamped to France of late.


22 Turkish Air Force pilots killed in the Ankara bombing. Wow.




Who? What? pl


Don't know about "all" downhill but the topographic map says mostly downhill. Quite rapidly near the city, from 750-1000m above sea level in north Latakia to some 250m in Jisr as Sgugur.


Jisr as-Shugur is in a flat north-south strip of land, a river valley, with the Latakia mountain range only some 2 or 3 kilometers to the west of it. Who every owns the mountain tops can literally spit down on it.


A few months ago, you mentioned that the capabilities of the Saddam's army, towards the end of his invasion of Iran, was impressive AND for a large part indigenous. That they were able to stage their own offensive plans, although they would obtain some intelligence from Eastern and Western block countries as well as some of their neighbors, in confronting Khomeini. I was referring to that statement about their indigenous capabilities and that maybe Iranians are underestimating the Baathists and their brethren and/or descendants.

Patrick Bahzad

Kinsibba was the rebels' last key defensive position in Lattakia province. Basically the next real stop is Jisr al-Shugour, and then Idlib pocket will be formed.
For now, Eastern parts of Jabbal Turkmen (next to turkish border) and of Jabbal Akrad (east of Kinsibba) still need to be cleared, but it's pretty much downhill now indeed !


This seems to be wrong, I just scanned the morning news, the dead are NCOs, enlisted men and some civilian contract workers. Official statement. However, the first 9 funerals were held closed to the public yesterday, only top politicians and brass attending. Very unusual, but if the story you site above is correct, I don't think RTE gang will be able to cover it up.


If that is correct, could it be a Russian eye for an eye p(i)lot?


I re-scanned the news, no pilots. One TAF NCO so among the dead military personnel.


"Iran is the core state of Muslim Civilization"
Iran/Persia didn't contribute any thing to the human legacy until the Arab 'Bedu' came and changed them to Muslims. The Umide and the Andalusians were pure Arab states. not a single drop of Persian blood in their veins and yet their achievements in science and architecture changed Europe and seeds the western civilization. You my continue editing Wikipedia to add the word 'Persian' to every Arab scientist and achievements but in the end they were speaking Arabic, Muslims and lived in Baghdad.


It looks like Iran has announced plans to buy $8 billion in arms from Russia including various aircraft and S-400 air defense systems. This deal and its timing before the end of March would be consistent with the Russian need to bootstrap the cost of intervention and the Iranian need for arms but also the use of embargoed fund which were likely part of a collateral arrangement with Russia made last August. Iran did not come through with the expected oil and trade concessions last November for Russia, but it now looks like the Iranians are moving to meet the March schedule of Russia.


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Davuto─člu: "It only looks bad, Tayyip. We will win."
Erdogan: "A mere flesh wound."

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