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22 January 2016


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The 30-year-old prince running Saudi Arabia for his father is making some incredibly poor judgment calls.


A bigger narcissist than her husband! Yes! "Calibration" is exactly what they do to match their audience. I even had a narcissist in a weak moment complain to me how hard it was for her because " everybody wants a different me" - the workload of being a chameleon had gotten to her.


Hey man... it is what is... illegitamati non carburundum [Don’t let the bastards wear you down.]

Chillin' with Heraclitus...

"Nothing endures but change" Heraclitus

"Everything flows and nothing abides; everything gives way and nothing stays fixed." -- Heraclitus

[Heraclitus - variations on a theme]
You cannot step twice into the same river.
No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.
You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.



I think you and charly don't understand the irony of the Warsaw pact members getting back together. Of course the policies (which are growing more popular every day) of the German Chancellor, who learned everything she knows about Democracy from growing up in the GDR, seems to indicate the Europeans are just fine with a million new residents (per year) from lands that have never had democracy. I'm sure it will all work out in the long run.

Chris Chuba

Personally, this is why I think Iran openly tested their ballistic missiles and flashed their underground tunnels. It was a message to Israel and their other neighbors that a preemptive attack on their country would be met with a retaliatory attack of conventionally armed ballistic missiles. I saw so many people on cable TV proclaim that ballistic missiles are never used with conventional weapons but his is not true. The Saudis bought ballistic missiles with even better capability from China. Some talking points just sound too good to give up like 'nuclear capable ballistic missiles'. I suppose anything that can carry 2,000 lb is 'nuclear capable' by that definition, including ships and trucks.

alba etie

The Beaver
Yes and I think recently the Israeli Navy acquired yet another submarine from the Germans that can launch ballistic missiles ..

alba etie

Watched the same hearings - it was very disquieting . Keane totally discounting the Russians S-400's in Syria makes me wonder if some one is not getting paid off to spout this dangerous nonsense .


Bibi's wish to bomb bomb bomb Iran was, is, and possibly will be easier said then done.



alba etie

I have said on another SST thread I have sent money to Sen Sanders , three times for a total of $ 150 . I am also getting commitments from at least five friends to come with me and vote for Senator Sanders in our Texas Primary ( Lord willing more then five - I have a fourteen passenger E 350 ) - Should HRC win the primary this self identified FDR Democrat will vote for Donald S Trump should he win the GOP nomination . That is how strongly I believe we cannot afford another NeoCon as POTUS. All the rest of the candidates on both sides have drank the Neo Con Kool Aid . God speed Bernie Sanders indeed..

alba etie

I for one would wish to hope that the Realist both at the USG and the UN who actually hold authority in their positions are slow walking the peace talks starting to allow for the retaking of Aleppo et al . Hope Springs Eternal , yes?
Please President Putin exterminate the Liver Eaters - Amen ..


No matter what Assad and Putin do, they will be scapegoated in the MSM.

Thus the "probably" being touted as an evidentiary standard in the Litvenenko Inquiry.


I realize that, but Peoria, historically, has been used to refer to Middle America. HRC does not care about Middle America--a point that needed to be emphasized.

alba etie

Anne Lawrence
Welcome to SST .
Ms Clinton's continual morphings is exactly why many of us centrist Democrats simply cannot vote for her , not in 2008 and certainly not now .
Feel the Bern ! :) indeed..

alba etie

Chris Chuba,
And I still believe that the Benghazi outpost was there as a way station to get Qadafi's 'liberated " armaments to the Liver Eaters in Syria. My take on the post Syrian reconstruction is there will be plenty of Iranian & Chinese reconstruction funds available - so if the NeoCons slap on sanctions against Assad it will not matter.


Really? Certainly an over-generalization. There are still quite a lot wealthy and important people in Middle America, and I'm pretty sure Hillary would like their support ;)

Babak Makkinejad

Yup, acting like peasants....

EU leaders, it is clear to me, have no vision - they have to bring that from US too, it seems to me, like so much else.


A million per year is akin to what the US gets in "Mexicans". IMHO in the last 30 years i heard a lot of screaming about Mexicans but i can't really say that i noticed any real change. I expect the same with the Syrians

Babak Makkinejad

I do not think so because I think EU is structurally too rigid and ideologically too far-gone into Borgen Landen to be able to turn itself quickly around.

They were living in glass houses and when US told them to throw stones, they replied: "Yes Sir, Sir! How many? How fast? and How far, Sir?"

They will endure this too, in my opinion, until US instructs them otherwise.

They have lost the game of being independent international actors, in my opinion.



"Saudi Arabia is trying hard to win in the negotiations what its Wahhabi friends have not been able to win on the battlefield."

My imagination of the Saudi-Turkish calculus behind their stalling tactics is a bit different. I think they stall peace talks at every corner because they hope or gamble on that the Borg will win the US POTUS election later this year and then things will be reversed and they get what they want.


If "peace" talks convene, the best strategy for R+6 would be to show up with some big bags of popcorn and some tablets. They would say nothing other than to inform others of what's showing up on certain twitter feeds.


Instead of the EU Nations looking out for their own self interest... they seem to have gotten lost in their new self image as the "do gooders" and "the helpers" and as "collectivists". This is "nice", but it's not a position of strength. The EU gets weaker by the day. Grand dreams are all well and good, but when the associated ideologies/dreams become disconnected from the reality of human nature and a sense of self interest, it'll come back to bite ya in the butt.

Given that unemployment was already high in many EU countries, this flood of new immigrants from the ME has the potential to shake up EU countries and their cultures in many unexpected ways. Not all of them bad, of course, but it seems that as the EU experiences more and more Chaos it will naturally attempt to counteract that and try to find ways to restore order. Attempts to restore order naturally involve some sort of suppression and/or control elements, as the articles I linked above all show.

Will be interesting to see what types of "solutions" their political leaders try to sell their citizens. I expect things will get sorted out in the long run... but for the interim, however...

To paraphrase Bette Davis “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

different clue

alba etie,

All of them. Not just the ISIS ones. All of them.


"Yes and I think recently the Israeli Navy acquired yet another submarine from the Germans that can launch ballistic missiles .."

Not ballistic missiles, but cruise missiles.

Trey N

Good Lord have mercy, Matthew - I have never, ever before read an entire article from a "major" magazine that did not contain one single word of truth. Not even a syllable. I did not believe that such a thing was possible in this universe.

After reading your link, I stand corrected. Absolutely incredible....

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