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01 February 2016


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How is it that we "know" all this about HRC - and in such exquisite detail, please.


Hillary isn't being elected for being a woman. Democratic voters despite their protests are basically the same as their Republican counterparts despite their protests to the contrary. Hillary is perceived as the legitimate claimant to the throne of the Democratic Party and is dominating among voters who likely voted for Bill in 1996. It's not quite clear what the age break is, but Bernie is dominating among under 40 women. An 18 year old in 1996 will be 38 this year. 8 years ago, Obama dominated Hillary among women 30 and under. The "women" excuse much like "national debt" and "defense concerns" claims is an excuse that usually ends or alerts an argument. Hillary supporters like so many before them use the women card to avoid acknowledging their tribal loyalty.

In 1996 and 2000, African-American turn out was at all time lows, and despite Bill being framed as the first black President, African-Americans weren't so loyal despite a relative skepticism of Obama. This is why black voters abandoned Clinton Inc. They weren't loyal in the first place.

The women explanation is an excuse. The Hillary campaign hopes to peal off some low info voters and a few well to do morons who are worried about bucket lists not monthly bills. We tend to focus on women when discussing Democrats because the majority of Democratic voters are women. They are voting for Hillary because women by and large as shallow and deranged as men.

Plenty of the same young Sanders supporters would likely hyperventilate if you noted how like Hillary Obama is because they voted for Obama.




I would have preferred Jim Webb. But since he is out, then Hill has my support in the caucus.


It is hardly a surprise that Richard is immune to Hillary's charm - he's not seeking an ambassadorship to some Ruritania in the sun. Amazing how many men around Washington claim to find her disarmingly endearing. I know 3 of them personally - each was promised the embassy in Prague (no sun, but charming).

For those who are still trying to figure out what a "caucus" is, here's a primer from The ONION:

The votes cast in the IOWA caucuses on Monday night mark the official beginning of the 2016 election season, but the specifics of the state’s selection process can be confusing to voters who don’t live there. Here, The Onion answers the most common questions about how the Iowa caucuses work:

Q: What is a caucus?
A: A caucus is a system of voting for people who wish casting a ballot could be three hours longer and include being lectured to.

Q: How do caucuses work?
A: Local representatives from each presidential campaign make impassioned speeches about which corner of the Grace Lutheran basement voters should stand closest to.

Q: What’s the difference between a caucus and a primary?
A: In a primary, the presidential nominees are chosen by the 6 percent of eligible voters who bother to participate, while in a caucus, the nominees are chosen by the 2 percent of eligible voters who bother to participate.

Q: Why do the Iowa caucuses matter?
A: They provide the first real gauge of whether candidates have been worthwhile investments for corporate and individual megadonors.

Q: Who can attend the Iowa caucuses?
A: Registered party members Level 7 or higher.

Q: How many precincts are there?
A: There are 1,681 official precincts, though there are rumored to be thousands more off the books.

Q: How are winners determined?
A: At the end of the night, votes from all precincts are placed in a jar together, and whichever candidate comes closest to guessing the total number of votes is awarded the state’s delegates.

Q: How can I find my closest caucus location?
A: Place a child of hearty disposition upon the palisade where the woodcock nests. By dawnbreak, you shall have your answer.

Q: When do they start?
A: At the sound of my whistle.

Q: When will we know the winner?
A: Once all the voters have gone to bed, results will be tabulated and left under each constituent’s pillow for them to find in the morning.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to say “Aye” or “Nay”?
A: Oh, boy, get ready!

Q: How do I engage with other people at the caucus?
A: Just go right up and talk to them. No need to be shy; just say who you are and be yourself. You’ll do great!


"On the other hand to elect a woman to be president on the ground that she is a woman, strikes me as racist."

WTF? Women and men are different races?

Sale neglected to mention that the biggest boost to HRC's career was being married to a President, and that career-boosting marriage is more common for women than for men. Of course she put up with a lot of crap most wives wouldn't in order to keep the marriage together. Maybe she had extraordinary loyalty or maybe she was making career decisions.

