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27 January 2016


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The Clintons are the favorite of the financiers. Through their "foundation", they've become fabulously wealthy as the financiers have received many lucrative deals. And it is a long term mutually reinforcing relationship. During Bill's presidency they got Glass-Steagall repealed and TBTF. Today, as Shrillary tells Iowa Democrats that she'll be tough on Wall St, she's jetting to Philly for a fund raiser organized by a hedge fund maven with Bon Jovi providing the music.


Great story in the Daily Mail on the Trump-Fox kerfuffle.



The Bearver,

"He has a party and most probably some backers who would jump ... to provide $$$$..."

That didn't help JEB. The Establishment of both parties wants an establishment candidate. The GOP is in a panic over Trump because the voters - the one's they've screwed for years - are actually supporting him rather than doing as told. The press is jumping on the Trump is everything (and boy are those voters racists/bigots/idiots/etc) we fear bandwagon. On the flip side the best line I saw was "The H is silent in Benghazi" on a T-shirt. Given the latest blasts against GOP Governor Snyder of Michigan one has to ask why some emails are important and handling all the others not.



I take poorly a foreign person like you claiming that the US Government killed Kennedy. I take it very poorly. pl


It was a gag mate. Though many Yankees seem to believe it to be true.


Clinton is not going to drop out, and she probably has enough of the key elites on her side to ride out the current rough waters.

Then there's this...

Clinton Tops List of Arms Company Donations http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Clinton-Tops-List-of-Arms-Company-Donations-20151214-0002.html
Hillary Clinton has received more money from arms and military service companies than any other candidate during the 2016 presidential campaign, data from Open Secrets shows. All but one of the world’s 10 biggest arms producers have contributed to Clinton’s previous campaigns, giving her — along with the top Republican receiver Ted Cruz — a significant margin over the other candidates. The numbers, collected by the Federal Election Commission and compiled by Open Secrets, also reveal that Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders make the list of top 20 senators and top six presidential candidates to receive money from arms and defense companies.



I accept that but it was a gag in poor taste and those Yanks who believe that must await the arrival of the aliens. BTW, are you an Englishman of Irish ancestry. I ran into one such on a BA flight to the US who had my exact name. He resented the idea that he was Irish (you know, full of heart but brainless) but it was clear that he was a relative. He took little comfort that we were Jacobite Scots who had fled to Ireland. An extremely Catholic friend took me years ago to the tombs of the Stuarts in Rome. After a moment's thought I knelt to pray for them and then went to feast on Carbonara at Abruzzi behind the Franciscan Conventual convent. pl


All the best gags are in poor taste, that's what makes comedy (and sometimes the poor-taste gags turn out to be true).

If it's relevant: I'm a little English, a little Irish, and a little Spanish. A Scotophile, and totally non-religious.


Excuses can be made for Benghazi and the private email server but not for directing a subordinate to remove top secret designations. I just don't see her surviving this. As much as most of the DC elites would like to see her as POTUS, that was a line crossed that justly remains truly a red line. Arrangements must be made and time is critical.


Obama doesn't care if the Democrats lose the presidential race, as long as the Clinton restoration within the party is prevented.

What this is about is that Obama is preparing to stick the stiletto into Hillary's back for the final time. It is about the only move he knows, and if it will keep the Clintons out of the White house, More power to him!


Seniors and the middle aged love the neocon and Wall St candidate.




Random thoughts on why he offered the job to her:

1. Most qualified person in the room? No. Not even close.
2. Looking forward to a very hard re-election campaign for a second term, even if it was 4 years off? Politicians are always running for office until they aren't.
3. He gets credit for placing her in the job and that locks in the segment of the democrats that will vote for HRM no matter what she does, during his reelection campaign.
4. AIPAC tells him (or his retinue) that they approve.
5. That buys him peace with the Clinton dynasty and Bill's support during his 8 years. In return, his administration facilitates the pandering and shilling for money the Clinton Foundation conducts and everyone gets rich. Remember the Clintons were 'dead broke' when they left the White House. It appears it took them a very short time to fix that problem.


