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27 January 2016


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I worry about the young people coming up.

I assume you had mentors, Col. Lang, but it is not apparent to me that our young STEM geniuses will find managers or mentors who are not Borgistas.

FB Ali

While public attention is directed towards the ME by SecDef Carter, beneath the surface he seems to be preparing a major campaign in Libya. And, not just with air power.

They never learn, do they?

William R. Cumming

Would you be willing to add "corruption" and "self-dealing" to the list of Borg faults?

One reason the Chinese economy totters is the official FOX CHASE now underway. What is the FOX CHASE? The PRC understand that unrestricted capital flows out of China may undermine its governance! After all the consensus is that the NATIONALIST CHINESE fell largely due to corruption.

William R. Cumming

The most fundamental flaw in the SES concept was allowing political appointees to burrow after one year service in the non-career SES ranks IMO. The reorganization of the CIVIL SERVICE creating SES was James Earl Carters Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1978 splitting the CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION into OPM {Office of Personnel Management], OSC [Office of Special Counsel], and the MSPB {Merit System Protection Board]. Perhaps oddly, perhaps not, there is little academic or grey literature analysis of this Carter effort.

FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] was created as an independent Executive Branch Agency by Carter's Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1978.

IMO these Reorganizations largely failed. Why? There is almost NO merit protection left in civilian civil service ranks and little of federal preparedness. FEMA now the federal government's best ATM rewarding States and their local governments for their negligence and corruption for their locational decisions concerning natural hazards and involving improved real property improvements.

William R. Cumming

Respectfully disagree! Total outlays probably won't be reduced or redirected. But Ash Carter is knowledgeable about NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION policy and issues. And updating the nuclear arsenal looms over all other spending in the federal budget. Some estimate $1-5 Trillion.

William R. Cumming

Too simplistic IMO! Carteer may continue under the next President also.

William R. Cumming

IMO the redacted pages analyze support and funding of 9/11/01 attacks by members of KSA Royal family!

William R. Cumming

Wiki Extract:

At least two political bodies claim to be the government of Libya. The Council of Deputies is internationally recognized as the legitimate government, but it does not hold territory in the capital, Tripoli, instead meeting in the Cyrenaica city of Tobruk. Meanwhile, the New General National Congress purports to be the legal continuation of the General National Congress, elected in the Libyan General National Congress election, 2012 and was dissolved following the June 2014 elections but then reconvened by a minority of its members. The Supreme Court in the Libya Dawn and New General National Congress-controlled Tripoli declared the Tobruk government unconstitutional in November 2014, but the internationally recognized government has rejected the ruling as made under threat of violence. Parts of Libya are outside of either government's control, with various Islamist, rebel, and tribal militias administering some cities and areas. The United Nations is sponsoring peace talks between the Tobruk and Tripoli-based factions. An agreement to form a unified interim government was signed on 17 December 2015. Under the terms of the agreement, a nine-member Presidency Council and a seventeen-member interim Government of National Accord would be formed, with a view to holding new elections within two years.

Babak Makkinejad

Two days ago, the Wall Street Journal printed a piece on supporters of Donald Trump titled "Anxiety Fuels Donald Trump’s Supporters". It may be viewed here:


While I am not unsympathetic to Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, I find the statement made by Mrs. Ellis, towards the end of the piece, quite disturbing. Please see below.

“Trump is going to send our troops over there and say, ‘Kick butt and take names,’ whereas Obama wants our troops to come home in body bags,” Mrs. Ellis said.

I am reminded of Mrs. Rosalyn Carter who observed last year that Americans prefer war to peace.

Such observations further confirm me in my minority view (of 2 on this forum - together with MRW) that holds the electorate partially responsible for the actions of their governments in a representative system of government - however restricted it might be.


"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." - Upton Sinclair

Mr. Cohen cares for his younger peers & would prefer them not jeopardizing their career paths for "telling the world as it is & not what we would wish it to be..."


I just saw an interview with Donald Rumsfeld on Charlie Rose.
He really get going about Sissi, saying that his direction to the religious authorities to curtail extremist speech was not covered in the media.
Then he says:

'We live in a big world. There are countries that are different...The idea that everyone in the world has to be just like us is unrealistic and nonsensical...You can't expect others to be like us.'

