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09 January 2016


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Its not curious if you deal with Jewish hypocrisy for any length of time.

Google Barbara Spectre and her comments about Europe's multicultural future. Its always "one way for thee, another for me" with these people and their Tikkun Olam bullshit as a holy license to meddle.



It has nothing to do with urban v rural. It has everything to do with different races/cultures packed together.



You're going to need some sort of proof because honestly you're talking out of your ass here.



OIFVet pointed it out already, but "up to $150 a day" isn't the same as "$150 a day", and I highly HIGHLY doubt, knowing what I know about picking, he wasn't paying by the bushel and not the hour. So how much was he paying for the bushel? Like OIFVet said, there ain't a lot of verification here other than "Trust us because we said so".

Again, the US isn't to be sacrificed so tomato farmers can make money hand over fist while we subsidize their mestizo field hands.



What a time to be alive.


Tyler, I am not sure he is the pure nationalist type you are looking for, considering his specific genesis while growing up.


You didn't notice, that Brevik at least to some extend could be a misled hard-core Zionist, beyond his specific nationalist bend?

Barbara Spectre?
what is that meant to be, apart from one of my namesakes, mythical Saint Barbara?



Ulenspiegel, I guess he is indirectly alluding to our export figures or more precisely statistics. And yes, that may well be a problem long term.

in case you are not familiar with YV's argument and/or his genesis of thought, to the extend I grasp it, here is an interesting quote, Germany as some type of secondary "Global Hoover":


"The euro, it must be remembered, was conceived at the height of the Grand Hoover’s reign. Germany thought that it could extend its growth model to the eurozone. Convinced that the Grand Hoover would continue to suck in its surpluses, Germany thought that its surpluses could expand further within Europe if deficit countries like Greece, Spain, Italy etc. were given a strong DM-linked currency. Germany’s condition for sharing its currency with the rest was that nothing else would be shared except for the common currency: Debt, taxes, government expenditure would be all nation-state-specific. Each euro of debt would belong to one country only and no surplus recycling mechanism would be set up."



When there were 1,000 sexual assaults (not the statistically identical kind found during the "crisis" at UVA either) on New Year's Eve in front of Cologne Cathedral followed by an assault on "anti-immigrant" speech for mentioning those rapes and virtually zero arrests it should be apparent that the current German government does not care to stop the destruction of Western civilization. The women of Europe should at least now know what they can look forward too.


"There is evidence that the 2007-2010 drought contributed to the conflict in Syria."

The climate-change fans always forget the way the Turks have been playing about with the rate of flow in the Euphrates. Four Turkish dams to hold the water back, two Syrian, and one Iraqi. Not much water gets far down the Euphrates these days. It was round that time that the Turks started cutting the water severely. Since then they've let up somewhat, but it's a far more significant issue than climate change. Massive cuts in the amount of irrigation water available to Syrian farmers. The Turks are only willing to make cosmetic cuts in their take, in the negotiations.



What the hell are you on about? The man brought the war to those that were wrecking his country and you're proposing litmus tests? lmbo



Before Cesar Chavez's outfit was just another tentacle in the Marxist squid, they got the Bracero program (seasonal field workers you speak of) terminated because they realized that you'd never see decent wages for agricultural work while there was an unlimited supply of labor that was willing to work for a bowl of rice a day.

One of the things that gets whitewashed from history is that Chavez and brothers made their bones beating up illegal aliens who crossed looking for work. However the enforcement they were expecting never came, and here we are today.

I'd say fasteddiez is wrong, and Trump is going to be the next Eisenhower as far as trying to straighten out this illegal labor situation.



A detailed analysis of made up numbers is still playing with made up numbers. Lmao a "Pew Report" of 'Mexicans who are planning to leave" is not a detailed analysis.

Any story that has the lede of TRUMP HAS HIS FACTS WRONG in bold while full of pictures of Noble Migrant Border Crossers of Hispanic Descent saying the pledge ain't exactly unbiased, boyo. Just for future reference, especially with this line:

"If we want to create policies based on empirical economic and demographic realities, our leaders need to question prescriptions based on outdated data. Despite popular sound bites from the campaign trail, Mexican immigrants are not “pouring” over the border."

Someone tell them that.