When I think about the debacles over Iraq, Libya, and Syria that Hillary was at least partly responsible for, a certain set of genitalia doesn't provide much cover.

Margaret Steinfels

If your wife is right (and she's on to something), then all the candidates suffer from the vile conditions you describe. Ne C'est Pas?


Is this interpretation of her personality based on actual experience of interactions? I am stymied trying make any estimate. All I find so far is the results of 25 years of serious money dedicated to making her look bad. Lots of impressions, but the facts that can be known usually turn out to be trivial (or just wrong). Recently Katherine Parker wrote a Washington Post column about Hillary's lying, but came up with only two trivial examples. If there are indictments I will be interested. The state department says the emails in question contains information that was not classified at the time they were sent. Sounds weird, but I've been inside that system and have no respect at all for it. To the point that this actually seems plausible to me.

Anyway, I will be interested if you can attach some actual detail to these impressions.

William R. Cumming

Edith Gault [Wilson's second wife] ran the country for over two years IMO!


I confess to wasting time clicking through some of those "25 best ____" lists Yahoo frequently posts.
The most recent list was the 25 most powerful (or wealthy -- pretty much the same thing) women in the world.

Most striking thing that a majority of the listed women had in common was that they were widows of, or ex-wives of, or children of, very powerful men. I don't think there was one instance of a Most Powerful Woman having created the source of her wealth and power.

One of the talking heads on the Sunday gabfests had a rare moment of insight: younger women are not supporting Hillary; older women support HRC **because she is a woman and they want to see the first woman president.**
The insight was that younger women are not aware that (we) older women have come through several enormous cultural changes. My daughter-in-law has an advanced degree and is director of a second-tier corporation and teaches at a university; she's not yet 35. When I was her age and scored high in maths I was told by my school guidance counselor that "educating a woman is a waste of time." College was about getting an MRS. I was not able to hold my own checking account, I could not buy a house (get a mortgage) in my own name. When I was her age I applied for a job at Naval Academy and was turned down because "you are of child-bearing age and will likely have children ...." In the next interview I was asked, "Do you plan to have children?" I lied. I got the job. I also got pregnant within a few months and was terminated. If that happened today -- well, it would not happen today.
Those were the facts of women's lives a very few years ago. They are alien to the experience of the last two +- generations of women in USA.

Medicine Man

Interesting. Thank you for writing this Mr. Sale.

I can't claim to have any insight into the working of H. Clinton's mind, but I think observing her behavior gives generous indication of what makes her tick. Clinton has been a participant in more than a decade's worth of pooch-screwery in foreign policy, which in any objective person would produce some self-reflection, yet she enthusiastically jumps onto the "confront Russia" bandwagon. The very best interpretation of Clinton's continued brainless hawkishness is that she reads the mood of the electorate as belligerent and is happy to slip a harness on that temper if it propels her to the White House. Even this spin says awful things about her character, given the consequences the US (and the World) has paid for the strategic blunders of this century.

I think you are right, Mr. Sale, I don't think becoming President will change Hillary's mental calculus one iota.

mistah charley, ph.d.

Thirdeye - you write "Of course she put up with a lot of crap most wives wouldn't in order to keep the marriage together. Maybe she had extraordinary loyalty or maybe she was making career decisions."

