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17 January 2016


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You ask the right question IMO P.L. and Pincus the wrong one! Even while the 17 members of the IC probably come to different conclusions we have a need to know also IMO as to the answer to your question.

Again IMO Iran has bigger problems to worry about! First the worldwide [maybe long-term] collapse of oil and gas prices. Second, controlling Social Media 2.0! Third, potential destruction of its Shia proxies. 4th! An Israel bent on self destruction.

And please don't say this list is complete. 101 years ago open warfare broke out on July 28, 1914, that led IMO to the destruction of Western Civilization. 6 million dead and wounded the first year of the Great War and perhaps ultimately 40 million. And if you add in the so-called SPANISH FLU which started at Fort Riley, Kansas, perhaps double that.

Could be wrong as always.

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