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09 January 2016


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"We arent too far off a time when 3rd generation Turks were not German citizens regardless that they didnt speak Turkish, had never been to Turkey and their grandparents moved to Germany in the 1950s."

what gives you this impression? No harm meant: It's nonsense. By the way, my best German girlfriend living and married in the US since the late 70s, still "is German". I guess it had to do with more easy travel back home initially. ...

but from my own--obviously politically not dis-interested perspective--there was a point in time, when I was fascinated by a linguistic fact, I accidentally encountered people with Turkish background on the "tube"/or elsewhere,that seemed to switch languages or suddenly spoke in Turkish. Was it family matters? Obviously they grew up bi-lingual, Turkish was the language spoken at home in the family. Which did not necessarily make them Turks in Turkey either. By the way. But by now, we have some that managed to span the supposedly cultural divide.

Notice, at least as far as I can tell. The riddle here in Cologne, has, if so we weren't told yet, No suspects with a Turkish background, family-wise.

Maybe cp will object?


FB Ali, there have been a lot of rumors about Saudi sponsored mosques/and-or maybe more Saudi institutions, to the extend I followed these, one of the perpetrators of 9/11 could be traced back to an institution in Bonn. I forget the details.

The only other context I recall the rumors were the Balkan wars, or its aftermath. No doubt there the attention was on mosques.

No doubt this is a highly selective and rather personal memory trail.



None of the things you propose will happen. What you voice is largely the neocon dream. pl


At this point you have to wonder if there's something mentally wrong with Merkel (beyond typical progressive schizophrenia), but then you see that she has a 53% approval rate.

I think one of the most telling things has been how the mask has dropped off feminism, with many "feminists" on the Left coming to the rescue of the poor benighted Muslim youf sexually assaulting women. Its always been just another Marxist auger to undermine Western Civ, but its just that they're not hiding it anymore.

William Fitzgerald

It is not difficult at all. A system would have to be set up to identify and target desired populations and ratios of those populations from which draw to immigration. Then offer incentives in the form of travel vouchers, settlement costs, a job interview process, and more. Then require German language instruction, cultural education and any other pro-active and very systematic procedures to induce integration and assimilation. At the same time discourage and prevent other would be immigrants while continuing to accept a certain number of people who are coming for legitimate reasons of persecution. This could be done far more easily than the integration of the GDR.

Anyone in the committee who has Angela's ear may want to pass this on.




Reestablish the draft? Why, aren't you going to volunteer?


Dear Tyler,

I appreciated the irony in the kind words about Merkel, but I posit she is Machiavellian.

Re-reading this fascinating thread, I would like to challenge the "Germany (or other nation needs immigration and a positive population growth."

Says who?

In an age of automation, this is not, IMO, a given. On the other hand, if you want to increase the number of Debt Slaves, well, then immigration makes sense.

"And if in the process overall Western culture goes down in flames, well, real culture only is for those who can afford it (the 1%), so who cares?" thinks Merkel.

Answer: Pegida!!


Perhaps what feminists fear is the alternative to replacing a declining population with new immigration. That alternative might include the formation of traditional families and incentives for higher birth rates amongst native Europeans.



It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that trouble was coming with importing hundreds of thousands of middle eastern, north african, Afghan and Somali young men into Europe with free handouts. What does one expect when testosterone filled young men who are sex starved, culturally having no respect for women, with no understanding of European culture or interest in assimilating are brought in? The backlash will only get bigger as these hooligans in Cologne and Helsinki will see how weak kneed and pansified the response to their NYE attacks are and commit more frequent and more grave crimes.



I too was extremely intrigued by that report of the note with translations. The article did not reproduce them but stated that these were not pick-up lines – which is the first thing lots of young male refugees try to learn! – but explicit sexual insults and threats. My conspiratorial mind could not help wondering why the hell that was. Probably it is simply that some genius thought using sexual assault was a brilliant way of covering up the far lesser crime of robbery, but I really hope that line of inquiry is investigated.


At this point, can there be any doubt that unchecked immigration from the middle east is highly dangerous to western societies? As Col. Lang posted earlier, the cultures simply do not easily mix. The problem of assimilation is a real one; this is why traditionally western states have preferred to pick and choose whom they allow to enter. In the end, I agree the political/ideological world-view of the Left has interfered with those politicians' ability to interpret reality, and therefore prescribe wise policy, correctly. The same is occurring here in the U.S. Hopefully enough citizens have been watching and have cleaned their goggles accordingly, who will now be able to persuade politicians to enact policy that is sane, yet also merciful, to the degree possible while protecting our own people.


