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09 January 2016


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It depends naturally on what you find a traditional society but if you look at first world countries than more traditional societies have on the whole less children. See for example Germany, Italy and Japan as traditional and France and Scandinavia as non-traditional



Ah! You think those are traditional societies. IMO you should travel more. pl

A. Pols

Notice that KSA is not being flooded with "refugees" and of course neither is Israel.
Western European countries will soon enough wake up and close their borders, but it will be too little and too late. These people will bring chaos with them and out of proportion to their absolute numbers. As in economics, malign changes in the social and political lives of nations are determined on the margins.


PC is only a very thin veneer in the West



Not thin enough. pl

Babak Makkinejad

It matters not.

The threat would be there.

President of Tunisia could make that threat.

Or PM of Malta.

Or Lebanon's PM.

Mursi could get a lot more money if he follows down Erdogan's path.



I don't believe it.

These articles, like the farmers complaining about "crops rotting in the fields", are trotted out with predictability.

How do you count illegal Mexicans? You don't. You can't. This isn't even touching the "you or my lying eyes" factor. Catching multiple groups of 10 or 20, Central American family units (single mom + multiple kids) numbering 30 or more sitting on the border road waiting for a pick up.

Every shift. Every day.

When I am riding through Phoenix in a Blackhawk with Ride of the Valkyries playing before I fast rope down to apprehend another group of illegal aliens as part of the DEPORTATION FORCE, well then maybe it will be true.



Are YOU joking? Traditional societies keep the woman at home as the center of the family, not like our pozzed Western culture that lies to women about how making powerpoints for HR is just so much better than having children.



The German police found their spines and water hosed PEGDIDA today. I hosp get what they deserve good and hard.



Brevik was right. I will go so far as to say he will be freed early and given a medal eventually.


No, i think the Amish or in Holland SGP members are real traditional societies but i doubt that people who advocate a more traditional society to solve the birth rate problem want to go that far. If on the other hand they advocate a society which is religious on Sunday morning, kids are only born inside marriage and women stay at home with their 2 or 3 children than those traditional societies show a much lower birth rate than more liberal societies.



As if this wasn’t predicted months ago by us.

This raises the very scary thought that Libya, Ukraine and Syria are playing out as predicted. Clearly the consequences of regime change to mankind are of no concern to western rulers. In fact, war by its nature is the absence of rules and laws. This lawlessness is the very draw for the hanger-ons and war profiteers. Displaced males driven from home and family will not conform the expected social behavior that they don’t even know. In addition, they have to hate the foreigners who forced their migration in the first place.

Greed has triumphed. The Middle East holy war continues to escalate with peace talks not even underway yet. Millions more will be forced to flee to safety spreading chaos with them.


I was referring specifically to that note. While what you write about the cultural perception is certainly true to far too large an extent, no Middle Easterner that I have ever met believes that the best way to get those loose women to f**k them is to insult and threaten them, and gets such insults and threats written down to rehearse as pick-up lines!
But I suspect that you replied to my post without reading it carefully because you reflexively assumed that I was trying to diminish the entirety of the events to mere thievery out of ideology or ethnic loyalty, and just as reflexively wanted to state that no, they're all bad, their culture is bad and we shouldn't let any more of those bastards in because they're all like that.
Anyway, since I am not aware of the actual contents of the note any further speculation on the matter is pointless.


Agree 100%. Fines and jail time are far more likely to deter employers than illegals. Much of the midwestern meatpacking industry at one time, had relatively high paying, secure jobs staffed by locals until the employers hired illegals and broke the unions. Hormel in Austin MN is the classic example.


The article was in reference to Mexicans, not Central Americans.

The article gives a detailed analysis of the nethodology used.

V Roux

"The countries of Western Europe are more or less ethnically and culturally uniform in their ways of life. Americans have a hard time understanding that truth. The US is not and has never really been an ethnic "nation." The US was built and continues to be built in a process of never ending immigration that has changed the nature of the country in every generation. For most Americans there exists a basic assumption that immigrants can be assimilated and will become integrated in a society changed by their presence."

Very true. But it also works in some ways in the reverse. We have a large group of Somalian refugees in our area. When I see them walking down the street wearing their traditional garb, I think to my self, just wait, in one more generation your daughter will have piercings, smoking weed and living with her bisexual girlfriend.

What happens is a lot of immigrants do not understand that we do not have de facto segregation enforced by all ethnic groups, which keep their children from leaving the "clan." I have heard more than one Indian immigrant bemoan the lost of their children upon coming to the United States and they wish they could take them back to India. Their kids in essence say, "I am an American, when I turn 18 I can go to where I want and do what I want." Which is true. Employers will not get the parents permission to hire someone. Or, ask what clan you belong to. Also, kids do not care about the ethnic heritage of the other kids. Thus you tend to see in the younger generation more "genetic mixing" amongst couples. I use that term because in reality, a kid born of immigrant parents here is an American. If they don't think so, they are soon corrected of that notion when they visit their parent's homeland.

