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08 January 2016


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different clue

A. Pols,

As I remember, the "community based treatment" was never funded and never materialized. If my memory is correct, that was the two-step fraud right there.

different clue

Babak Makkinejad,

Which kind of drugs have the people doing the shooting been on? Is there any science done about that? Any resulting data?


Of course that wasn't my point, was it? My point is that neither most Americans, nor likely you, nor anyone in their right mind, with enough knowledge of the world and history to make a decision, believe that France, Britain, Germany and Italy are Stalinist tyrannies.

And therefore, to say that a rule already in force in those places is reminiscent of Stalinist tyranny is idiotic.

Mussolini kept the trains running on time. This doesn't mean anyone who gets the trains running on time is a fascist. Stalin restricted guns, this doesn't mean that anyone who poses a gun restriction that affects 0.4% of the population, primarily those institutionalized, is a Stalinist.

Your case reminds me of Lincoln's tale about the man who couldn't tell a horse chestnut from a chestnut horse. If 'gun' and 'restriction' are in the same sentence, you immediately jump to Stalin.



Most Americans are not impressed with what Europeans think or do. You don't know that? This extends to regional sentiment within the US. A commonly seen bumper sticker reads "we don't care how you do it up north." You may not like that but this is how a lot of us are. pl

no one

Sir, you misrepresented or misinterpreted what I said. For the record, I do not think that the brave men you refer to are psychopaths. They may be a different breed, but they are not mentally ill, IMHO.

I did say that what OM wants to create through genetic manipulation might result in psychopaths who, I also said, would not be good soldiers.

Psychopath not equal to good soldier and not equal to your brave brethren.

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