David Habakkuk


The current lead article on the website of the 'American Conservative', by Benjamin Schwarz, is entitled 'Unmaking England: Will immigration demolish in decades a nation built over centuries?'

(See http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/the-domain-for-peace-for-two-decades/ .)

Unfortunately, having written a great deal of sense, Schwarz proceeds to relapse into Marxisant drivel:

'Ultimately, I believe, the pursuit of a mass-immigration society has been rooted in the evolution of global capitalism, which has generated in the West a radical individualism destructive of traditional bonds and loyalties and has produced a cosmopolitan outlook, ever-expanding in its sway, within the dominant class.'

This takes part of the story and pretends that it is the whole.

And without defining what you mean by 'cosmopolitan', using the term obscures as much as it illuminates. In fact, a key problem with many 'multiculturalists' is that they treat 'culture' as a kind of 'tinsel'.


Japan, Singapore, South Korea, AKP part of Turkey.

ps. I think we have a definition problem in which my definition of traditional is different from yours. My definition is married stay-at-home mom who can use anti-conception methods. And when i was a kid that was the definition of tradition but if i look at my fathers generation than that definition doesn't really make sense because cohabitation was very difficult to do and women were fired when they got married


Problem with a Season Workers Program is that flying in Africans from the Congo is cheaper than hiring Mexicans


And of course Turkey doesn't just stow all that water away. I was to Turkey a couple times in the last few years, last time in summer 2014. The area south of Urfa - "Şanlıurfa" officially, "glorious Urfa" in memory of the Turkish War of Liberation, Kurtuluş Savaşı - was positively teeming with cotton fields close to the border with Syria, despite the arid climate.

Further to the east, close to the corner where the borders of Syria, Iraq and Turkey meet, the Ilısu Dam project, due to be completed some time soon, also is part of Turkey capitalizing its being located at the source of the great rivers, Tigris and Euphrates, Dicle and Fırat. Ilısu used to call some international media attention and condemnation due to its flooding various historical sites upon completion, both pre-historic cave dwellings as well as a rather lovely place called Hasankeyf. I passed by there in the 2014 trip, probably shall be the last I see of it.

Keith Harbaugh

Just to add three other references to European-Islamic conflict:

Byzantine–Ottoman Wars (1265-1479)

Ottoman–Hungarian Wars (1366-1526+)

Ottoman–Habsburg wars (1526-1791)

Do young people still learn about such things as the fall of Constantinople?
Or are the historical attacks of Islam on Christianity too un-PC to discuss?

Babak Makkinejad

"Cosmopolitan" was a point of derision by the Stalinists, if I recall correctly.

See, the way I see it, if 500,00 Danish women between ages of 15 to 35 decide to go live in Iran, the only people who would oppose them would be Iranian women - who normally put so much effort into looking like them (died hair, none-job).

And if, by some Act of God, a few hundred thousand blonde buxom women from Ukraine, Poland, or Russia decide to follow their sisters into Iran, not even the rulings of the Supreme Jurisprudent of Iran could prevent Iranians from welcoming them with open arms - per the world-famous Iranian Tradition of Hospitality.

So, I think, it really depends who is doing the migrating...

And we desperately need the right sort of immigrant, it seems to me.



No issue with your overpopulation argument. However, it lacks IMHO a little bit logic:

What is the difference between a Syrian family "living" in a refugee camp or in Germany? Immigration into Germany neither does improve the (overpopulation) situation, neither it makes it worse.

From a German POV the question still is, whether a net immigration of 400.000 people per year let's say until 2020 is positive (this will still produce a shrinking German population)or not.


" From a German POV the question still is, whether a net immigration of 400.000 people per year let's say until 2020 is positive (this will still produce a shrinking German population)or not"

Oh please! This isn't a quantitative question. If the feral Sylvester mobs have made one thing abundandly clear then that there is a distinct quality dimension to it.

You cannot hide behind putative benefits and a demographic macro perspective here. This isn't an abstract problem. This is felt on the ground, I happen to live here and I do take a personal interest.

We didn't have incidents like the Sylvester mobs in my lifetime. Now we do. What changed? The police reports stress that the culprits were of middle Eastern and North African origin. Certainly it cannot have anything to do with the recent influx of foreigners from the Islamicate Middle East and their culture, no?

