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07 January 2016


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I agree with you that the political class that the duopoly have produced are lightweight phonies with a singular obsession of winning elected office. Since they have no convictions they will say and do anything that their consultants and donors suggest. Which means they have to be Borgist. Additionally they have to grease the wheels so as to have a smooth passage through the revolving door. Pathetic!

But....IMO, we citizens have to accept responsibility since it's our playing the partisan voting the lesser evil that has brought us here.



It looks like the Cruz campaign have released his mother's birth certificate.



I'm in favor of adding to the birth citizenship criteria that at least one parent is a US citizen. I would also be open to amending the constitution to have either a natural born or naturalized citizen who meets the other criteria of age and residency be eligible to be President.


What is the general opinion. If a US citizen swore the following oath to another country should they still be considered a U.S. citizen?

"I hereby renounce all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign sovereign or state of whom or which I may at this time be a subject or citizen."




It is not settled law, it needs to be adjudicated if this hypocrite get in striking distance of being nominated.

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