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03 February 2016


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Do the Swedes still remember Charles XII and Poltava? Considering the current influx of aggressive Muslims, might they launch a jihad against Russia in another couple of generations?

Babak Makkinejad

I see; Western corruption does not carry the same metaphysical Evil as that of Russia's - which, per Kennan - is Evil.


Maybe it's not so hard to understand once one sees that it's not 'ours'. It's not intended to benefit the people of the countries whose stooge leaders are used to promote it. It's only intended to benefit certain malignant parasites at 'our' expense.
Here's a recent article by that shrewd Jew Gilad Atzmon, which casts light on that mentality.
'I guess that within the Jewish political universe, the indigenous population is always an enemy, whether it is in Britain, Palestine or anywhere else.'


Are you aware of Scott Adams "predictions" that the primaries are rigged for Rubio as the Borg candidate?


LOL & +1

Charles Michael

to All about war gaming

I suppose to play a war game with some credibility you must be awre of the military doctrine of your opponent.

Russia just advertised its new milary doctrine some months ago (see the saker circa October ?).
As their traditionnal use of depth and echelons is no advisable due to Nato new proximity (specially since the Ukraine turned borg), and their human ressources numbers have been cut by two in 1991, the doctrine has been modified.
Still defensive, but it clearly specify that in case of successful Nato attack they will use tactical nuclear.

It seems that their S-400 and coming soon S-500 can stop all air or ballistic retaliations.

Sorry, these Ruskies are not such good sports.


Here is the latest from Stephen F. Cohen (Princeton) - the most knowledgeable and insightful analyst of Russia and Russo-US relations. This morning - 40 minutes.


David Habakkuk


What is it that you fear the Russians may do, and what in your view would be the reasons they would have for doing it?


OM, Hillary is indeed a neocon. Some time last year one of the Kagans proudly pointed out she was one of them. Also an old college friend of my husband's who is a long time Democrat and works on Veteran homelessness at a fairly high level (has met Michelle since this is one of her issues) admitted last week to me that he was going to vote for her even though he knows she's a neocon. I was amazed by this because in the past he's had nothing good to say about neocons, and indeed voted for Obama over Hillary in the primaries of 2008 because of his antiwar stance and the fact that he was not a neocon. This guy is going to support Hillary, despite her being a neocon, because he's a loyal democrat. In the US tribalism is alive and well in politics, though it's not based on blood it is based on loyalty to the group.

Charles Michael

How to fathom ?
but it is a constant, part of the DNA atavistic of global oil market.
Think about Rockfeller, Standard Oil monopol, think about Bakou in mid XVIII th, and the Rotchild, think about Shell (where is the name coming from ?)
Learn about Mr 5 % Gulbenkian.

David Habakkuk


In relation to Harvard, and also a number of interesting issues – including George Kennan and the origins of American perceptions of the Soviet threat – you might be interested in a chapter from the memoirs of the Sovietologist Alfred Gustav Meyer which was put up on the web some years back.

(See http://www.ritchieboys.com/DL/fish205.pdf .)

Having made it out of Germany not long before the outbreak of war – his parents were both killed in the Holocaust – Meyer became one of the 'Ritchie Boys', young refugees who were trained at Camp Ritchie by the U.S. Army in preparation for the invasion of Europe. This led on to his being trained in Russian language, and ending up at Harvard as a graduate student.

In the early Fifties, the U.S. State Department Soviet experts George Kennan and Charles Bohlen wanted the former long-serving 'Legionsrat' at the German Moscow Embassy, Gustav Hilger, to write his memoirs. So Hilger, who had no pretensions to be a writer, went to Harvard looking for a collaborator, and ended up choosing this German-Jewish refugee.

The resulting study, published in English in 1953 under the title 'Incompatible Allies', and in German two years later under the more appropriate title 'Wir und der Kreml', is among other things the story of the long struggle of Friedrich Werner, Count von der Schulenberg, to prevent Hitler taking Germany down to destruction, quite unnecessarily.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone, be they German or other, interested in making sense of inter-war European history, or indeed the early Cold War.

It is a very easy, and gripping read, and makes all kinds of matters appear in a new light.


Thanks for pointing that out and saving me the trouble of looking up all invasions of Russia by the Swedes.

IMO.. anyone who writes that Russia is a military threat to Sweden has either drunk too much NATO koolaid, or works for a Swedish arms manufacturer.

