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04 January 2016


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From the Wiki (link in the post):

"Al-Nimr had been a Shia Sheikh in al-Awamiyah since 2008 or earlier.[1] He studied for about ten years in Tehran and also studied in Syria."

IMO any Iran links, much like with Iran's asserted support to the Houthis, probably are firmly rooted in Saudi paranoia:

He is a Shia, and everybody knows that all Shia hear each other think and are controlled by Iran ... probably something like that.

Clearly, the only conceivable explanation why on earth Saudi Shia would object to being treated like dogs must be Iranian scheming.


From what I remember (in case of Ayatollah Khomeini) in Shia Islam, Ayatollahs or more correctly who archives to become a Mojtahed are not executed, people were saying that is why Shah couldn’t execute ayatollah Khomeini back in 60s, since the other Marjas in Qom and Najaf named him Mojtahed. So everyone supposedly knows that if a Shia Marjah is executed, killed there would be big protest demonstrations and disturbances. He only studied in Iran and Syria and he supposedly was against Bashar. Saudis executed him to provoke Iran and mess up Syria and nuclear talk, some say this was planned jointly by weirdogan.



The cat is out of the bag. The many thousands of young man who were groping, assaulting, robbing, even raping women at Cologne main station (and many other cities in Germany) were mainly refugees, most of them apperently Syrian, often just a few days or weeks inside Germany. All what was said before to the contrary were deliberate lies, because the truth hurts.

The German state TV station WDR published an internal police report:


Anonymously quoted policemen in many other media are saying similar things as in the report.

In English, the Daily Mail has some quotes from that above mentioned report, though the Daily Mail still seems to underexaggerate what happened in Cologne:


The Beaver


[quote]Religiously, al-Nimr said that he is first a Shi'a, then a Muslim, then a member of the Ahl al-Bayt (literally People of the House; the phrase refers to Muslims, Christians and Jews), and finally a member of humanity.[eoq]


FWIW and based on what I read on Angry Arab, it should "People of the House) of the Prophet are one of the two most precious Symbols of Islam after the departure of the Prophet (S)" Some translators at the US Embassy mingles the People of the Book with People of the House

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