Taking the above into account, one can say that American is becoming less culturally diverse and more homogenized. If you don't think so, walk around the malls in the US and see how people dress, food they eat, etc. Hard to tell if you are in Boston, Miami, Texas, or Los Angeles.


They didn't want him in the Norwegian military. Who's gonna issue that medal?


V Roux

It is surprising that a lot of immigrants come here thinking that they can remain Ruritanians or whatever here. They are, of course, wrong in that and I am glad they are wrong. If you have a problem with immigrants being changed by our culture and changing us in return, then you are pissing into the wind as my father would have said. My English Puritan and French ancestors who came in the 17th Century said the same thing about my Catholic Scots and Irish ancestors who came in the 1820s and then they said the same thing about the Prussians who came in 1848. They were all pissing into the wind. pl


From the nytimes, July 22, 2007:

THE announcement by researchers at Boston University last week that a vast underground lake the size of Lake Erie had been discovered beneath the barren soil of northern Darfur, a blood-soaked but otherwise parched land racked by war for the past four years, was greeted by rapturous hopes.

IF the AMO (Atlantic Meridional Oscillation) goes negative by 2020, and if the PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation) follows suit--the PDO actually went negative by 2007 but is having a positive spike (normal occurrence) right now; hence the warm Blob off the coast of Alaska and BC--if these two things happen, THEN the world is going to cool for a couple of decades. A negative AMO will bring increased storms to Europe. I don't know about the Fertile Crescent.
Read: http://scienceandpublicpolicy.org/images/stories/papers/reprint/multidecadal_tendencies.pdf

NASA's CO2 satellite (OCO) went up last year, or was it the end of 2014. It showed significant greening of Sahara. The great thing about more CO2 is that plants don't require as much water, and crop yields soar, as they have globally by 33% since 1990.



Don't forget that it takes approximately 95 cubic miles of melted icewater to raise sea levels globally by one (1) mm. The physical conversions are here:
or here:

There's not much we can about the fact that continents go up and down (subsidence); they float on the crust/mantle and the aesthenosphere (the 180-mile thick section) below the mantle is like a waterbed. Currently, Florida is higher than northern CA. Here's a wikipdia photo from the San Joaquin Valley in CA:


According to Douglas Rushkoff in this youtubie, Judaism "doesn't believe in the boundaries of nation states," and that they feel entitled to "smash things that aren't true." Like nation states. Rushkoff feels this is a point of pride.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK7u1HQW2JM Page

Curious comment. Since Israel is intent on preserving its nation state.


This interview after ALL these years (1994) is SO PRESCIENT. Sir James Goldsmith on Charlie Rose. It's an hour long. And utterly fascinating.
In parts here:

REALLY worthwhile to watch. He nails it when no one else did in those times. And it still applies today. Explains what happens when the rural moves into the urban and the consequences.

Since I didn't like Bill Clinton and his so-called free trade initiatives, I was ecstatic with this. Clinton's top economic advisor is also on the show defending big Bill's record, and it's laughable.


Farmers DID complain.

"Pickers Are Few, and Growers Blame Congress"

We lost our NE tomato industry because there weren't enough pickers. Americans won't do the job, or can't because they can't follow through, or are allergic to hard work.


Kerim, they showed it here on TV, once the media hype started, late but with a vengeance. Scrap of paper. It seemed more suggestive on the screen, but with hardly time to check.

The author of our main local paper clearly flies off into la-la-land in deciphering one word. Töle, would indeed be a slur, as teenager I heard used in the sense of lame or unattractive woman or girl. But yes and the upper could be read the way he does "töte", See headline: "ich töte sie", I kill you. ... problem is that does not work with the "ficken" = fuck in the end. And the attempt is "to enhance" or find a variance of the upper two phrases. It feels.

See note here:

Besides, it feels whoever of the two (16, 23 from Morocco and Tunesia) that had that paper in his pocket, they were both released again by now. Apparently they were picked up around the station some days later. It's not forbidden to write:

big breasts, fuck, I wanna fuck you, I wanna kiss you.

I guess, there is a high chance the average girl on the street wouldn't even realize that Töle is meant to mean bitch. It does indeed indicate a female dog. But its not used as the equivalent for whore. It's used as a slur for dogs, usually by people who don't like them.


In any case here it gets ALSO grammatically wrong, not only sementically concerning "Töle":
I want to fuck you "Töle"/?possibly meant?: bitch
I want to kiss you "Töle"/bitch

It ends with:
What is she?
I am joking/jesting with you.

the last two on the bottom would be a guess. In case it is slightly misspelled:
I remember (ich erinnere mich)
maybe an attempt at: Ich scherze, I am joking.

Not good times around here for guys with that background, lots of police around checking papers. Especially on Friday or Saturday night out.


The current German government will end like the Wiemar Republic. We will see the rise of 4th Reich in Europe in our life time.

Those who who care about the refugees should send them back now before its too late. The mood in Europe is turning hostile like those of 1930s.

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