The rest of the interview is of pretty marginal value.

Maybe he's just not that bright. Or maybe he's dotty in his old age. But I thought this was an odd thing for him to say. I wonder if anyone else wants to pick up this thread.


Apparently, the Navy thinks all it needs is managers for Naval Intelligence. One can wonder about the quality of the current product.


If he cannot see secret things, can he order secret tasks to be done?


Hmm, so over whatever grapevine channels Harper got the message, it was a solid information.

"to outflank the US’ pivot strategy in the Asia-Pacific"

I stumbled across these ideas in Obama foreign policy plans and details. ... One can't pay attention everywhere from the Ukraine over the ME to the Asia Pacific region??? I remember that I wondered ...

Lots of great ideas. Let's see.



The same folks now funding ISIS and the refugee stream into the EU. The same Royal family that "protects" the holy places of Islam and accepts zero refugees. We got rid of a King once perhaps the followers of Islam in the ME should do the same with this family. Maybe Obama can give one of his patented Nobel Prize winning Arab Spring speeches in Riyadh?


OMG Origin... that headline is perfect for DuffelBlog or The Onion! What a bizarre situation. I guess since the Navy hasn't fought any significant battles in 70 years or so there is no urgency to resolve the situation.

Speaking of DuffelBlog, here's a fun post...

US Hires George R. R. Martin To Wipe Out ISIS, Kill Off F-35 http://www.duffelblog.com/2016/01/us-hires-george-rr-martin-isis/



Not sure, if I understand, what you mean by silence, robt. Media? Or only hidden activities? Going unnoticed since all the other actions placed on the calendar? Other familiar relics around, more sanctions and the use of arms against Iran. This one seems rather recently introduced:

"Whereas foreign fighters, undeterred by the more than 60-nation coalition operating against ISIL, continue to join the ranks of ISIL with the goal of establishing a caliphate; "

Well, 60-nations are slightly less then the 65-coalition-partners. ;)

been read into it or informed by democratic members, who pay a bit more attention. What's the difference?




What time frame do you recall, that the Neocons started doing the most damage?



DuffelBlog has long been one of my favorite sites. Thanks for the link.



They were present before (Clinton and Bush 41) but with the inauguration of Bush 43 they took over foreign policy. pl


Carter has Ph.D. in theoretical physics. That makes him probably competent enough to judge the range of technologies (Killian Committee type activity), including most exotic ones, which may or may not be used in weapon systems. Proliferation issues do not require Ph.Ds., those can fairly professionally be assessed by properly trained segments in intelligence community.


With apologies to Lenin, 'You may not be interested in facts, but facts are interested in you.'


The situation in US Russian "Studies" field is one of unmitigated disaster. Real scholarship on this issue, always weak in US, today is nothing more than crude narrative concocted by people who "into it" for all the wrong reasons. The times of people of the scale of Jack Matlock or George Kennan, sadly, are gone. Per Soviet/Russian Armed Forces--that is the whole other story altogether.


Yes indeed, the protection racket should end.It's now three generations since the end of WW2, and one since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Russians and Chinese are not yet serious threats, despite the frantic American provocations. 'See how close they put their countries to our bases!' They just want to sell stuff, as Americans used to. Against just whom do the other First World countries now need protection? 'Nice little Yurrup ya got here. Be a pity if anything bad happened to it!'

America is frequently compared to Rome. The Roman army was famous for its engineering prowess, building roads and bridges and walls when not fighting. American roads and bridges are said to be in a state of disrepair, and maybe there's Trump's Wall to be built.

Sec. of Defence Carter would do well to order his troops home and tell them to pick up their shovels and get busy. Obama has talked about 'shovel-ready jobs', he could provide the shovellers.

That's at least a more pleasant fantasy.


Yes, my friend...

George Frost Kennan was a rare breed of men.

alba etie

Do the Google on the Vulcans , Operation Clean Break as a start - many of the same actors are still embedded in our USG - with the Realist now making some evident push back . One of my concerns about Trump (among many ) is that he as may of the same NeoCons circling his campaign as HRC .

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