I believe the latter. Evidence in favor of it comes from an account of Bill and Hillary's life even BEFORE they were married, quoting a now-deceased witness who fell in love with Bill while working on his first campaign, for Attorney General of Arkansas, and who was dealt with by Hillary. Did things actually happen this way? I find it plausible. Here are the Daily Mail's bullet points and a link to the article.

the experiences of Marla Crider, a rival for Bill's affections at a time prior to the Clintons' marriage - from the Daily Mail of 19 January 2016


EXCLUSIVE: Anonymous phone calls, fears of stalking and veiled threats: How power-hungry Hillary torpedoed the torrid affair between Bill Clinton and 21-year-old campaign worker that threatened to destroy her master plan to become president

Long before the 'bimbo eruptions' and Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary with university student Marla Crider

Crider worked on Bill's first political campaign in 1974 and they fell hard for each other

In an explosive interview, she told author Jerry Oppenheimer: 'Hillary was like a cat, marking her territory'

Bill was crazy about Crider, but told her '[Hillary] gets me started, kicks my butt, and makes me do the things I've got to do'

When Hillary learned of their affair things turned ugly

Crider saw a letter Hillary wrote to Bill saying: 'I know all your little girls are around there…if that's what it is, you will outgrow this'

Hillary and Bill had a 'secret pact' for their future that one day he, and later she, would be elected president


The first two paragraphs are duplicated.

Babak Makkinejad

I think your observations also applies to women in politics as well to a large extent.

I think Margaret Thatcher was the exception that proves the point.


You are exactly right. This analysis could be applied to any of the candidates.


you are crediting Jerry Oppenheimer quotes of some quondam bimbo's near death bed locker room-equivalent reminiscences of hosing around with a now famous person back in the day when she was an Arkansas beauty queen?

sans racines

Babak - Margaret married the successful millionaire Denis Thatcher - the route to all sorts of connections. She fitted Richard's profile - pitiless and stubborn with no ability to question herself, and no empathy to understand others.


Thank you! I remember all of these and more. I am not a Hillary supporter but my reasons are not that she didn't leave her womanizing husband. I think she is smart, hard working, tough, and shrewd and that she understands politics and government. I think she is certainly qualified for the presidency for those reasons - not because she is a woman. I also think she would be more of the same but way better than George W. and better than Obama. Her hawkish stances worry me. However, I would vote for her before I would vote for Cruz for whatever that is worth.

Again, thanks for your comment.

JM Gavin

Why, exactly? Seeing as James Webb and Hillary Clinton have exactly nothing in common? I don't know if one could find two more polar opposites in American politics today.


JM -

Well they are both sane which is saying a lot compared to Cruz and Trump. I believe they would both work for the benefit of the American people. What are my other choices? Sanders' pie-in-the-sky pitch will never pass congress, and many of his devotees are too radical for me. They smack of some of the same fanaticism as Nuland, Samantha Power, and some other extremists back in Dubya's administration

O'Malley appears to be only running for Vice.

In the other party, the only one I would consider would be Kasich. Paul sounds good but his Libertarianism is a nogo. The rest are a pack of raving morons IMHO.


Have you thought about an editor?

William R. Cumming

The tie in Iowa probably means no Presidency for HRC or Bernie. Only the MSM will try and make primaries before Super Tuesday in early March important. And IMO Bloomberg will join the race.


There was a big hunt to find such tales. Find any links really, sex, corruption, drugs, murder, info via bought troopers...

I don't get over Lewinsky's dress. Ever, I guess. To be kept as trophy?

The mails may be a bit different though.

On the other hand, if you work long and hard enough, you may be more lucky at one point. Minus the private server, to what extend is this business as usual? ;)


Croesus, I basically agree. There is not much awareness of women's history.

Two point though:
A good friend of mine opened a bookshop and a small publishing firm. In the early really difficult times of his business two female employees went into child-leave. Got him into serious financial troubles as startup. In one case the woman was about 2 or 3 month pregnant, he hadn't thought about asking that. But had he asked, I suppose even if she had lied, she would be saved by law, since the question is not considered legitimate.

Curious item:
German TV had a short report on the IOWA pre-election setting.
Among others they showed two mid-age nurses from Chicago, working for the Sanders campaign. A short squence showed them at the door of an elderly couple. They were not open for the Chicago campaigners, Bernie was too old, they told them. ;)


"Her hawkish stances worry me."

that would be my basic concernment, not whether she's woman or not.

Sometimes there is no ideal decision?

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