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18 January 2016


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alba etie

Yep - at the very least its been puzzling about how the DOD keeps changing its story about this incident .

alba etie

Thanks -

different clue

Ishmael Zechariah,

I reject National Independence for both peoples in both cases. Cultural and local governance autonomy for each people within their respective countries would be a nice thing. It might be achievable in Turkey/Kurdistan if both sides come up with good-will leadership to make it work and keep expectations limited and restrained on both sides.

It will be tougher in Sinjiang. What the Great Han State is doing in Sinjiang is not really ethnic cleansing. It is leaving most of the Uygurs in physical place. What it is, is ethnic flooding and ethnic drowning. It is driven by a bottomless pit desire on China's part for consumable resources. That desire makes China a deadly threat and a menace to many countries on its southern and southeastern borders and all over the China Sea. The only way to reduce Chinese ethnic drowning pressure on Sinjiang would be for so many people all over the world to boycott the Chinese economy so totally that the Chinese economy would shrink to the point where violent instability within Great Han-istan itself forced the ChinaGov to pull back all the coercive forces it has into the Great Han heartland itself to reimpose order there.

Unless and until that happens, no government will dare support an Uygur uprising in Sinjiang for all the reasons Babak Makkinejad mentions. And neither will I.

And meanwhile, the suffering of Uygurs in Sinjiang does nothing to justify the presence of illegal Uygur settlers moving into Syrian-abandoned houses in the Occupied North Bank is Syria. The Syrian government will want that completely reversed and ended as part of its reconquest of its own country. The SyriaGov might well be satisfied to see them move to Turkey. Russia and China will want to be very sure that none of the illegal Uygur settlers in the Occupied North Bank can ever jihadify anywhere ever again. They wanted that before they read any comment of mine, and they will want that even if they never read my poor little comment.

Babak Makkinejad

"... it is, is ethnic flooding and ethnic drowning..."

But that is what Yankees have been doing too...


"Mason-Dixon Line"

If you ever understoodd what Pynchon was trying to tell me about the Mason-Dixon line, I would be really pleased about your help. ;)

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