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20 February 2016


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To use Lebanon as an example of people getting along together is amusing. They can't even collect the garbage together or form a government. Yes, the Syrians can find a way to live together, but only if the jihadis are exterminated. pl


Bottom line, laziness. If they can write some words and it all pays the same, why spend the effort turning over extra rocks to really understand the situation? They're less thorough than the average follower of this site and they get paid for it.


Old maps with dots showing population centers:



The carter center has population maps as well:



Interesting Russian military maps:





Mark Logan,

Because you "convert the tennis court to hoops" does not make you an old street baller. You could not sound more white here if you tried.

Obama "has a habit of laying in the weeds"? What drugs are you on, moon man? Obama has a habit of bumbling from tragedy to tragedy, making a comment in which he tries to shoehorn the situation into his globalist liberal paradigm, and then heads on back to the golf course.

Obama's fecklessness has nothing to do with us not bombing Syria. It was the Congress actually threatening to use its authority combined with the actions of President Putin that saved him from kicking off another World War.

But please, continue to worship President Gay Urkel, the Cocoa Messiah who died for our sins.



Western agitation and the Saudi/Israeli axis. This has been discussed here in depth.

Unless you're a true believer in liberal democracy being the end of history.


Assad fils has certainly not impugned the reputation of Assad père.

What think you, M. Col.?

Mark Logan


He does have a habit of bumbling into tragedies. Seems to me the reason can be divined from his resume. We elect people to that position who have no experience whatsoever these days, so the question is the degree of control the Borg achieve, not the existence of it.

Anderson: "And your wise men don't know
How it feels
To be thick
As a brick...."


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