The qualitative dimension is usually ignored because looking at it is not the politically correct thing to do as judging would necessitate passing judgement over foreign cultures. That is anathema to the liberal ethos of multiculturalism and the creed of tolerance. And indeed, have intolerance and xenophobia not led to murders and hate crimes in the past?

Western liberals thus, in their efforts to be better than their quite often racist and bigoted forefathers, reserve their ample self righteous bigotry for their benighted countrymen. They see themselves tasked to guide the benighted intolerants in their own societies. Too often, they end up giving people of other cultures a pass in an effort to avoid any appearance of intolerance or racism.

But it is a delusion that multiculturalism offers an escape from having to judge other people's cultures and cultural norms. Are they reconciblable with the freiheitlich demoktratische Grundordnung, the rule of law? Having to judge all the time is an inescapable reality of life. Unconditional tolerance is just another world for cowardly indifference and relativism.

In not passing that judgement where appropriate and necessary, these liberals leave the field to the people on the right who as a result has a monopoly in passing judgement, and do so with gusto. It is them who shape the debate on foreigners. The liberals, in their vain cowardice, are AWOL, and are proud of having stered clear of that can of worms. They instead wank and wax on the righteousness of their own tolerance.

So here you have western liberals who profess belief in democracy, but live in implicit distrust of it: They do not dare to have an open debate because then they wpouöld have to talk about things they'd rather not talk about and wake those sleping beasts. Thus we get not journalism, but instruction in rightthink - 'beast mastery' so to speak. Principiis obsta!

I discussed the Sylvester incidents with a co-worker a couple days ago. He said that while surely foreigners have committed crimes on Sylvesters, rightwingers commit crimes against foreigners all the time (which is correct, but doesn't have any bearing towards the wanton crimes comitted by the Sylvester mobs, nor does it reach the scale or intensity).

He went on and told he that his family - his wife is a teacher - took an afghan refugee kid from one of her classes and gave him a good time over the holidays. Good for him, good for the kid.

He added that the kid's 'twin' lived in Frankfurt, his kid being 16, the other 18. Some twins. When I pointed out the obvious contradiction, he said that, as far as he is concerned, the kids have a right to lie about such trifles. I countered that, while that may subjectively be the case, it isn't under the law - as he should know well since he studied law - and that refugees, even minors, do have agency, responsibilities and duties.

Still, he noted that the kid adapts well and that he learns German fast. I responded that was good and nice, but that he is describing ideal conditions, which are unlikely to be replicated on a larger scale. He countered that the problem is he lack of integration in society and that concentrating refugees amongst themselves is an obstacle to integration and that integration would no problem if only every fifth German would take one such refugees and socialise it.

I pointed out that that would be quite a burden imposed on the electorate and that I would expect some resistance to such an obligation. I suggested that the refugees also aren't all just kids, nor are all nice, and that I imagine that for instance members of the Sylvester mobs would be less than receptive to such integrative efforts, and far less pleasant company too. He conceded all of that, but his mood went sour and since I am interested in a good working relationship I ended the conversation at that point.


Here a very good and entaining analysis of the events, especially the difference between public perception and reality:


Babak Makkinejad

You missed the Ottoman-Persian Wars:


Babak Makkinejad

De Gaulle once observed that the Northern Europeans have an almost cultish (not his words) commitment to the Rule of Law and the State (in contradistinction to Southern Europeans).

Be as it may, I can tell you that for millennia there was no Law in the Near East (or indeed anywhere else for that matter) except that which the Autocrat, the Potentate, and the Strong dictated.

This is something that people in the Near East and the Far East have internalized for centuries; that there is no Law and what Law there is does not deserve respect or obedience - it is there to be thwarted, or side-lined, or avoided, or worked around.

They know it in their bones and it will take centuries of effective governance to overcome that widely held belief.

There is nothing unexpected for me in the events of Cologne; I would have been surprised if the refugees would have adopted the German norms in short order.

The Communists in USSR took a similar human raw material among the Russian peasantry and educated and transformed the young people into models of decency and uprightness - while their parents remained the thieving, conniving peasants that they were.


People from the Balkans have a rejection quota of 98% largely because they are economic migrants and not persecuted refugees.

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