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11 January 2016


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different clue


Sanders seems a more serious officeholder/officeseeker to me. Stein and the Green Party have always seemed preening dilettantes to me.

If Sanders is still in the primaries by Michigan, I will vote Sanders. If he has been driven out, I will vote Trump.

In the general election I won't vote for Clinton under any scenario. What I will do depends on how necessary my vote seems to be to assure Clinton's defeat.

But meanwhile, my question still stands: what can millions of people do outside of "policy circles" in their own buy-don't buy behavior to try keeping the price of oil low enough long enough to create some needed poverty and weakness for the KSA government.


Where was the basis for your statement = "No famine was reported by the ICRG." I listened to the youtube video above. He clearly shows a concern about the reports of lack of food and what he refers to as a "humanitarian disaster."


From Reuters today - "The U.N. Children's Fund UNICEF on Friday confirmed cases of severe malnutrition among children in the besieged western Syrian town."


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