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09 January 2016


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In my opinion, a draft will be impossible to implement short of a geographical invasion of the USA (Alaska Hawaii included.


That is all fine for certain types of jobs, meat processing plants and restaurant workers, as a small example. But one thing is certain, you will not get Americans to pick fruit and vegetables for the various large agricultural consortia that hires them.



Would not an adequate seasonal foreign workers program deal with that? pl


On a podcast I listen to regularly (Radio War Nerd) he talked about how migration, or really, pushing people out of their homes, has been used throughout history by various regimes as way of killing large numbers of people, ethnic cleansing, etc., without actually having to kill them. Particularly in places with harsh environments, he was talking about how despots or conquerors find it easier to create chaos and then make sure the word spreads throughout the land of, for example, a village massacre, which causes other entire villages or people from an entire region to run for their lives.

The overall stress, the moving to harsher conditions, disease, lack of reliable supplies, food and water, and other things then result in large numbers of deaths, especially among the youngest, oldest and most vulnerable. He used some more recent examples in Africa but of course that's not the only place where it has happened.

Though history is not my strongest subject (working on that) I've learned about the mass migrations all over the world through history but have mostly thought of them as the result of natural disasters, famines, wars, etc. and wasn't as aware of using forced migration as a weapon or tool of ethnic or sectarian cleansing, getting rid of people who are hostile or inconvenient to some ruling or conquering power. Or at least I had not given it as much thought. It's an awful subject. I suspect a lot of people don't know a lot about it for that reason.

One of the things he emphasized (and that keeps coming back to me) was that it's the young children who tend to die first in these situations and often can't survive more than a few days in forced migrations. As someone dealing with some health issues myself for a much longer time than I ever expected, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't survive it either.



I think that's how it played out East of the Diocletian line too.



what's picking fruit pay? What will it pay without all that migrant labor?

Babak Makkinejad

It was not just employers. The state government connived with the employers to breakup the back of the unions.


P.S. Have you ever considered doing an SST podcast/internet radio show?



No. Too much trouble. pl



You won't get them picking for pennies an hour and having to shit in the fields, no.

Boo hoo hoo let me cry more crocodile tears for gorillionaires who might have to pay a living wage versus crying to the NYT/WSJ about "crops rotting in the field" because they

A) refuse to invest in mechanization
B) want serf labor



lmao they're allergic to substandard conditions and owners wanting to pay bullshit wages.

Sorry bruh, but the Northeast doesn't need a "tomato industry" if the owners can't meet the wants of the labor force. Importing a zillion illiterate peasants they can get paid peanuts and be subsidized by the taxpayers isn't the answer.


Or perhaps they are allergic to hard work with sub-subsistence level pay? Last I checked, the "American Dream" didn't include living 10 to a room with tortillas as the main meal every day. To paraphrase the title of a movie, there is a high cost to low prices.


Hi Leander,
Thanks for that. I also managed to find a photo of the paper eventually, and was somewhat relieved to find that, while still quite disgusting, it was not as ominous as initially portrayed. As you noted, several articles had stated that it included a death threat (Ich töte Sie). My Arabic not being very good, especially when it comes to deciphering bad handwriting, I enlisted the help of a young Syrian refugee to read the Arabic parts (that way I could make use his Arabic skills and his cultural input, and he got to learn some useful pick-up lines...). We concluded that it was a list of Google translations of Arabic lines in a North African dialect. If Google had done a better job, "Ich töte Sie ficken" would be something like "Ich fick dich tot/zu Tode". While to most of us that is not very appealing and indeed sounds threatening, to someone who has watched too many gangster rap videos it might seem like the epitome of suave (especially with a Sie instead of a dich; very classy), and is intended to be an enticing reference to his manly prowess rather than a threat. The next line was illegible but the proper translation would probably be "Ich küsse dich tot"; as you say, Töle is unlikely and is probably töte, and the sentence is just a variation on the previous one. Strangely, the Arabic under "Ich will dich küssen" says "I want to get you pregnant". We couldn't determine whether that was meant literally, perhaps in the belief that German women resent German men's lack of desire to have children (I'm only half-joking), or whether in North African dialects it's just the word used for "I want to sleep with you".
Well, I can put all my conspiracy theories to rest, and have sent the young Syrian out to practice these lines on policewomen.