"On the flip side the best line I saw was "The H is silent in Benghazi" on a T-shirt. "

That is funny. However in this instance "H" works in conjunction with "G" to represent a sound that does not exist in English.

gh = letter "ghaen" in arabic

Here is how ghaen is pronounced


Listen to the pronunciation around 0:16. That is how "GHA" sounds in ben-GHA-zee



That sounds great. Trump is looking better & better.

Press TV reported today Trump wishes for ‘good’ relations with Russia, China



I'm not sure I agree with you that dissing Fox will help with D voters, as it probably looks a little too much like a spat specifically with Megyn Kelly. But it sure gets a lot of media attention drawn just to him by himself when all the others are together in a room somewhere. Plus-- and maybe the main point as I see it-- he has a belly-bumping contest with Roger Ailes about who _really_ owns the Fox audience. "All your viewers are belong to me," something like that. A power play against the network itself.


Though it is "beneath" him, feeling he is the only adult in the room (read; incurably self-import) Obama needs to be seen as playing an active role. He may ask what Sanders "wants", as in what he will settle for, but despite the optics, Obama will do nothing substantive for either side. Like Pilate, he will wash his hands of this election. That said, he may "even the playing field" by directing his AG to disengage the email investigation. Prosecutorial discretion is an executive function. Not all crimes are prosecuted and Hillary's, like Cheney's and Bush's and even Obama's, will not be prosecuted.

Both Bush and Obama have ordered murders (via drone strike). In Obama's case, he ordered the murder, without trial, of an American citizen. Granted, a person accused of involvement in terrorist activities, but no trial, no due process, nothing. Murder. If we don't prosecute murder, how can we be upset about not prosecuting email abuse?


Can see Obama telling Sanders that the president is indeed the leader of the free world and it's his or her duty to set things right for the oppressed and discriminated against no matter how insignificant their problems are to US self-interest. Hillary, being a Saul Alinsky follower, will carry on Obama's US and world messianic mission of "rococo marxism". Obama's next job will be lecturing the world on the need for spiritual perfection through spreading the wealth to those he has spent his life leaving behind. Not so Bernie. His main concern is domestic stability at the expense of a bloated military/industrial mental complex.

Hillary is a liberal imperialist, as are the Republicans except for Trump, and nobody knows what he is, only that he channels Mcaarthur.

Mark Logan

My own WAG guess is he wishes to caution him, to relay something he learned the hard way himself, which Krugman described very very well this week:

"...on the left there is always a contingent of idealistic voters eager to believe that a sufficiently high-minded leader can conjure up the better angels of America’s nature and persuade the broad public to support a radical overhaul of our institutions. In 2008 that contingent rallied behind Mr. Obama."


Seamus Padraig

To paraphrase Lyndon Johnson, Obama wanted Hillary on the inside pissing out, rather than on the outside pissing in.

Seamus Padraig

Well, that'd be a recommendation right there!



"... but not for directing a subordinate to remove top secret designations." You have put your finger on her problem and no amount of "rococo Marxism" can cover that up. pl


@Herb: Granted, a person accused of involvement in terrorist activities, but no trial, no due process, nothing. Murder."

See Cicero, Catiline and Caesar - who condemned the extrajudicial murder of a Roman citizen. The Romans dealt with it in a more honest way than we did, but that's because Obama is above reproach.


"and Bernie Sanders make the list of top 20 senators ..."

yes, Valissa, article no doubt makes curious. But then, I wasn't that impressed by the amount which helped Bernie to make it onto position 20. Congratulation Bernie, narrow, but you made it.

Just as I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed, concerning the admittedly missing presence of the military-industrial-complex in the larger percentage cake:


William R. Cumming

Actually simply HRC career resume ticket punching and hold your enemies close doctrine IMO!
Could be wrong!

William R. Cumming

So did WJC!

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