Though I suspect it's probably temporary due the weak US economy, this is interesting:

More Mexicans are leaving the US than coming.


Of course, as poor as Mexico may be compared to the US, it is light years ahead of most African and many ME countries in its standard of living and development.


This sounds great if you want workers. Germany doesn't need workers, it need consumers. And the number needed are something in the neighborhood of .5% of the German population every year and they shouldn't form the new middle class for voter reasons (because it would mean a lot of Germans would become ex middle class). There is also the whole political issue that it is impossible to suggest that Germany needs to open its boarders because a very large minority (the lower classes) is death against it



No. Not everyone was robbed but most were groped and sexually assaulted. IMO, this has to do with the cultural perception in the middle east that European women are "loose" and are dying to f**k swarthy arabs.


You are joking, aren't you? The more traditional a society is the lower the birthrate (at least for societies where >4 kids for a women is rare)

The Twisted Genius


It's definitely due to the job market in the US. In Prince Willian County, Virginia, the local politicians tried every way short of burning them out to get rid of the illegal immigrant population. Nothing works that well until the economy collapsed in 2009. The illegals moved out almost overnight. They are here for jobs, not gimmedats. If we were serious about the illegal immigration problem, we would come down hard on those job creators who hire them. If enough of them went to jail or had their assets confiscated, the rest would take the hint and start hiring Americans.


If these alleged waves of immigration continue, then at some point Westerners will realise that Political Correctness is going to be the death of their societies. The obvious solution that then confronts them is (cough) racism. Forced deportations, racial based suppression, state mandated religious discrimination, hard borders…..or worse.

The issue then becomes whether the West acts in time to rid itself of Islamic immigrants, or not.

Politically correct lunacy operates here to the extent that a number of Somali young men received government compensation for the "racism" of the Police targeting them - even though each youth compensated had a criminal record as long as your arm.


"At this point, can there be any doubt that unchecked immigration from the middle east is highly dangerous to western societies?"

This is why Trump's suggestion to call timeout on Muslim immigration until we have a plan to discern the jihadists and hooligans from legitimate immigrants who intend to assimilate and contribute is resonating with more people than the PC crowd are willing to acknowledge. I was surprised over the Christmas break the number of liberal Democrats who told me that Trump had a legitimate point on calling timeout.

Old Microbiologist

It would be embarrassing for ISIS to not have infiltrated at least several thousand loyal jihadis in the million plus refugees who have flooded into Germany. Assuming this to be true and that at some point soon they begin operations I believe you will see a dramatic shift in sentiment in Europe. It is already changing but something horrendous will be the tipping point. This will also validate Trump so it can have several long term effects. If the insane leaders of ISIS really want to push towards Armageddon this is a good way to do it. I do not believe it will end well for Muslims should this happen.

Old Microbiologist

Not to be too much a pessimist, but the real problem is over-population of the planet. Industrialization has rapidly accelerated global warming but it is inevitable if the global population continues to rise. We will hit 10 billion humans roughly at the same time we hit the 2 degree rise. This will generate a total collapse of humanity. The sustainable global population will fall to roughly 400 million after that once resources are completely depleted. In the mean time there will be mass migrations from resource poor to resource rich areas and I believe we are seeing the beginning of this phenomena. Time will tell, but I am confident this is what we are experiencing. Sadly.



In a lifetime of hanging out in very traditional societies the opposite has seemed to me to be true. I.E., the more traditional the society the more kids. Your thing sounds like social science trash. pl


Pick & Choose? That is not the traditional way. The traditional way is shit happens or what is easy (see "choosing" Anatolian hicks)

Old Microbiologist

Dismayed, I agree with you completely. One thing everyone is losing sight of is the soon to come robotic work force which will negate the need for all these low grade workers. Everyone in industry is well aware of this so these arguments are fallacious about needing immigrant workers. The real problem will be in finding work in a few years after you get replaced by a machine. So, I believe it will be the opposite problem later of how to get rid of all the welfare recipients. This will be true in the US as well.

Babak Makkinejad

I can well imagine how this works out:

Muslim Country President: Madame Chancellor, we are suffering from drought and need cash and tanks.

EU Country Chancellor: Well, we are not printing money, you know. But we are willing to work with WFO to help you out.

Muslim Country President: You do not understand, there are 3 million people getting ready to walk; we are barely keeping them under control by closing our borders and requiring exit visas from them.

EU Country Chancellor: Why di you not say that first? We'll give you 3 billion now and 2 billion each year after wards for 10 years.
How do you like that?

Muslim Country President: Excellent Madame Chancellor. About those tanks, could we please have a few APCs thrown in as well?



Which country is closing its borders? pl

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