The Germans are waking up to what is in store for Europe as predicted by Col. Lang:

"Gerd Müller said only 10 per cent of Syrian and Iraqi migrants have reached Europe so far and “eight to ten million are still on the way”, with even more to come from Africa."


Folks, this is "end of western civilisation" stuff if it isn't stopped.

different clue


Food is more important than lawyering. Let tomato picking pay more than Lawyering and American citizens would be willing to learn the skills involved and perform them.


If you read the article, Tyler, you'd know that one pear farmer was offering $150/day and the work was inside, not in the heat.


Hmm, just noticed, I missed the top two:
I have a surprise (for you?)

Concerning your Google translate hypothesis,

If you suppose it means töte, that would be a second verb in the same sentence. Does not work. You could use "totficken", oder zu "Tode ficken", or the same with kiss. The former surely would demand some type of gang rape. Ask your friend if you can use two competing verbs in a single sentence in Arabic. Never mind in which regional dialect.

In any case Google translate offers far longer scripts in Arabic for either of the two phrases.
أنا اللعنة عليك حتى الموت

أنا أقبلك حتى الموت


Concerning your young Syrian friend. Slander or libel of an official is fined over here.

Besides: If he likes crutch grabbing, something reported over here, I hope the object of his desire responds with a real hard kick into the ball region. ;)


Only if it is normal to have large families. Traditional societies in which women get 2 children have a lower birth-rate than more liberal societies.


From the article: "Some economists and advocates for farm workers say the labor shortages would ease if farmers would pay more. Lake County growers said that pickers' pay was not low -- up to $150 a day -- and that they had been ready to pay even more to save their crops. ''I would have raised my wages,'' said Steve Winant, a pear grower whose 14-acre orchard is still laden with overripe fruit. ''But there weren't any people to pay.''"

So, "up to $150" is not the same as "$150". There is too much ambiguity there: how many hours constitute a "day", how is compensation calculated (hourly rate vs piece rate). Not to mention that the "up to $150" figure came from "Lake County growers", a group obviously interested in presenting itself as innocent as apple pie, and that claim was taken by the 'reporter' at face value without any further investigation about its veracity. And where did it say that "the work was inside, not in the heat"?

Really MRW, misrepresenting the content of an article that already suffers from lazy reporting is hardly the way to convince anyone that the problem with seasonal farm work is the lack of immigrant labor rather than low wages.



What are the "traditional societies" in which women have two children? Belgium? Canada? pl


My answer to that is what you say is true when it concerns small to middling farms, but Big Agri, which owns congresscriterdom outright through the efforts of their lobbyists, as does every other industry which is willing to pauperize the country's citizens.

Even states, counties and cities willingly use people who will work for the lowest wages, many of whom naturally consist largely of illegal aliens.

Neither I nor the gazillionaire entities are shedding crocodile tears over this, I'm just reporting what I've seen. Also, the mechanization and robotization of agriculture does not apply to all fruit, veggies etc.

As you say, there are nowhere near as many border security people as is needed, given the expansive territory that needs coverage. If the political system of the near future becomes more radical, and throw more money at the situation, the number of illegals will decline, a higher number of those already here will return to their homelands (as stats presently show, by a number of 200,000 or so. What American citizens need to figure out is how to reverse the power of the moneyed interests, and their running dog politicians.


Yes, but there are no Eisenhowers on the horizon, and if one were to arise, Phoenix like from the very terra firma addressed here, the liberal voters concerned about this issue might oppose getting rid of them at the end of the season. It might work though, if the liberal cohort could be neutralized.


"Germany doesn't need workers, it need consumers."

Germany needs workers, that is undisputed, one has only to check the hard data. BTW well paid workers are of course consumers.



I hadn't noticed this note, when I responded below.

To be quite honest, at the moment I am a bit hesitant about the numbers of female reports, whose reports maybe triggered by media attention mainly serves to keep the police busy with false leads. As far as I can tell. How many of them, went to their police station outside Cologne once they heard about a 100 men investigative force?

By now, we already have the unwarranted effect of guys collectively assaulting whoever appears to be a foreigner from that part of the world. Apparently there were two such incidences yesterday.



The nationalists who end up hanging the current crop of good thinking cultural Marxists running the show.

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