Charles Dekle

I love Dilbert. When I was a cube rat, I used to post the cartons outside on the partition. My pointy haired bosses never got it. :-)



If your husband's pal dabbles in "veteran homelessness," he should be very happy with President HC. She will expand the numbers of those upon whom he can shower his care. pl


No doubt, pl. But despite my political criticism of him, my husband's friend is a really caring person and has always worked hard to help the less fortunate in various capacities. Prior to his appointment to the national Veteran's Homelessness program, he had a high level position here in MA gov working on homelessness. His big issue there was fighting the homeless shelters establishment who gets the big money when it was cheaper simply to provide apartments or housing (not only is it cheaper but improves morale enough to get lives trending more positive). Apparently within the do-gooder establishment there is lots of nasty politics about who gets the state/federal money for their program. In his own way, this guy tries to "do the right thing" and he is an honorable person. He has been working hard to get veterans off the street and into decent housing.


Russian military planes have been very aggressive in the Baltic and Swedish army forces have been relocated because of it. The air force is on heightened alert too.

And popular opinion is moving towards ending 200 years of neutrality.


There are no buildings along the southeast coast of Sweden that are older than 1721, when the Russians were stopped just outside Stockholm. In the prior 2 years, everything had been burned by them, except one major one, which was spared due to kinship.

It is true there were many military excursions by Sweden prior to that, but it does not come close to what they did in Germany in the 17th century.

There were a lot of wars in European history and the framers of the US Constitution were very aware of that and took it into consideration when they drafted it.


Just about in every military exercise in Sweden the last two hundred years, the "enemy" always came from the east. I am sure Russia does not like having NATO on their border, as they do in the Baltic states. Now they face the possibility of Sweden and Finland joining too and thus creating limited Russian access through the Baltic.

These developments are a reaction to historic belligerence from the Russians that now have been stepped up. In my opinion, they have only themselves to blame for this. Now too many people do not trust them, especially since they are now again moving towards a dictatorship, which has been their historic norm.


I agree with Jackrabbit above; the war is on. It is being fought with sanctions, proxy armies, mercenaries and special operators. Our provocations are theirs: “Russian Aggression”.

To date it is being fought for resources and dominance. It is escalating and unstable. The world powers are in combat in Syria and Muslim refugees are flooding into Europe. Western leadership is clearly schizophrenic, incompetent and has total contempt of the lower classes.

We are closer to a World War today than during the Cuban Missile Crisis. A European force of 6000 with American special operators is rumored to be on the way to protect the Libyan oil fields and halt the flow of refugees into Italy. R+6 is close to isolating Jihadi groups supported by Turkey and the Gulf Monarchies in North Eastern Syria. Humiliation, fear, and religious fervor are very human, irrational and dangerous. An errant artillery barrage or Russian bomber in a flash could impel Turkey to intervene in Syria starting a hot world war.


You meant, of course, Baku in mid to late XIX century. Right? The times when Nobel was quite active there;-)

Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

And that's if you don't count the Vikings who plundered and enslaved their way down the river systems on the european east. Ah but those were happier times.

ex-PFC Chuck

re: " . . which only leaves Rand Paul as the minimally sane one in the bunch."

Per CNN, Rand Paul pulled the plug today. So much for "sanity."


To Babak M. Yes, of course there are relatively sane people from Poland, the Baltic states and elsewhere on the Russian periphery who are "scared" but I think is it important to reflect on how we got here, 25 years after the end of the Cold War. We broke the "gentlemen's agreement" reached with Moscow around the time of the German reunification (inside NATO), that there would be no further eastward expansion of NATO and certainly no ABM systems deployed on the Russian periphery without full Russian participation. Beginning in the 1990s, we broke all the pledges and that was a decade before the Ukraine events which have been used as the pretext for blaming Russia for all the build up of tensions. Former Defense Secretary William Perry,in his recent memoir, described his priority on drawing Russia in as a full and equal partner in the Partnership for Peace. He opposed the NATO expansion eastward--at least until the relationship between the US and Russia had been developed for perhaps a generation into a deep trust. He cited the Nunn-Lugar program as a highpoint of US-Russian cooperation on a common global security concern, namely the prevention of a "loose nuke" proliferation of nuclear weapons and/or material. Then the "Color Revolution" crowd got into the act, bigtime, Cheney and Company demanded a total rethink of the Russia relationship, back to confrontation. If the Russians perhaps over-reacted to those events, it is understandable. Then you get the old paranoia creeping back in the Baltics and Eastern Europe about the "bad old days" of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet domination. It's a bad downward spiral, and we're deep into it. Perry warns that the danger of nuclear war is greater today than it was during the Cold War at its darkest moments. I fear he is right.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your comments.


It was 26 years ago when we gave our word. And so, 26 missiles were fired from the Caspian on Putin's birthday.

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