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27 January 2016


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The Beaver

@ BabelFish

We should not forget John D Podesta who was on the President Transitional Committee when Obama became the President Elect in 2008.

Podesta worked for Bill Clinton and as SoS Hilary worked hard in 2012 to put him as U.S. representative to the UN High-Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Since then he has also been an adviser to Pres Obama at the WH and, as of last year, part of HRC committee for the run for POTUS.

"You scratch my back I scratch yours" goes the saying

William R. Cumming

If a President-elect dies or disqualified who becomes President on January 20th?


thank you for the jest, Seamus.


@my.comment said "so, i suspect he got an earful from obama. his demeanor seemed very low energy."


where is the footage? During the Cheney Regime writers observed that people would stride into WH for a full, free and frank chat with The Leader of the Free World ....and emerge quiet, abject, and obliging - sometimes writhing/cringing. Most dramatic was Tony Blair right before the war in 2003. I called it the "eppur si muove" transformation because it was like Galileo deciding to be politic about what he knew after being shown the instruments of The Inquisition.

Bill H

No amount of "rococo Marxism" may be able to cover it up but I will, figuratively speaking, bet my next lunch check against your next dinner and bar bill that the Clinton power circle can.


Obama dislikes the Clintons very much, but he is executing a plan made by higher ups. Those higher ups used and abused Bill Clinton, leaving him without the heroic legacy that he craved, and now he wants revenge, and to achieve that legacy jointly with Hillary as President. Obama totally cares about the Democrats winning the Presidential race, but the winner must be someone who will appoint the people whom the handlers nominate, as Obama has done for seven years, and who will not get any bright ideas about how best to serve the public.


Vice-President Elect per 20th Amendment. Almost happened right after it passed when President-Elect FDR was the intended target of an assassin.


You massively overestimate the Clinton machine and what they can actually get away with. If she somehow wins the election (say, after Trump throws himself under the bus like Perot did) the Republicans will have the impeachment papers drawn up before she even takes the oath of office.


One take on Bernie is that he is the sheepdog candidate from the black agenda report,

This is What Happens When We Follow the Democrat Sheepdog. And What Can Happen If We Don't
Submitted by Bruce A. Dixon on Wed, 06/03/2015 - 01:51

"Last month I called Bernie Sanders' Democratic party primary run “sheepdogging” my term for a move the national Democratic party seems to execute every presidential primary season when there's no incumbent White House Democrat. The job of the sheepdog candidate is to herd leftish voters and activists back into the Democratic party one more time by giving perhaps sincere but limited and ineffectual voice to some of their issues."

Maybe Obama wanted to remind him of this role, whomever the Wall Street Candidate is, and not get any ideas about actually winning the nomination.



Well on the shirt it was the Hillary H with the arrow. however to your comment it's lessons like these that make SST such an interesting place. I remember the Col.'s comments about the importance of names and their proper pronunciation and meaning; as in Siyed as opposed to Syed (related to the recent unpleasantness in San Bernardino) I think the nuances and their importance are lost on many to the detriment of our understand another culture.


rjj.. sorry for the delay in responding.
here's a link to huffpo of the video. i thought it esp interesting that his first comments were to remind everyone what obama was facing when he was elected... which are favored obama talking points.




"The real world is much smaller than the imaginary." - Friedrich Nietzsche

That is an absurd piece of Green Party propaganda you are spreading. Bernie is an Independant running as a Democrat because he knows he wouldn't have a chance winning as a third party candidate, wouldn't get airtime or be a part of the debates--just like the Green Party candidate. Bernie has been a neo-New Dealer his whole adult life and I can't see him being a patsy for the Borg.

I'm sure Bernie knows that if he's elected he won't get 90% of what he wants but even 10% would move the country in the right direction. Then he could die happy--hopefully while not in office.

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