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28 January 2016


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Babak, in my own associative and personal mental universe the song led me to question "desire and lust", never mind your trying to put it into a male versus female context. ... No doubt the a central issue, but the only one in this context?

I didn't look up Dweezel's interpretation, but was pleased it contained "conceptual reality", to be quite honest. Didn't it? Was I careless?

In other words indirectly, I was alluding to a not unimportant comment by kao, at least for me, elsewhere.

Babak Makkinejad

LeaNder: Women do not understand Lust.


In sooth and yea verily.

******** this is a unique sequence to enable the spiffy new search function to locate BabMak's post in case I forget what it was he said that was so eminently quotable.

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