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01 February 2016


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62 year-old labor Democrat (yes, they exist) and a dedicated Sanders supporter. Ronald Reagan made me a Democrat. Bill Clinton made me a sceptic.

On the subject of Hillary: I just don't get the vitriol. Feverish thirties-style invective, gossip, innuendo and pure invention. Redolent of anti-Rooseveltian (?!) tirades from the past. Black conspiracies, treason, money, murder, sex, power. Gawd, on and on.

She's a pol. Why is she special?

She's a politician. It's her nature, I wouldn't begrudge her that. Like any other politician. I know what to expect. I've watched her for these twenty-odd years like anyone else has. We've all had the opportunity. Like any other pol.

I've never seen her do anything political more deserving of condemnation than any other politician. They're mostly all cut from the same cloth. She did some good work in the Senate in the short time she was there. Love to see her go back.
State Dept? Well, let's see... Competent, capable, more sanguine that I would like, didn't let any make too big a fool of her. Unintimidated, I'll give her that. I think she could deal with Putin. Hehe.

That or The Court. Forget Obama. Put Hil on the Court. Yowza.

It's beyond trash-talk. It's unreasoned something. Is it the Clinton thing? Is it the woman thing? Is it just a Democrat thing? Is it a blonde thing? Skirts? Pantsuits? I just don't understand the fear and hatred this woman seems to generate and the willingness and zeal with which it is propagated to... whom?

True believers? Why bother, they already believe.
The Persuadable middle? Good luck

I always figured Bill for the villian in this play. Happily voted for him twice. Railed passionately against his financial policies. And Russia policy - badly botched and still haunting us. Bill didn't do us many favors.

I'm working for Bernie, but if it's Hillary in the end. OK. In either event, I'll make my X with a sceptical eye.



The best description I've seen for why its a big deal is that Marines at embassies and consulates are asked to die to protect such information.

Then add Hillary's feigned cluelessness and obfuscations. What difference does it make? Depends on what the definition of 'is' is?


JM -

I have a great deal of respect for the vast majority of Colonel Lang's assessments and opinions. As far as those email problems being considered problematic "by pretty much every military and intelligence professional in the world", I take that as an exaggeration. I spent almost two decades in the MI field myself and understand about the sensitivity of classified material. I also understand about overclassification which is out of control and has been going on for half a century or more. Are you telling me that as an intel professional you never ever took some unclassified portions of a secret or top secret or even a codeword document for distribution under a lower heading? I also understand about classification after the fact. And whatever happened with those emails it seems to me she did it for the right reasons, unlike Dick Cheney who deliberately leaked classified info for political reasons and skated free.

You are certainly free to believe that she "will certainly work to benefit herself, her family, ... based purely on her past actions". I consider her reputation to be as clean as any other current candidate. Please show me one of them who has is not a grifter. The only reason Hill takes flak is based on a quarter century of right wing BS. Whoever said "no lie can live forever" is dead wrong.



Do you know her? You have every right to be her partisan. I would caution you against assuming that what was declassified and transmitted was over-classified and unimportant. pl

JM Gavin

President Obama has a secure Blackberry. I have a secure Blackberry. Hillary Clinton fell somewhere between the President and I on the continuum of important folks working for the USG. She is considerably closer to the top than I am. If I rate a secure Blackberry, so did she. She chose not to use a secure Blackberry. I deal with DoS folks all the time who rate secure Blackberries.

I don't judge what is over-classified. I conform to the classification of the originator. If I raise the classification, I mark it as such. While I do sometimes see traffic that may appear over-classified, I also understand that I may not know the whole picture, so I respect the classification. That is my duty, and I am legally bound to honor it...just like Hilary Clinton was legally bound.

I also bear in mind at all times that my email is subject to monitoring. I am aware that using a personal account to conduct official business places all traffic on that account subject to review and FOIA. So, no, I do not sometimes cut and paste and eliminate headers, and I would never advise someone else to do so.

While the other candidates may be grifters, Hillary Clinton is the only one that has spent so much time in the last 30 years being investigated for criminal wrongdoing. The "vast right wing conspiracy" thing is getting old. Right now the DoD, DoS, DoJ, NCS, and FBI are dominated by Democrats or folks that lean that way.


not good that. in fact double double ungood! thanks for the link.

The Twisted Genius

JM Gavin,

Succinctly explained. I guess the idea of carrying two Blackberries was just too onerous for Madam Secretary. DOL


I won't vote for Hillary anymore than I will for Cruz or Rubio. From what I can tell, Bernie is the only candidate running for what he considers the public good and not to feed his ego. In this sense, I don't think Hillary is any worse than the Republicans. Because Richard's post is not about the emails but about her character, I won't address them.

Hillary is a hypocrite, liar, narcissist and everything else Richard says she is. The biggest narcissist is Trump. One telltale sign of a narcissist is how he relentlessly attacks, through insults, the character, the appearance, the failures of a person that challenges his self-perceived supreme position at the top-of-the-heap. Most of Trumps speeches consist of insulting the other candidates, especially anyone gaining on him. That hasn't been amusing since eighth grade.

Still, I'd vote for Trump over Cruz. Ted reminds me of wht Sinclair Lewis: "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." After winning the Iowa caucus he said, "All glory to God." It is presumptuous to think his victory magnifies God. He's a liar and cheat, anyway. Hiding campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs, shaming citizens who didn't vote in the last caucus. "A Face in the Crowd" is what I consider an important part of voter education.

Rubio might be honest but he's wrong. We've gone down the road of more war, less taxes almost to the dead end.

Barbara Tuchman wrote that the presidency is too complicated for any one person. The duties broken up into 4,5,or6 (I forgot the number) elected council members. Theat way, you vote for a person based on their expertise in foreign policy, domestic, economic and Hillary could be Queen. She would be good at it because, as Nietzsche observed, the people of a Republic elect the gregarious, and Hillary is an exceptionally social animal.


it's denial.

Matthew G. Saroff

The problem is that she seems inauthentic.

It comes from sharing the stage with Bill Clinton, who could make Pope Frank look like look like the Andy Kaufman character Tony Clifton.

Next to him, everyone looks inauthentic.

William R. Cumming

IMO the coin flips demonstrate NO significance to DEMS EFFORTS IN IOWA!

William R. Cumming

The Mormons are closet socialists-perhaps Jon Huntsman!


what then? what then? what then? induces a bad case of the stares.


By way of how big a deal it is: to the ignorant onlooker it seems that HRC violated the same principle (though probably different statutes) as Wen Ho Lee.

Richard Sale

That is extremely well said.


Richard Sale

Thank you very much. I'll look up the link.


Richard Sale

Thank you. I think you are right.



Actually yes, I am often in need of an editor. Regards.

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